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bella just moved to forks and its all differant bella is jaspers sister and bella has a little sister named ashley and edward is emmet and and alices brother and he has a little sister named lizzie and rosalie has a little sister and a little brother named lilly and max

ps.ashleys nickname  is ashy










                                                     chapter 1 bellas pov



I just moved here to forks today and ashy is so exited she thinks there will be alot of kids in the neighborhood however i dont think there will be very many teens tho.But mom wants me to go see anyway so me and ashy went to the house on the left of ours.When we got there a little gil about ashys age oppend the door.Hi im lizzie hold on a sec she ran upstairs when she came back she had a realy pretty girl about my age.Hi im alice she said.Hi im Bella and this is ashley ashy for short.Oh this is lizzie her real name is elizibeth but we call her lizze come in.










                                                 chapter 2 ashleys pov



I told bells there would be another little kid.Hey ashley wanna go meet the kids on the other side of your house?said lizzie. sure but first i gotta get bells. ok






ill rite more later

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sorry its so short Bellas pov

Caitlyn!!!!!!! Caitlyn was my two year old she was about to fall downfrom the roof becuz Edward wasnt watching her.EDWARD!!!!!! Grab caitl....... It was to late sh was falling straight down i jumped and grabbed her. OWW!!!!!!! Wats wrong Edward said. I think i broke my arm! He grabbed caitlyn through her to Esme grabbed me and the keys and drove to the hospital.......
you cant throw a baby but its really good plz keep going i love it


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