The Twilight Saga


by Bella sawn

                          chapter 1

It all stared at claire's house,it was a firday night and Claire  was

having a house party.Since her parents where out of town for the

weekend she invited every one she knew. she invited Noah,Noah is

the football team captin all the girls liked him. He is kind of hot

but  we dont go to the same school.He probully never heard of me.

tonight is the first night that i'm going to met him. I put on my make-up

and a pene skirt and a red and white top. Claire's house  party stared

at 8:30. i came at 9:00. when i came in there was probully 30 peolple in

the house. it was still early more peolple were still comeing. I walked in

looking for Claire. she was wereing short's and a shrit that showed all

of her back. "Grace! hi oh my gosh you look so pretty" Claire said

"Thanks you too" i told her she introduce me to a few peolple and

then,Noah and his friends  walked in. they were each   holding a 12

pack of Red Bull. Noah came  up to Claire and gave her a hug "Hey,

uh we got come drinks where should we put then?" Noah said "The

basement will be fine, Thanks so much for comeing" Claire told him "I

would'nt miss it, whos your friend?" Noah asked Claire "Oh Noah this

is Grace, Grace this is Noah" she introduced us "please to ment you"

Noah said and gave me a 2 second hug "Let me put this in the

basement, I'll ment up with you guys in a few ok?" he said.

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