The Twilight Saga

Have you ever wondered who keeps nature in balance? Well, that is Fairies. There is a royalty among them. They, call themselves the swans. They live in the mortal world among humans. Suddenly, the unexpected happened… Charlie Swan, King of the Fairies, was murdered…

The Swan’s go into hiding. Move to a new house and state. They move to a little town, Forks, Washington. Away from their home and friends. But, they meet new friends and meet new enemies. What will happen? Will they live to kill their father’s murderer? Will they find new ways to use their elemental powers? Keep reading to find out!




I know what you're saying... "You're writing another one?!? You haven't even finished your others!" Yeah, well, i have writers bock on the others and i have this idea that keeps roaming my brain and it's driving me insane! so, i would like you to tell me whether or not you think i should write this or not.


Please, comment.





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i like this is think you should write it
okay, i'll write it! it'll be a relief to get it out of my head! haha
Chapter One

Bella’s Point of View

It had been a dreadful two weeks for all of Fairy Island Kingdom. We had all fought with the largest vampire coven and had lost. My father had been lost in the fight. Killed, by the thing we hate most. My sisters and I wanted to go after them right away but my mother wouldn’t let us… she said, “I had already lost your father, I’m not losing you too!” So we were dragged away from our old home that was closest to the kingdom and dragged half way across the world. We are now living in a little town called, Forks, Washington. Strange name but it represents that it is unique. And it must be unique now, considering they have fairies living there now.
“Bella, It’s time.” Alice said, in her unusual soft voice.
I sighed, got up and left my new room. I had decorated it with vines and flowers already so it looked something like my old room.
My family has powers. I am the fairy of earth, which simply means that I get along with nature well. My sister, Alice, has the power of the water fairy. She can control water. My other sister Rosalie is the fire fairy. I guess the easiest thing I can say is, she plays with fire. She was unusual child, but the most beautiful out of us all. My mother, Renne, is the air fairy. She loves the wind.
I made it successfully out of the house and into Alice’s new Porsche. This is our first day of school.
I know what you are thinking, ‘how can fairies go to school with humans without them finding out who they are?’ well, that information on fairies is fake. We can easily hide our wings, they only show when we allow. So we have always lived with humans. My parents wanted us to grow up semi normal. We were royalty on Fairy island so it wasn’t wise to put us in a public school there.
“Bella, c’mon we have to go get our schedules.” Rose said before getting out.
“Alright.” I said, got out and smelled something off. It was weird, but it smelled good at the same time. I just shrugged it off and walked to the main office to get my schedule.
“Why hello there. I’m ms. Cope. How can I help you?” She asked in a chipper mood.
I smiled and said, “I’m Isabella Swan and these are my sisters Alice and Rosalie. We’re new here.” I said.
“Oh why of course. I should have known considering I have never seen you girls around here before. You are the talk of the town.” She smiled, gave us our things, explained what we had to do and then said, “ Good luck. See you later.”
“Thank you.” I said before leaving the office. I smelled that smell again.
“Do you girls smell that?” Rose asked.
“Yeah, at first I thought I was going insane!” Alice said.
“Same here.” I replied.
“Where have I smelled that before?!” Rose said, getting angry.
“I don’t know but, we should be going or we’ll be late.” I said and we a took off to our first class. I was glad I had them all with my sisters. Mom made sure we were together just in case we had any problems.
We walked into the classroom and gave our slip to the teacher. He greeted us politely and got us to sit in three seats in the back. Only a few people were there so we didn’t get the stares until after the bell rang and everyone piled in.
I sighed inwardly. I hated attention.
“Hello. I’m Jessica. What your name?” She said to Rose, Alice and myself.
“I’m Alice and these are my sisters, Rosalie and Bella.” Alice replied.
“Nice to meet you.” She smiled before turning back to the teacher.
The class was boring. We had already learned everything the teacher was teaching. And that is surprising considering we had taken two weeks off of school because of the war. This school was really behind.
When the bell had finally rung for the next class, we had gotten up and walked to math. I hated math. Although I will know everything for at least another two or three weeks because of the lack of educational progress here. I don’t mind that though. It just means I don’t have to do anything except be there.
We walked in the classroom and immediately became curious. The smell was really strong in the classroom. Al the humans smelled the same, but there was something in this room making it smell this way.
The teacher told us where to sit and we agreed politely. It was again at the back of the room. The smell was strongest there. I sat down and then immediately knew what it was coming from. Let me rephrase that… then immediately knew who it was coming from! It was coming from three gorgeous guys in the back row also. I started thinking over the possibilities of what they might be and then it hit me like an avalanche… Vampires!
I Looked at my sisters and mouthed, “Vampire” They tensed up.
this is great wirte more soon
awesome! keeep me updated!!!
OMTL! i love it!
Pretty interesting story, but still waiting for your updates on your other wonderful story.
i've never read anything like this before...i love it =)
This is very interesting!
Can't wait for more :)
you cant do that to me!!!!!!!!!!!i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is amazing i really cant wait for more!!!!!!!!! sos ososososoosososo cool amazing !
Chapter two

All throughout the class, the three guys were staring at us with curious gazes. Either they know what we were and didn’t understand why we were here or they just didn’t know what we are.
As soon as the bell rang, my sisters and I got out of the classroom as fast as we could. We were not scared of them it’s just, defence you could say. However, they were different then any other vampires I have seen. They had golden eyes. Regular vampires have blood red vampires.
We went to our next classes, happy that there were no vampires in them. It was lunch and we slowly made our way to the cafeteria. The three vampires sat in the back of the cafeteria, far away from the door, which made it easier for us to get our lunch, quickly eat and leave.
We got in the lunch line and grabbed our food. Mine was only and apple and water. We picked a spot far from the three and sat down. I grabbed my apple and noticed it was a little bruised. I hate when they are bruised! So I looked around to see if anyone was looking. Of course there was so I said to my sisters, “I’ll be right back.” And left out the doors.
I walked around the corner, and looked around to see no one in sight. I looked back at the apple, lifted my hand so that it hovered over the fruit and used my powers to change back to it’s perfect stage.
“How did you do that?” some one asked.
I quickly turned to see one of the vampires. He had bronze hair and that deep golden eyes.
“That’s what I do.” I replied.
“Should you really be doing that out in the open?” He asked.
“Better out here then in the cafeteria where all the eyes are watching.” I replied, taking a step back.
“Why are you backing away from me?” He asked, he looked almost sad about it.
“Because that’s what you do when you face a vampire.” I replied.
“So you know what I am.” He said.
“How could I not? Your fragrance is all over this place.” I said.
“but you still didn’t answer the question. Why do you back away?” He asked.
“I thought I made it clear that I am because of what you are.” I replied.
“I won’t hurt you. Surely you must know that considering my eye color.”
“The last time I ran into your kind it didn’t end pleasant so I like my distance. Why is it that your eyes are not red?”
“I am a vegetarian, as my family calls it. We only hunt animals. We don’t want to be monsters.”
“Well, I guess that makes sense.” I said.
“I’m Edward Cullen by the way.” He said.
“Bella… Bella Swan.” I replied.
“Well Bella, how did you do that?” Edward pointed to the apple that was still perfect in my hand.
“You don’t know what I am? I’m guessing you don’t socialize much with your kind?” I asked.
“No, we like to keep to ourselves. We only socialize with a coven in Alaska. They are also vegetarians.”
“Wow… you really don’t know what I am? You think you’d know considering the war that had just happened between our two kinds.”
“War? What war?”
“The war between fairies and vampires. Apparently we are too powerful to be left alive unless we go by your rules.”
“Fairies?” He asked.
“Yeah. I’m a fairy… earth fairy to be more specific.” I replied as I held up the apple.
“But… what war?” He asked, he looked worried.
The bell rang. I looked at the apple, put it on the ground and reversed it’s cycle to make it a seedling again. It sunk into the ground. Edward looked at me in amazment.
“I’ll tell you later. We must go.” I said before heading to the biology building.
“Do you have bio next?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I replied.
“Well then I’ll walk with you. We’re in the same class.” He smiled and held the door opened for me.
“Thank you.”
“Your welcome.” He smiled a crooked smile.
I walked in, handed the teacher the slip and he told me to sit next to Edward. I just sat there, feeing Edward’s gaze on me, along with my two sisters, who were sitting in another bench. I kept thinking over everything that had just happened. Could he be telling the truth? Should I trust him? Something inside me said yes while something else said no. I was so confused. My head started to hurt. I felt a little relief suddenly and noticed on of the plants beside the window perked up more and looked more healthy. Edward looked at me with worried eyes. I really needed to get out of here, and soon.
‘Only one class, Bella. You can make it!’ I thought to myself.


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