The Twilight Saga

Chapter one - Crush

“Claire, you promise you won’t tell Quil about this,” Alicia asked me. She had just told me all about her huge crush on my best friend, Quil. I was shocked, and a little jealous, but other than that, I was happy for her. Quil was a really nice guy, and he’d probably like her too, though he never took interest in girls. I don’t know why…
“Sure, Alicia, I won’t tell Quil a thing,” I pinkie swore, and then left to go straight to my house. I’d probably spend an hour in my room, crying about this. Why did it hurt me so much to think Quil and Alicia would get together? I mean, I loved them both, and I wanted both of them to be happy…just not together.
I hadn’t told anyone yet, except for Alice Cullen, that I had started to get this huge crush on Quil. I don’t know, maybe I’m just lonely and falling for my best friend. But, still, Quil’s been through everything with me. He’s always there for me, and he swears he’ll never leave my side. I believe him most of the time, but sometimes, I feel like he’s just saying that to make me feel better.
Ever since my parents died in that car accident two years ago, Quil has been so over protective of me, it’s sweet and annoying at the same time. You don’t know how much of what he says is real, or just pity. Which ever, I appreciate Quil being there for me.
I opened the door to my house, well really Aunt Emily’s house, but I’ve been living here for two years now. I think I can call it home. I walked into my house, and saw that it was full of people. Alice Cullen was the first to greet me.
“Hello Claire, you look very nice,” Alice said, over looking me with satisfaction. She smiled, and Edward Cullen came over to hug me.
“Claire,” he said with a smile, and the rest of the Cullen’s and werewolf pack came to greet me. Yes, I knew about the werewolves, and about the vampires. I think it’s pretty cool. I’d been obsessed with vampires ever since I was five. Quil had found it oddly amusing, and I guess I know why. I giggled at the thought.

“Claire, what’s up? I know something’s wrong, you’ve been out of it all day,” Quil complained, coming to lie down next to me on my bed. He pulled me into his arms, and absent mindedly caressed my face. I smiled – sometimes I thought Quil knew me better than I knew myself.
“Well…I do have something to tell you, but…I swore I wouldn’t tell you. So, I guess I can’t.”
“Claire,” Quil stared at me in disbelief. “You can tell me anything, I know how to keep a secret. And plus, we’re best friends, we aren’t supposed to have secrets.”
Well, he did have a point. What the hell?
“You know my friend Alicia, right?” I asked, making sure he at lest knew who she was. He nodded.
“Wait – wait, let me guess. She’s pregnant with your ex-boyfriend’s baby?” Quil asked, and I started to laugh. I playfully slapped his arm.
“No silly! She has a crush on you – a BIG crush on you,” I giggled, and then decided to look at his face. It was blank. Oh no! Maybe he did like her…I almost cried right there.
“Claire, what’s wrong?” Quil asked, but I shook my head.
“Nothing. So…do you like her? ‘Cause I could totally get you guys together!” I said, and tried to sound happy about it. Let me tell you, it’s harder than you think.
“No, sorry Claire, I don’t like your friend. You’ll have to tell her something, I don’t want her to like me,” Quil confessed with a blush. I couldn’t help but smile, he was so beautiful when he blushed.
“No problem, me amigo!” I said, and he laughed. Then he became thoughtful.
“Claire….can I ask you something,” Quil asked with narrow eyes. I got a bit scared then.
“Of course, Quil, you can ask me anything.” But he knew that.
“I was just wondering…you were upset because you thought I might start to date a girl? You know, that wasn’t you,” he asked, smiling a bit. I blushed, and looked away. I heard Quil take in a breath, but I still didn’t look at him. “Claire…”
“Oh come on, Quil! I’m not a two year old baby anymore. I’m a sixteen year old young woman, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not starting to notice boys,” I said, and then blushed deeper. I mean, Quil and I could talk about anything, I knew that. But…well, boys weren’t something I liked talking to anyone about. Except Renesmee and Alice Cullen.
“Boys?” Quil looked angry now, and I laughed.
“No, not boys!” I said, and his expression grew horrified.
“So, like, girls?!” he asked, alarmed. I laughed but then sat up, breaking our embrace. I sighed, and looked away from him.
“No, I meant, not boys…just you,” I said, and felt him move closer to me on the bed. He took my hand, and stroked my face. When I looked at him, he was smiling.
“Oh, Claire, why didn’t you say something,” he asked softly, and I looked away. I was SO embarrassed. Quil was my best friend; he would think I was just a silly teenage girl having a silly crush on him. He’ll probably laugh about it with Jacob and Embry and all the other wolves.
“Well, I haven’t felt this way for long. I mean, I did have that crush on you when I was twelve. That was embarrassing.” I laughed, and so did Quil.
“You wouldn’t let me come see you for a whole month – it was agonizing!” Quil put in, wrapping his arms around me. I sighed.
“Yeah, but anyways. I just started feeling like this on my sixteenth birthday. Like a little before that I was feeling odd about you, and then, on my birthday – at the party, to be exact – I just knew.” I hoped I didn’t sound as pathetic as I thought I did. Quil pressed me closer to him, so I guess not.
“Claire, your birthday was three months ago. Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked me, and sounded a little upset.
“I thought you would laugh at me,” I mumbled, and he put one hand on the side of my face, and made me look at him.
“Claire, I would never laugh at you, and you know it.” I did.
“I know,” I sighed. “But I was scared. I don’t like rejection, and all those other, prettier older girls that like you – I don’t stand a chance,” I said, making myself realize I was a fool as I said the words.
“Claire – I think I should go. I’ll call you tomorrow,” Quil said awkwardly, basically running out of my room. I didn’t even try to stop him.
I spent the rest of the night in my room – crying.

**Sorry for any typos, or anything like that. I was originally writing this story for myself, but I thought I would post it here. Hope you enjoy it, if not, you have my apologizes, but no one was making you read it in the first place. Or were they? Don da daaa!!**

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***SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO UPDATE!!!! And, uh, sorry for typos or anything like that.! ;D***

Chapter seven – Not Normal
**Claire Point of View**
“Quil, that is SO not funny!” I said, but a giggle escaped anyway. Oh, darn, why does he have to be so funny?
“It’s true!” he laughed, and I smacked him. Of course it didn’t hurt him at all, but it should have. I frowned at him.
“I don’t like you!” I said, “Making fun of Nick is NOT nice AT ALL!”
“Jeez, you get so touchy about him. He’s only your cousin!” Quil said, and I just gave him a look. “Fine,” he sighed, “I’ll stop.”
“Thank you,” I said.
“So, think he’ll be needing a condom?” Quil asks, taking a bite of cantaloupe. I all but choked on mine. I slapped his arm so hard it stung my hand. “Ow,” he said, shocked, rubbing his arm.
“Quil, Nick is NOT having sex.”
“Are you sure about that?” he asked, challenging me. I was about to tell him off when Nick and Ava burst through the front door. I smiled at Quil.
“See? They’re not doing anything bad,” I said.
“Who said sex was bad? And this doesn’t mean they won’t do it next time they’re alone together.” I’ll have to wait till later to answer that.
“Hey guys,” Nick says, totally happy and content with Ava at his side. She smiled.
“Hey lovers, where’ve you been all this time?” Quil asks them, and Ava blushes.
“No where,” Nick says, and Quil grins.
“Whatever man, just don’t tell Paul.”
“Don’t tell Paul what?” Nick smiles as he leads Ava to the kitchen. I turn to Quil.
“You’re terrible.”
“You know how. Hey, where’s Maria?” I asked. My long lost best friend had suddenly slipped away somewhere.
“I don’t know. I think she’s still at the beach. Probably crying her eyes out, the poor girl,” Quil sighs, and I stare at him in shock.
“Crying, why?” I asked, dumbfounded. He smiles, and strokes my cheek.
“Claire…Maria was in love with Nick.”
“What?!” I asked. How could she be in love with NICK? And why couldn’t I see it? Why does Quil know more about my best friend then I do? Life is getting pretty crazy now a days.
“You couldn’t see? That’s why she asked if he liked any girls, she was hoping he’d say no. Or that he’d say he liked her. When she saw how he reacted to Ava…” Quil trailed off, and I stood up.
“We need to go find her!” I said. Quil didn’t move.
“Leave her be. She wants to be alone.”
I stood there in shock and fear. My best friend was alone crying somewhere. How could I be so clueless?

***Maria Point of View***

How could I be so stupid? What? Did I really think if I came back to Forks all grown and curvy Nick would fall for me? The fact of the matter is, yes, I did think that. And it was a very stupid thing to think.
Now I’m all alone and cold while Nick is with Ava all warm and happy somewhere. Another tear slid down my face.
“Hey, is somebody down there?” I heard a voice call. Its familiar, definitely someone I know, but not the one person I want to be with.
“No,” I call back miserably, hoping that person will go away.
The voice laughs. “Oh my mistake. Well, I guess I can chill here then, since no one else is here,” he says, and I sigh in frustration.
“I kind of want to be ALONE,” I say. The person finally comes into view.
“Nope, sorry,” Seth grins at me. I groan, but smile despite myself.
“Seth!! Go away,” I laugh, but he sits down next to me.
“You’re not the first girl to tell me that, and you’re not the first girl I’m not gonna listen to,” he smiles sweetly. I finally look at him. Wow, he’s hot. And here I am, with tears and possibly snot running down my face. Nice.
“Seth…” I murmur as he puts an arm around my shoulders. He pulls me closer to him, and I’m more then okay with that.
“You look cold,” he whispers while I snuggle closer to him. I lean my head on his shoulder, and breathe in his scent. He smells like the forest and the beach put together. And I’m drowning in it.
“It’s so easy to get lost in you, Seth,” mumble against the bare skin of his neck. He shudders.
“Why were you down here all alone,” he blurts out. I freeze for a moment, trying to remember where I am, and WHO I am, for that matter. Then it all came rushing back. I chuckled.
“I had this crush on Nick ever since I can remember, and it never went away, even when I moved all the way to Pennsylvania. I was hoping he would feel the same when he saw me, but he didn’t. And it kind of broke my heart when he ran off with Ava,” I told Seth my whole little drama. Man, what’s wrong with me? Five minutes ago I was so hung up over Nick, and now? Now I couldn’t care less! I’m so into Seth. This is ridiculous!
“Oh,” was all Seth said. I pulled myself closer to him.
“Yeah, but I’m over him now. Shockingly,” I laughed a little, but Seth didn’t move an inch.
“Yes Seth?” I asked. He looked at me so intensely I thought my heart would explode.
“I think…”
“Seth, you can tell me anything,” I smile encouragingly at him. I hope he’s single, I’d love to ask him out. Suddenly I feel like he’s the only thing that matters in this world. Is that normal? No, not at all.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
And then I passed out.
yeah, lol. i really didn't know where to take the story from where i left off, but its all working out now! ;D
soon? haha, i'm writing now.


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