The Twilight Saga

Chapter one - Crush

“Claire, you promise you won’t tell Quil about this,” Alicia asked me. She had just told me all about her huge crush on my best friend, Quil. I was shocked, and a little jealous, but other than that, I was happy for her. Quil was a really nice guy, and he’d probably like her too, though he never took interest in girls. I don’t know why…
“Sure, Alicia, I won’t tell Quil a thing,” I pinkie swore, and then left to go straight to my house. I’d probably spend an hour in my room, crying about this. Why did it hurt me so much to think Quil and Alicia would get together? I mean, I loved them both, and I wanted both of them to be happy…just not together.
I hadn’t told anyone yet, except for Alice Cullen, that I had started to get this huge crush on Quil. I don’t know, maybe I’m just lonely and falling for my best friend. But, still, Quil’s been through everything with me. He’s always there for me, and he swears he’ll never leave my side. I believe him most of the time, but sometimes, I feel like he’s just saying that to make me feel better.
Ever since my parents died in that car accident two years ago, Quil has been so over protective of me, it’s sweet and annoying at the same time. You don’t know how much of what he says is real, or just pity. Which ever, I appreciate Quil being there for me.
I opened the door to my house, well really Aunt Emily’s house, but I’ve been living here for two years now. I think I can call it home. I walked into my house, and saw that it was full of people. Alice Cullen was the first to greet me.
“Hello Claire, you look very nice,” Alice said, over looking me with satisfaction. She smiled, and Edward Cullen came over to hug me.
“Claire,” he said with a smile, and the rest of the Cullen’s and werewolf pack came to greet me. Yes, I knew about the werewolves, and about the vampires. I think it’s pretty cool. I’d been obsessed with vampires ever since I was five. Quil had found it oddly amusing, and I guess I know why. I giggled at the thought.

“Claire, what’s up? I know something’s wrong, you’ve been out of it all day,” Quil complained, coming to lie down next to me on my bed. He pulled me into his arms, and absent mindedly caressed my face. I smiled – sometimes I thought Quil knew me better than I knew myself.
“Well…I do have something to tell you, but…I swore I wouldn’t tell you. So, I guess I can’t.”
“Claire,” Quil stared at me in disbelief. “You can tell me anything, I know how to keep a secret. And plus, we’re best friends, we aren’t supposed to have secrets.”
Well, he did have a point. What the hell?
“You know my friend Alicia, right?” I asked, making sure he at lest knew who she was. He nodded.
“Wait – wait, let me guess. She’s pregnant with your ex-boyfriend’s baby?” Quil asked, and I started to laugh. I playfully slapped his arm.
“No silly! She has a crush on you – a BIG crush on you,” I giggled, and then decided to look at his face. It was blank. Oh no! Maybe he did like her…I almost cried right there.
“Claire, what’s wrong?” Quil asked, but I shook my head.
“Nothing. So…do you like her? ‘Cause I could totally get you guys together!” I said, and tried to sound happy about it. Let me tell you, it’s harder than you think.
“No, sorry Claire, I don’t like your friend. You’ll have to tell her something, I don’t want her to like me,” Quil confessed with a blush. I couldn’t help but smile, he was so beautiful when he blushed.
“No problem, me amigo!” I said, and he laughed. Then he became thoughtful.
“Claire….can I ask you something,” Quil asked with narrow eyes. I got a bit scared then.
“Of course, Quil, you can ask me anything.” But he knew that.
“I was just wondering…you were upset because you thought I might start to date a girl? You know, that wasn’t you,” he asked, smiling a bit. I blushed, and looked away. I heard Quil take in a breath, but I still didn’t look at him. “Claire…”
“Oh come on, Quil! I’m not a two year old baby anymore. I’m a sixteen year old young woman, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not starting to notice boys,” I said, and then blushed deeper. I mean, Quil and I could talk about anything, I knew that. But…well, boys weren’t something I liked talking to anyone about. Except Renesmee and Alice Cullen.
“Boys?” Quil looked angry now, and I laughed.
“No, not boys!” I said, and his expression grew horrified.
“So, like, girls?!” he asked, alarmed. I laughed but then sat up, breaking our embrace. I sighed, and looked away from him.
“No, I meant, not boys…just you,” I said, and felt him move closer to me on the bed. He took my hand, and stroked my face. When I looked at him, he was smiling.
“Oh, Claire, why didn’t you say something,” he asked softly, and I looked away. I was SO embarrassed. Quil was my best friend; he would think I was just a silly teenage girl having a silly crush on him. He’ll probably laugh about it with Jacob and Embry and all the other wolves.
“Well, I haven’t felt this way for long. I mean, I did have that crush on you when I was twelve. That was embarrassing.” I laughed, and so did Quil.
“You wouldn’t let me come see you for a whole month – it was agonizing!” Quil put in, wrapping his arms around me. I sighed.
“Yeah, but anyways. I just started feeling like this on my sixteenth birthday. Like a little before that I was feeling odd about you, and then, on my birthday – at the party, to be exact – I just knew.” I hoped I didn’t sound as pathetic as I thought I did. Quil pressed me closer to him, so I guess not.
“Claire, your birthday was three months ago. Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked me, and sounded a little upset.
“I thought you would laugh at me,” I mumbled, and he put one hand on the side of my face, and made me look at him.
“Claire, I would never laugh at you, and you know it.” I did.
“I know,” I sighed. “But I was scared. I don’t like rejection, and all those other, prettier older girls that like you – I don’t stand a chance,” I said, making myself realize I was a fool as I said the words.
“Claire – I think I should go. I’ll call you tomorrow,” Quil said awkwardly, basically running out of my room. I didn’t even try to stop him.
I spent the rest of the night in my room – crying.

**Sorry for any typos, or anything like that. I was originally writing this story for myself, but I thought I would post it here. Hope you enjoy it, if not, you have my apologizes, but no one was making you read it in the first place. Or were they? Don da daaa!!**

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thank you, i will, and Quil is just scared, he'll come around. ;)
this is so awsome!!!! more soon plz

U STOLE MY IDEA!!! grrrrr........
what?! what did i steal?!?!?!?! *frantically running around in a circle not knowing what to do*
fabulous....I love it please keep me updated whenyou write more.
i like it plz keep me updated!!!!
Nice, very nice
Keep writing!
Poor Quil, he just doesn't know what to do
ah i love it :] write more soon :] whats up w/ quil?
he's just nervous...he'll get better. =)
Chapter two – It’s a date
Quil never called, never came, never e-mailed, nothing. A week had passed since I admitted my feelings to him, and I hadn’t seen him since. I hadn’t seen Alicia either. Think it’s a coincidence? I don’t.
I walked down stairs, not even bothering putting on any nice clothes. Just my pajama pants and an over sized Fall Out Boy t-shirt I had stolen from Quil. Even thinking his name stung.
How had a stupid little crush like this ruined my friendship with him? He had been my best friend since I can remember, and now I lost him. I almost broke down right there.
“Claire, it’s gonna be okay. Quil’s a jerk if he doesn’t want you, and you know that,” Nick, Emily and Sam’s oldest son, said to me. I smiled at him.
“I hope no one ever breaks your heart.” He smiled, and walked out of the room.
“Claire, honey, you have to get over this. Please? You’re wasting your summer!” Aunt Emily said to me. I looked at her, and she sighed. She knew what I would say; they were words I had said a lot over the past week. Familiar, yet not comforting.
Summer, spring, fall, winter – it all means nothing without Quil.
And it was true. Oh, what I would give to have my Quil back! The door bell rang then, and I looked at Emily. She was feeding Kevin, her new born.
“I’ll get it,” I smiled, and ran to get the door. The door bell rang again just as I was about to open the door. Jeez, who ever it was was really impatient. Finally I opened it…
Quil was standing right there, inches away from me. I could lift my hand, and touch him. Actually touch him!
“Claire…what’s wrong, are you sick?” Quil asked me, and I smiled.
“Yeah, love sick. Don’t come near me – you might catch it!” I said, and laughed to myself. He smiled, but otherwise looked confused. “I thought I’d never see you – I thought I had scared you off.”
And then his expression twisted with pain. He walked through the door way, and held me in his arms. He rested his chin on my head as he talked.
“Oh Claire, how could you even think that? How could you even think I could live in a world you weren’t in? Claire I” –
“But if you really mean that, how come you haven’t been around for a week? Do you know what that’s done to me?! Look at me Quil – you did this to me!” I said, and instantly regretted my words. Quil looked so sad, so pained, but he’d hurt me so much, I wasn’t sure if I should care if I hurt him. Something in me said that I would always care if Quil was hurt, no matter what.
“Claire, I…I’m sorry. It’s just…I’ve loved you for so long. As an older brother, a best friend, and now…well, more than that. And for you to say you feel the same about me? I just needed time to take it all in.”
“Well you should have called. It’s been hell without you!” Quil laughed, and I couldn’t help but be pleased with the sound. It was wonderful, like a familiar lullaby.
“I know Claire, I know,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against mine. Wow, Quil, this close to me…it was too much. I looked down, and then back up at him. He caressed my lips, and smiled. “I love you, Claire.”
“I love you too, Quil,” I whispered, almost not making any sound at all. But I knew he heard me, because he leaned in and gently kissed my lips.
“Quil…get off my niece,” Sam said tiredly as he walked into the room. I had totally forgotten that we were still in my house. I giggled as Quil reluctantly took his arms off me. When we turned around, Aunt Emily was smiling at us, and Nick was laughing.
“You guys are crazy. I hope I never fall in love,” he said. Quil laughed, sending chills up my veins.
“Just wait, buddy. You’re gonna imprint on someone, and boy, you’ll think it’s the best thing in the world,” Quil told Nick, smiling. Nick had already joined the pack, but hadn’t imprinted yet. This made me think.
“Hey, you said when he imprints on someone…does that mean you…”
“Hey, Claire, let’s go out, I’m starving!” Quil interrupted me. I smiled.
“Quil, you say that ALL THE TIME!! But, okay, I guess I’ll go. Just give me time to get changed,” I said, and he nodded. I came down the stairs in a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and my long black hair tied back. I knew Quil liked it best when I wore my hair out…but I hadn’t brushed it in days. So, today, when I did brush it, it didn’t want to stay where it was supposed to. I had no choice but to put it up. Quil will understand.
“Ready to go?” he asked. I smiled and nodded.
“Aww, Claire’s first date! How cute!” Nick mocked us, and Quil and I laughed.
“I hadn’t even thought of it that way…hmm,” I said, and Quil gave me one of his signature “Oh man, Claire’s actually thinking!” looks. I laughed, and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back, and then opened the car door for me.
“Thank you,” I said as I climbed into the passenger seat. Quil came in, and started the car. “Can I turn on the radio?”
“Like always, yes,” he said. I looked at him. “Come on Claire! Every time you come in my car, the first thing you ask is, ‘Can I turn on the radio?’ You know it’s always gonna be a yes,” he told me, and I thought a minute.
“True, but I’m still gonna ask,” I smiled. Quil sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.
“Of course you will, because you’re Claire.” I laughed, and he smiled.
We pulled into the McDonald's drive through, and ordered our usual. Then we decided to park, and eat in the parking lot. Nice for a first date, huh?
We laughed at our random name calling. He does that to me every time I go to ask him something. It always makes me laugh, though, even if I’m mad at him.
“Seriously, Quil, I need to ask you something!” I whined. He took a drink of his coke and then looked at me.
“What’s up?” he asked.
“Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about that conversation you had with Nick…Quil, did you imprint on me?” I asked, and he choked on his food.
“Claire I” –
A knock on the diver side window made us both jump. Weird, I thought, who could it be?
“Hi Quil, remember me?” Alicia asked. Oh no…
“Uh…yeah, you’re Claire’s friend, right?” he asked, very awkwardly. I almost ran screaming out of the car.
“Yeah, hey Claire,” she waved at me in time with the conversation. I smiled at her. “I hope I wasn’t interrupting…” she trailed off, looking around Quil and me.
“Well, yeah, you sot of are,” Quil said gently and I playfully slapped him.
“Sorry Quil’s being such a JERK, you weren’t really interrupting us. We just came out to get something to eat.” I said, and hoped Alicia would back away slowly. I willed her to, with all my might, but it didn’t work.
“Oh, well, what’s the occasion?” Alicia asked, trying to be casual.
“Actually, it’s Claire and my first date,” Quil smiled at me as he said it. I couldn’t help the light blush that filled my cheeks.
“Oh,” Alicia's face fell. “I was sort of hoping you were single…’cause you know how there’s that party this week end at the First Beach…and I need a date…”
I can’t believe Alicia was still trying to get Quil to ask her out. I felt like socking her in the face right now, shut her up right there, it would do us all a favor. Quil laughed at my expression, guessing my thoughts.
“Well, Alicia, I’m sorry I’m unable to take you, but” – he emphasized the ‘but’ – “I know a guy, who is very free, and you’ll probably like him, too.”
Quil pulled out a picture from the glove compartment. I looked at it before he handed it to Alicia. It was a picture of Embry standing over Renesmee as the rest of us buried her in the sand. Ah Embry, I get it now.
It was a good picture of him, too. They way he was standing, the sunlight hitting him from the side, and it didn’t hurt that he was shirtless.
“Oh, wow…” Alicia's eyes grew wide. “Are you sure he’d want to go with me?”
“Positive,” Quil answered, and Alicia smiled at him.
“Alright, tell him I’ll be at Claire’s house, he can come over and pick me up when you pick up Claire.”
“Sounds like a date,” I told her, and she smiled while walking back to her parent’s car.
Quil and I turned to face each other.
“Wow,” we said, right before we burst into laughter.
This is really good I love it. But....... I was a little surprised that Alicia wasn't pissed at Claire for being on a date with Embry when she did say that she liked him. I would be totally embarrassed because I busted them on a date then mad at her for listening to me go on and on about a crush I had then him.
yeah, i know. lol.
he he that was funny. i like nick! hes funny. write more soon please!


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