The Twilight Saga

I guess you could say that love is the main structrue of life it comes it goes and sometimes it stays forever. But there are two kinds of love there is a great love and there is a true love, in the case of this story it is both and a little bit more...

Chapter 1-

Bella's Pov

I layed in my bed just waiting for him to come but i knew he wouldn't come till charlie was snoring, i looked at the time, it was only 7. I would have to wait another 4 hours, ugh. I went on the computer to pass the time but the clicks from the keyboard were so rythmic that it made me fall asleep. When i woke up there were cool hands on my back and i was on my bed. "Hi, i missed you." i said to Edward, "I missed you to, i came over as soon as i could." he replied in his perfect velvet tone.  i turned around, sat up and stared in his golden eyes, i never could quite belive he was mine. I could sense that he had a desirable feeling tonight and i knew exactly what he wanted. i moved closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, he leaned in and kissed me softly but i needed him. i needed  him so bad that i couldn't help myself, i kissed back but fierce and hard, this is what i want, i wanted him to step up and take charge and not always be the one that tries to slow me down. he didn't break the kiss but he was hesitant, i started unbuttoning my shirt and that was when he stopped the  kiss. "bella honey you know we can't do that, we have to wait till your less breakable." he said to me, "Well if you don't then i never want to see you again, i am craving it i cant stop and only when i get it i will be satisfied!" i said to him with such power he leaned back a bit. "bella we can talk about th-" i cut him off "No edward there is nothing to talk about it is either have sex with me or you can forget about us." i said to him with as much power as i had before, "Well if that is how you feel then i guess were done because i don't want to hurt you and if we did do it then i probably would hurt you, so this is goodbye." he got up opened the window and jumped down to the ground below. Then i started to cry, i cried all through the night i didn`t sleep i was too angry to sleep, i thought Edward would care about me enough to try and settle me down, or give in but i didn`t expect this, i was still thinking about edward when i finally fell asleep, when i woke up i was frazzled i couldn`t find the cool arms that were wrapped around me when i awoke then i remembered edward was gone, i checked the time it was 6pm, `wow` i thought `i slept through the day` i finally got the courage to go downstairs, " i thought you had died what happened last night you slept through the entire day" he said as i sat down at the table. i cleared my throat and said "Edward and i broke up"... To be Continued

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i loved it lol oh my Bella Bella wow Edward is such a gentle man the only one who would give in would be Jake... sounds very interesting and i truly like you're writing skills you should definitely continue with the next chap.. and please keep me updated!!



love it! keep me updated, please! :D

               -Renesmee Carlie Cullen <3


Keep writing girl i love it.


Bella's Pov-  Charlie rushed over to where i was and put his arms protectively around me and said "I never liked that bastard anyway." he stroked my hair, i sobbed harder 'edward used to do that to me' i thought. Charlie held me for ahwile until i ran out of tears. "You gonna be okay?" he questioned me, "Y-Ya i th-think" i said in between stifled sobs "I th-think i am gonna go back to bed."  "But Bella you just got up!" Charlie exclaimed, "I don't care i need to sleep" i trailed off on the last word as i ran up the stairs. i curled up in my bed and drifted off to sleep. (It was like that for over a month i slept and i ate and cried in between. When  I heard that Edward and his family had moved out of town i cried even more. I didn't take breaking up well)

2 months later

All was quiet, i listened to the wind whistling through the trees, then a deep husky voice cut through the silence "So you hang out here alot, why? you never did tell me." Jacob asked curiously he had his arm around my neck casually "Well" i started off "Edward broke up with me and i really needed a friend to take my mind off of him."  "Well you know i am always here for you" he said. Then he leaned down and kissed my hair playfully... and i liked it.

this is the next part of chapter 1!

loved it you should work on making them a bit longer other than that i cant wait to see what happens next!! update soon!

that was great.


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