The Twilight Saga

Have you ever wondered who keeps nature in balance? Well, that is Fairies. There is a royalty among them. They, call themselves the swans. They live in the mortal world among humans. Suddenly, the unexpected happened… Charlie Swan, King of the Fairies, was murdered…

The Swan’s go into hiding. Move to a new house and state. They move to a little town, Forks, Washington. Away from their home and friends. But, they meet new friends and meet new enemies. What will happen? Will they live to kill their father’s murderer? Will they find new ways to use their elemental powers? Keep reading to find out!




I know what you're saying... "You're writing another one?!? You haven't even finished your others!" Yeah, well, i have writers bock on the others and i have this idea that keeps roaming my brain and it's driving me insane! so, i would like you to tell me whether or not you think i should write this or not.


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yay i cant wait to see whats next
love cant wait 2 c what happens her bday! party !!!!!! wat r they gunna think!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!
Chapter Sixteen

Edward’s Point of View

I cannot believe Tanya did that! She called me her mate! I’m no where near to being her mate! I’m Bella’s mate, for the lack of a better term. And I do not have any immediate plans to change that status!
All day I knew Jasper could feel my anger and I also knew that he and Emmett would ask me when we got home. I got in the car after school and drove Bella home. I didn’t feel as angry with her beside me.
I said my good byes to her and told her I would be back later. She nodded and walked into the huge house.
Anger flooded me as soon as I would out of site of the house. When I arrived home, I walked in and Jasper and Emmett were in the living room waiting for me.
“Where is everyone?” I asked.
“They all went to hunt and won’t be back until later.” Emmett replied.
“So why are you so angry?” Jasper cut to the chase.
“Because I heard that someone made an appearance and told someone to stay away.”
“No! seriously? Wait, I’m confused.” Emmett said.
“In other words, it has something to do with Tanya. Now Edward, explain everything.” Jasper said.
I explained the whole situation and they both said, “Seriously?”
“Yes. and I am so mad that she would say something like that!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah! I mean, why would she call you her mate? I mean it is pretty clear you are Bella’s considering you stay at her house every night and watch her sleep!” Emmett said.
“What’s wrong with watching her sleep?” I asked.
“Nothing, Edward. It just says that you care a lot. No ordinary guy wouldn’t just sit there and watch a beautiful girl sleep through the night. Their thoughts would be focused on other… activities.” Jasper said.
“Well, I cannot even think about Tanya. She better not talk to me, she may get a limb ripped off. Just warn her.” I said.
“Alright, now. Want to hear about our love lives?” Emmett asked.
“Why not?” I sighed.
“Alright, well. Rose is hot! I mean majorly! And I hardly notice that she’s a fairy! Also we both have nothing really in common but for some reason, we fit together perfectly.” Emmett smiled proudly.
“And Alice! She is so perky and happy all the time! I love that environment! No negativity at all! We both share a little interest in history although she likes the now more then back then because she says the ‘now clothes’ are way more trendy.” Jasper smiled.
“You talked clothes?” Emmett asked.
“She is a fashion girl.” I said to Emmett.
“How do you know?” Emmett replied.
“I happen to be dating her sister. You don’t hang around their house without getting to know a few things.” I told them.
“Well… did you hear anything about us? Did they say anything?” Jasper asked.
“Wow… this is weird. You want to know what they are thinking. Ask them.” I said.
“But why!?” They whined, “You read minds! Help!”
“I had to do it the hard way, you have to do it the hard way.”
“You can read Bella’s mind dude!” Emmett replied.
“No, I can’t!” I said to them and they stared at me wide eyed.
“You are only telling us now that you cannot read Bella’s mind?!” Jasper said worried, “It is just her?”
“Yes, why? What do you think can…” Then it clicked. He thought she would or could betray us! “No! she’s not like that!”
“Alright. it was just a thought.” He raised his hands as if to surrender.
“Well, fine! We’ll do this they hard way.” Emmett sighed and turned on the television. I sat and waited patiently for the time Bella would be home and free from fashion paradise.

Bella’s point of view

Alice dragged me into the house and to the kitchen. Mom and Rose were there looking at me with smiles on their faces.
“What?” I asked.
“We’re going home for shopping!” Rose blurted.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah! We’re going to teleport there!” Alice smiled.
“alright, you kids have to go before you miss store hours. Remember, it’s two hours ahead there.” Mom reminded us.
“Okay! let’s go girls. Here are your purses. I have a cell phone just in case of an emergency but, other then that, no one has a cellular phone!” Alice said handing Rose and I our purses.
She grabbed us and said, “See you soon mom!” and then we were out of there.
We appeared outside the mall that was furthest away from our castle. I looked at Alice and she said, “I don’t want anyone to know we’re here. Besides, there’s a huge dress sale here today.”
I smiled at her and we all walked into the mall and started looking around. I could sense all of the fright coming from everyone. They were still anxious about the vampires, I guess.
We walked to this store and that’s when I saw it. the perfect dress!
“Oh my goodness!” I said slowly. The girls looked from me to where I was looking and they lit up.
“It’s perfect! Let’s go try it on!” Alice said dragging me into the store.
We stopped at the check-in counter and there was a girl fairy reading a magazine.
“Excuse me. can we please try on that dress?” Alice asked.
The girl looked up and her eyes went wide. She knew who we were.
“Of course, milady.” She said before getting up and walking to the dress in the window. She came back with it and handed it to her.
“Thank you. but, please, just call me Alice. None of us want to be caught here.” Alice whispered to her.
“We all thought you went away again for safety.” The girl said.
“We did. But, we needed dresses and we thought, where best to get dresses then from our home?” Alice smiled at her.
“Would you like to try this on?” The girl asked.
“Yes, Bella would love to.” Alice smiled at me.
The girl looked at me in wonder. Everyone knew I was future queen.
“Of course. Come this way milady.” She said to me.
“Please, it’s just Bella.” I told her.
She nodded and led me to a room. She opened the door with her key and handed me the dress.
“If you need any help at all, please just shout.” She smiled and walked out of the room.
I quickly tried on the dress and that’s when I knew it was made for me! It fit me like a glove and it was the perfect color. I walked back out of the change room wearing the dress and Alice and Rose were looking at me with wide eyes.
“Bella, you look amazing!” Rose said, walking around me with a smile.
“You absolutely do. Edward’s going to die all over again after seeing you!” Alice laughed.
“I hope not.” I giggled.
“In other words, you look hot Bella, yet you look… like a princess!” Alice smiled.
“Let’s get it… it’s perfect.” I smiled.
ooooooh bad Bells Ali and Rose going back
to there home to dress shop. tisk tisk
love it
Games, games, games. Don't you just love them?
Loved it!!!!!!
I hope that they don't get caught at home!!!!!!!
love it so cant wait for more i want 2 c the dresssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!
awesome chapter!
looking forward to more =)
you'll see the dress in the ball chapter. hehehe sorry but you'll have to wait.
you have to write more... im waiting... still waiting... still... you get the picture... Now HURRY!!!! please...
Here's an extra long chapter for you! Enjoy!

Chapter Seventeen

Bella’s point of view

It has been a week since I had found my dress. The others gave Anna their measurements but, I didn’t need to do anything because my dress was perfect and fit like a glove. The others were getting their dress made but, mine was a one of a kind so I wasn’t nervous about anyone showing up with the same gown as I had on.
I got the invite list and everyone was on it. I mean everyone! The Denali’s were also on the list. It would be rude to not invite them I guess and I like Kate and Carmen.
We were leaving in about an hour and I was nervous. I was just bringing down my big suitcase when the doorbell rang. My sisters ran down the stairs and made me fall over and down the stairs.
“Ow!” I exclaimed once I landed on the floor.
Alice opened the door and Edward was at my side in a second.
“Bella, are you okay?” He asked.
“Oh yeah, just a ten stair fall.” I said giving my sisters a glare.
“Sorry Bella.” They said in unison.
“Yeah, yeah!” I said getting up. Edward grabbed my elbow and helped me.
“Okay, so you all ready?” Mom said walking into the room.
“Almost, one more suitcase to get down here. Although I’m thinking of having just one suitcase considering I just fall down the stairs with the last one.” I replied and everyone stifled a laugh.
“I got it.” Edward said and was gone and back with my suitcase.
“Must be cool have super strength and speed.” I said to him.
“It can be.” He replied.
“okay, now are we all ready?” Mom asked looking at all the Cullen’s and Denali’s. they all nodded.
“Alright, Come over and everyone hold hands.” We all came together and held hands. “Bella, want to do the honours?”
“Sure.” I smiled, the snapped my fingers. We then appeared in the grand foyer of the castle.
I smiled as everyone but my family looked amazed.
“It’s so good to be home!” Alice said as Ben, Angela’s fiancé walked down the stairs and walked to us.
“It’s good to see you home.” He smiled and gave my mother, me, Alice and Rosalie a hug. “And these must be your friends?”
“Yes, these are the Cullen’s and Denali’s. This is Carlisle, his mate Esme, their sons, Jasper, Emmett and Edward. And this is Carmen, Eleazar, Tanya, Kate and Irina.” Mom introduce them, “Everyone this is Ben. He is a close friend of the family."
“Nice to meet you.” Carlisle said in a friendly tone.
“It’s a pleasure.” Ben shook hands with Carlisle.
“Where’s Angela?” I asked.
“She’ll be down in a minute. She had to make sure everything was perfect for when you came home… even her hair.” He smiled.
“Sounds like her.” Rose laughed.
“Renee, Bella, Rose, Alice! It’s good to see you again!” Angela said walking down the stairs and giving me a hug.
“It’s good to see you too Ang.” I replied.
“Well, let’s show you to your rooms.” She said with a smile and led us up the stairs.
She stopped in front of the first door and said, “This is Carlisle and Esme’s room. Go on in and scope the place out!” She smiled.
The both walked in and the family followed. They all looked awed.
“This is beautiful!” Esme said, still shocked.
My family smiled at me and Rose said, “Bella, actually, designed this room.”
“Really? Well, you have a talent, Bella. You got the vines to go perfectly with this room.” Esme said.
“Thanks, they don’t call me the earth fairy for nothing.” I said with a smile.
“Sorry to interrupt but we must keep moving, Renee and I have a meeting shortly.” Angela said with a smile.
“That’s okay, Ang. You guys can go, we’ll finish the tour for you.” Alice smiled.
“Alright, you girls go find Anna after. She’s finished with your dresses.” Mom told us.
“See you.” We all said as Ben, Angela and Renee left the room.
“Now, to continue the tour…” Rose said, walking out of the room, “This is Carmen and Eleazar’s room. And this is Tanya’s and this is Irina’s and this is Kate’s.”
“We all thought you’d like to stick together but, still have privacy so we picked these rooms for you.” Alice smiled as they all went in and came back out with smiles.
“Alice, did you design this one? It speaks you and the ocean.” Kate said with a giggle.
“Oh yeah! Rose, Bella and I have designed all the bedrooms.” Alice smiled.
“We just add our own touch to some of them.” I added.
“These rooms are awesome!” Carmen exclaimed.
“Glad you like it.” Rose smiled and we continued down the hall.
“Okay, so this is Jasper’s room and this is Emmett’s and this is Edward’s.” Alice said pointing to three rooms that were just before another staircase.
They all went in and quickly came out. Edward came over to me and whispered, “I like that room, it speaks you.”
“It should considering I designed that one.” I laughed.
“What are up those stairs?” Irina asked.
“Oh, those are Mine, Alice’s, Rose's rooms.” I told them.
“Now, you can all roam the castle and explore. Esme and Carmen, I suggest looking for the gardens outside, just stay within the gates. You’ll love them!” Rose said.
“Thanks for having us girls.” Eleazar smiled.
“It was no problem at all. We hardly ever have visitors.” I told them.
“Alright, now, Alice, Bella, and I have to go but, we will see you soon.” Rose said with a smile.
“See ya!” They all said as we walked down the hall.
“I think that went well.” I said when we were out of hearing range.
“Yeah. They seemed to like it. Well, Tanya wasn’t all that excited but, who cares.” Rose said with a laugh.
“Okay, now let’s go find Anna!” Alice smiled as we opened our wings and flew through the castle to the sewing room.

Edward’s point of view

I cannot believe Bella lives in this place! It is huge and so amazing! I still cannot get over how good she is with decorating! My room looked amazing! Bella had to go with her sister’s to see someone about their dresses and I was now just unpacking for the weekend ahead.
I heard Tanya’s thoughts as she came to my door and knocked. I reluctantly answered.
“What do you want, Tanya?” I asked. I haven’t really talked to her since the incident at school with Bella.
“Just wondering if you wanted to come explore this castle with me.” She smiled.
“No thanks, I’m waiting for Bella to come back.” I answered, trying to be polite, even though I didn’t want to.
“Why?” She asked.
“She is my girlfriend and I want to explore with her.”
“What is it that she has that has attracted you?” She asked bluntly.
“Her personality. She isn’t like anyone else.” I said.
“That’s it? Seriously?” She asked.
“Yes. She’s also beautiful, inside and out.”
“Tanya, I love her. I’m sorry but, I don’t like you that way.”
“Why her? She’s a fairy. Which is technically partially human.”
“Again, I love her because she’s her. not because she’s anything different. She could have three eyes and be broke and I would still love her.” I told her.
“I bet she hasn’t given you what I can has she…?” She said, trying to be seductive, she stepped toward me.
“That’s none of your business, Tanya. I think you should leave.”
“I don’t think you want me to.” She smiled stepping forward. Vines crept forward and wrapped themselves around Tanya.
“Did you forget that I can control practically everything in this room?” Bella said front the door. “You know, hitting on someone else’s boyfriend while in their house is very rude. Not to mention that I’m a princess.”
“Let me go.” Tanya said, looking at me for help. I raised my hands as to say, ‘I’m not helping.’
“look, the only reason you’re here is because it would have been rude to only invite certain people in your coven and not all, so I suggest you leave what’s mine alone and you won’t get thrown out. Outside these walls, you are an enemy on this island. Without my family’s word and mine, you wouldn’t be anything here. Think about it.” Bella said and the vines carried Tanya out of the room, dropped her and Bella shut the door. She turned and looked at me while raising one eyebrow. She didn’t look pleased. “You just cannot be ugly can you?”
“What?” I asked. That’s all?
“You had to be super hot and attract almost every female on this planet.” Bella smiled.
“Well, I don’t exactly choose what I look like.” I told her.
“Lucky for you or I’d make you be ugly.” She smiled, walked over and kissed me.

Bella’s point of view

“Okay, so this is the kitchen.” I said, holding Edward’s hand as I showed him every inch of the castle.
“Oh the oven wouldn’t have told me that.” He said sarcastically.
“Ha ha. Very funny. Now to continue the tour…” I said pulling him out of there and to the stairs leading from the kitchen.
“Where does this lead?” He asked.
“Upstairs silly.” I said in an obvious tone.
“Of course.”
“Okay, now this is the fabulous hallway… and this…” I stopped at the room I haven’t been in since my father died.
“Bella?” Edward said looking at my sad gaze.
“This is my dad’s study.” I said looking at the hard wood door.
“We don’t have to go in there Bella. Come on.” He said trying to drag me away.
“No, I have to go in there. I haven’t been in there since…” I said before taking a deep breath and bringing my hand to the doorknob.
I turned the doorknob, looked at Edward’s worried gaze and then opened the door. I was hit with Dad’s smell of cologne. I felt tears prickle in my eyes. I walked in and looked around.
I walked to his desk and noticed he had a picture I hadn’t seen before there. It was me and him sitting down on a bench outside the castle when I was little. I was sitting on his lap and he was reading to me.
Tears dropped from my face as I picked up the picture frame.
“Daddy…” I whispered. My voice cracked.
I felt two arms wrap around me and say, “It’ll be okay.”
“He’s gone…” I said into Edward’s shirt.
“You’ll see him again.” He said in a low whisper.
“No I won’t.” I said to him.
“What do you mean. Fairies grow old like humans.”
“I don’t plan on growing old.”
He backed his face off my hair and looked at me confused, “What are you talking about?”
“Never mind. It’s not important.”
“Well, I must say, you were cute as a child.” Edward complemented while looking at the picture in my hands.
“I was wasn’t I?” I said, cracking a smile through the tears.
“And you’re still adorable as a woman.” He kissed away the tears.


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