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In a place known to those who live there as Threchan: three societies reside. These societies are permanent, once born into one; there is no escaping its deadly claws. You must abide by the rules or be executed. There is no sympathy for those who disobey the law. Any breach of the law is considered heinous and will not be taken lightly.  Those who obey will be reworded at the age of 82.

You are expected to obey.


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Future, in the beginning it said something about they live on what used to be called Florida. =)

I'm glad you liked it so much! =D Tears? Really?! YES, I have accomplished my goal in being effective! LOL.

Haha, oh, my bad.

Congrats on your achievement!

OMG! I really not liking Anabel! I think she speaks things without speaking.

Hmmm ... that dinner did suck in the beginning. I love when they were teasing Jo about the waiter boy named "Abbott" Lmao!

Awww. I feel bad for Jo'. I really love it!

Haha! I'm glad you liked it girlie! Thanks for reading!

Love the chapter, keep me posted!!!!!!

love it!! its so sad though.. post more soon!!!


Jolene felt groggy and stiff as Anabel shook her awake. “Jo, dear, it’s time to wake up, James is leaving in a few hours.” She was suddenly wide awake.

She sat up, looking around the living room with blurry eyes, the back of her neck sore from leaning on it wrong all night. She could hear her brother’s heavy foot falls coming down the hall, he was wearing boots, she could tell because his steps sounded extra heavy. He came into the living room bearing a smile as fake as anything could get.

“Good morning,” He said, his voice clipped, she could hear the falseness of his joy and wondered if her sister was deaf. Anabel continued to flit around the room, cleaning, pulling my blanket from me and tapping my knees, letting me know that laying around wasn’t lady-like. I sat up, swinging my feet from the couch and onto the wood flooring.

James came and sat down next to me. He shoulders her tense. He had on a plain white shirt, dark cargo pants she had never seen before, and his work boots. He leaned over his knees to bend down and tighten his laces.

“Alright, ten minutes until breakfast, and then we need to start walking to the Square.” Anabel said. Her voice was flat and for the first time since James had gotten his letter, she could hear a hint of something hinting of pain in Anabel’s voice.

It racked her stomach. “Here, let me do something.” Jolene said, standing up and taking a dish rag from Anabel’s tight, bony hands.

“There are eggs in the pan.” Was all Anabel said. Jolene nodded and left the room. She could hear the soft murmur of Anabel talking to James but couldn’t make out any words. It wasn’t hard to figure out what they were talking about though.

Jolene heard another pair of heavy feet trotting their way down the hallway. She put on a small smile just as Henry came through the kitchen. “Good morning,” she said without looking up from the eggs. He said his own groggy good morning and went into the living room with her siblings.

Jolene couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose down at the eggs; she didn’t like eggs, so she wasn’t very good at cooking them. But she did her best and then called Anabel in to help her finish.

They all ate a well-balanced breakfast before leaving the house. Jolene had hardly had time to change her clothes before Anabel was rushing them out the door. And of course, Anabel wanted everyone to look nice for when they handed out our brother to the H.O. and their Officers.

James was exempt for obvious reasons but Jolene had to wear a skirt, which didn’t really bother her, but Anabel wasn’t happy with the casual-ness of her skirt and t-shirt. She ignored her as usual. Jolene’s boots hit the ground with a thump as they walked away from their home.

She kept trying to watch James, to see if there was any sign of nervousness, any sign of being scared, but he kept his face perfectly neutral. There wasn’t a single emotion displayed there. He was completely stoic. After a while of walking Anabel and Henry dropped their pace, their voices lowered as they spoke to each other. Jolene took this to her advantage.

“Aren’t you scared?” She asked, looking straight ahead, almost afraid to see the emotion in his face now that she had asked.

She heard James take in a shaky breath. “Yes, but there isn’t any reason for me to showcase that,” She could hear a smile form in his voice. “I know you’ve been waiting for me to crack.” He said, nearly laughing at the same time.

“I haven’t been waiting for you to crack.” She said, a frown on her own lips. “I’ve been waiting for you to come to terms with what’s happening.” She said quietly.

“I have come to terms with it Jo,” He said, his smile gone as well. “I’m going away to fight some unknown civilization. I’m probably not coming back; I’m going to be stuck in the woods for who knows how long. The only thing we can do is hope that I do come back one day.” There wasn’t emotion in his voice either.

Jolene could feel tears pricking the back of her eyes. “You will come back.” She said more to herself than him. She looked up at him, expecting to see the same unemotional face from earlier, but instead seeing a face of someone who was at peace. His featured were calm; his eyes were even almost soft. For the first time she realized that he didn’t have hope. It was plain in the way he held his shoulders, the way he walked, she could even hear now in his voice, in his words.

He didn’t think he was coming back. He thought that he was going off to his death. He thought, no, in his mind he knew he was going to die.

Jolene looked forward and then to the other side of the road, away from James, letting her hair fall over her shoulder, shielding her face from him. Her eyes stung and she blinked her eyes as hard she could. Willing herself not to cry.

“I- I’m sorry Jo, look, I didn’t mean to upset you, I just. . . I don’t want you to get your hopes up.” She heard James say in his soft, big brotherly voice.

She didn’t answer him, she only kept walking. She felt his hand pat her back lightly. She bit her lip and sighed when she felt that her tears weren’t actually going to fall. She licked her lips and tried to compose herself; pushing her hair out of her face when she had.

She was about to say something to James, something like I wasn’t upset something that might give him enough strength to have hope when their sister interrupted. “We’re here.” Anabel said.

Jo looked up, noticing that they were. She took a deep breath as she looked at the towers in the city square overpowered all of the people on the streets. She felt her back become tense and then Anabel, Henry, and James were all walking again. She fell instep behind them and found herself more or less hiding behind the three of them as they walked into the crowd.

They pushed their way through the crowd to the other side of the square. The train station was packed. There were other families there as well. Apparently James wasn’t the other eighteen year old to be called to the army.

The sadness and just sheer negative emotion hung in the air like the stench of a dead animal on the side of the road. She kept behind her siblings as she watched a multitude of people cry over their l now lost sons and family members. She gnawed at the skin on the inside of her lip.

“This is your car.” Henry said, looking down at the letter from the H.O.

“I know.” James answered, looking at the train car with unreadable eyes.

“You don’t have to get on yet,” Jo said, looking up at her brother but then dropping her eyes when the whistle sounded through the station dock.

“Yeah I do,” He said, a smile faintly on his lips.

Anabel was the first to reach up and hug him. She held on so tightly that Jo thought a crow bar would be needed to pry them apart. Henry went next with a manly pat-on-the-back-hug. That left Jo.

She couldn’t stop tears this time. She hugged her brother as tightly as she could and he did too. He was saying his last goodbye.

The thought of that made Jo cry even harder. The whistle sounded again and Anabel laid her hand on Jo’s shoulder, “Come on, he needs to go.” She said soothingly.

Jolene let go and stood back, watching her brother and her best friend walk onto the train. He sat in a window seat and pulled the window down as low as it would go, which was not very low, there was only enough room for him to stick his hand out. He waved as the train began to move.

He waved his last goodbye as Jo stood there, hopelessly wishing that it was her instead of him. Wishing that she was older, wishing that she could have taken his place because out of all the people she knew, he was the one who deserved this the least.


Hey everyone! I'm SOO sorry that it's been so long since I last updated! D= I've been lacking inspiration/ struggling with writers' block. I hope you all can forgive me.

I had two WONDERFUL banners made for James as he leaves for the army. The one featured up top was made the FANTASTIC Minnie!

The one below was made by the absolutely wonderful Nikki! =D

Anyways, please leave your opinions, predictions and any tips or comments you may have about this chapter. =)

-Claire Bear.


This is SUPERMEGAAWESOMEMAZINGWOW compared to the stuff I've been writing with writer's block.

This chapter made me realize how good Robert is for the role of James, I can't explain why, but it just does :)

Good job and keep writing.



(This gif makes me think of this chapter, so it was a MUST POST.)

=D it's a bit romantic for situation, but I understand why it makes you think of the chapter. :3 I'm glad that you thought the chapter was SUPERMEGAAWESOMEMAKZINGWOW. XD I tried to think of someone, I don't know, rough when I was thinking of who to post for James, so I thought he fit, I'm glad you do too. =D
Thanks for reading! =D
-insert gif here.xD-
Okay I am writing this from my iPod so I will try not to make it a too long comment xD
Can I just say that you almost had me crying with this chappie Claire? It was that fantastically emotional. (I swear my mom's been looking at me the whole time while I read this and thinking God knows what about me XD)
I absolutely LOVE this story btw it has a very Hunger Game-sy feeling to it :D And I can't wait to see what will happen to Jolene next :) Or for that matter where this story will go :)

Keep writing it's a FANTABULISTIC (Fantastic+Fabulous+Realistic) story!! <3
(Wish I could post a gif too but as I stated at the beginning of the comment, I'm on my iPod writing this xP)
awww!!! omg post more soon!!!
Thanks for reading! Don't worry I will! =D


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