The Twilight Saga

bella just moved to forks and its all differant bella is jaspers sister and bella has a little sister named ashley and edward is emmet and and alices brother and he has a little sister named lizzie and rosalie has a little sister and a little brother named lilly and max

ps.ashleys nickname  is ashy










                                                     chapter 1 bellas pov



I just moved here to forks today and ashy is so exited she thinks there will be alot of kids in the neighborhood however i dont think there will be very many teens tho.But mom wants me to go see anyway so me and ashy went to the house on the left of ours.When we got there a little gil about ashys age oppend the door.Hi im lizzie hold on a sec she ran upstairs when she came back she had a realy pretty girl about my age.Hi im alice she said.Hi im Bella and this is ashley ashy for short.Oh this is lizzie her real name is elizibeth but we call her lizze come in.










                                                 chapter 2 ashleys pov



I told bells there would be another little kid.Hey ashley wanna go meet the kids on the other side of your house?said lizzie. sure but first i gotta get bells. ok






ill rite more later

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heres the secend part by the way they r not vampires

the end of chapter 2 ashleys pov

lizzie do u know where my sister is?yeah shes upstairs with alice probaly talking to edward and emmet.who are they?my brothers.oh okay lets go.we went upstairs and entered the third room on the hall on the door it said EDWARD on it.oh hey ashy we r about to go meet the people on the other side of our house bells said.okay i said can lizzie come with us.yeah alice,edward,and emmet are coming to.ok.

chapter 3 edwards pov

she was the most amazing girl i had ever met even tho i had a girl friend we were a bout to go to her house any way i would dump her when i got there i had to she liked emmet anyway.

bellas pov

hes sooooooooooooooo cute to bad hes got a girl freind he wont tell me who she is he said i would find out when we got next door.

chapter 4 bellas pov

when we got there a girl opend the door screamed eddie bear and jumped on edward.oh hi who are you she said to me.oh im your new next door neighbor.oh hi.hi.

edwards pov

hey sweety i have to tell u something i told rosalie. okay lets go to my room.okay.when we got there she closed and locked the door and started kissing me i pulled away.what did you want to tell me she asked.well i-i-i-i like some one else. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she yelled so loud that bella ran up stairs and banged on the door.
love it
more please
3 more coments and ill keep going
fine im bored ill keep going
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here im starting the next part
here it is

chapter 5 bellas pov

what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i banged on the door again.edward ansered it.what the heck just happend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nothing he ssaid calmly. THAT SCREAM WAS SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW TELL ME!!!!!!!!fine.i broke up with rosalie.MOVE IT!! i know i diddnt know her very well but she must be so sad.but when i god in there she was HAPPY!omg i felt sorry for her but she wanted him to break up with her i like her again

sorry its so short but i cant thank of ideas so add me as a freind and send me a message giving me ideas thanks. ashton
this is ashley in the next chapter on easter and her birthday


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