The Twilight Saga

True love
By: Mrs. Z
Chapter One: Coming home

I could not wait to get out of that car. I have been driving for hours to get back California. I hate having to go visit my mother but sometimes I just need a back sometimes. My Awesome life could not get any better, yeah right. We had everything that we could possible want. For one mine and Alice’s dad is rich so we get whatever we want. Plus we’re beautiful and we’re also some of the most popular people that I know.


Bella, your home! Alice screamed


Alice I screamed back


How’s mom and Phil?


There fine I guess I really did not spend to much time with them. I went to forks to get away for a while. You know after Jacob and everything.


Yeah I know I still want to know what really happened. Like we get rumors all the time so you never really know what the truth is.


Ok ok I will tell you later but right now I’m going for a walk. I said as I walked out the front door and down the stairs. I need it to get out of the house, I love Alice but I went to see our moms so I didn’t have to deal with it for a while but I figured that I was ready to face all my friends and Jacob. but I can’t even bring myself to tell Alice that me and jack broke up because he only his tongue down Jessica Stanly’s throat. We had a perfect relationship; well at least I thought we did. I really need to stop thinking about Jake it’s his lost.


I put my earphones in and pressed play. I decided to run instead of walking. I had way too much on my mind and I needed to get my head in a different place. The faster I ran the more I thought about never going back home. I knew that I was going to have to explain why I just up and left home and run away to forks when I had everything going for me. I ran till I could not run any more.


When I stopped running I realized that I was at the beach that Alice and Jasper would always take Rosalie, Me, Emmet and Edward when we were younger now that we are seniors in high school we all went our own ways. Alice and Jasper are still together and are crazy in love and always together. Rose and Em finally got together last year and now are talking about getting a place together. Edward and his girlfriend Jessica Stanly well they have their own problems. And then there’s me, well me and Jake have been dating since we were thirteen we fell in love really quick. We had plans to go to college together and get a house, but that’s not happening.


I soon could feel the tears roll down my cheeks. I sat in the sand and started singing “Rolling in the deep” by: Adele.

There's a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch, it's bringing me out the dark
Finally I can see you crystal clear
Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare
See how I'll leave with every piece of you
Don't underestimate the things that I will do

There's a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch
And it's bringing me out the dark

The scars of your love remind me of us
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless
I can't help feeling
We could have had it all
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
Rolling in the deep
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
You had my heart inside of your hand
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
And you played it to the beat
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)

Baby, I have no story to be told
But I've heard one of you
And I'm gonna make your head burn
Think of me in the depths of your despair
Making a home down there
As mine sure won't be shared

(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
The scars of your love remind me of us
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
I can't help feeling
We could have had it all
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
Rolling in the deep
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
You had my heart inside of your hand
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
And you played it to the beat
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
We could have had it all
Rolling in the deep
You had my heart inside of your hand
But you played it with a beating

Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold
You pay me back in kind and reap just what you sow

(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
We could have had it all
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
We could have had it all
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
It all, it all, it all
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)

We could have had it all
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
Rolling in the deep
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
You had my heart inside of your hand
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
And you played it to the beat
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)

You could have had it all
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
Rolling in the deep
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
You had my heart inside of your hand
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)

But you played it
You played it
You played it
You played it to the beat.

By the end of the song I felt a whole lot better so I took my earphones out to listen to the waves but instead I heard clapping. It was Edward walking closer to me.
Hey Bellie, long time no see. He said with a fake smile on his face.


Hey, how you doing Edward?


I could be better… he paused for a while then said you know maybe if my closes friend came and told me that my no good ex-girlfriend was cheating on me with your juice box of an ex-boyfriend instead of everyone else telling me what happened, but other than that I’m just freaking great!!!


I can explain about just running off like that Edward.


Ok I all ears for you…..well I’m waiting.


Ok so I didn’t feel like dealing with anyone then, I explained. I didn’t even tell Alice yet.


Yeah but Bella I know what you dealing with and you know I would have listened to you. Plus not to mention be there for you when you needed me, that’s what best friends are for.


I know that but it hurt too much. My brain was not in the right pace for a while, but now I’m back and I’m going to need your help to get thing back to normal.


You didn’t even need to ask? I love you Bella; He said then paused awkwardly then said as a friend really fast.


(Laugh) I know Edward, I love you that same way, I said


Ok so do you want to go back to my house and maybe get everyone together and hang out? I’m sure Rose and Em want to see me since you know I just left.


Yeah sure Bellie, Edward said laughing


Oh by the way I missed your singing Bella you’re the best I’ve heard in some time.


Thanks Edward I miss us spending the day just the two of us in the music room, me singing and you playing the piano. I said as I grabbed Edwards arm and started walking back home.




I hope you all like it!!! Please commet and tell me if I should keep writing more!!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you for posting the dresses that you like. Thanks for reading

I love it i love it IIIIII LOVVVE IT.


Bella's wedding dress:1

Bella's bridesmaid dress2:

Alice's Wedding dress:1

Alice's Bridesmaid dress:2

Rosalie's wedding dress:1

Rosalies Bridesmaid dress:1


that is such a great story!


please keep me updated

Thanks everyone who helped out with helping pick out the dresses. it looks like dress #1 for all the dresses won

Awesome chapter!!

Hey Everyone sorry that I haven't been able to post in a while but things have been crazy at home I will try to post as soon as I can.

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Please post more as soon as you can.. Can't wait

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been really crazy around my house and life with my twins and moving it has been way to much but the good news is I did start writing again and I do have a new chapter that I want to put up so I hope you like it.

True Love


By: Mrs. Z


Chapter 22 Part 1



(Bella’s Point Of View)


I woke up around 7 am. I laid in bad next to Edward for about ten minutes just steering at him. I was thinking about how great everything turned out.  Edward and I were just friends for years then I got in to a relationship and so did Edward that ended really bad for me but it worked out in Edwards favor because it was his girlfriend that  broke me and my boyfriend  up, Then I felt like I needed to get away so I went an visited my mom and her husband for a couple of months  and when I came back Edward found me sitting on the beach thinking so we walked back to my house and talked which made me to start liking Edward and Edward already liked me but he kept secrets about liking me when we fell asleep on my couch together and Emmett seen us he kind of went crazy as acting like my big brother.


Emmett made a big deal about what Edward was doing and when it all was out there for everyone to know I got a little mad at Edward not because he liked me but because he never told me. And then there’s always Tanya she just got in the way and made things go really bad for me and Edward then of course the was the whole dating Mike Newton to make Edward Jealous. That did not work out the way I wanted it to go and things got out of control but I all worked out in the end. I got Edward and he got me.  I think I have always loved Edward but when I started to realize it things got in the way and I just tucked all that love for Edward away and it never surfaced until a lot later down the road. 


I decided I should probably get up and take a shower and get dressed and get ready to go so that I can grab Rosalie to meet Alice at 10. We meet at the coffee house and sat down near a window when Alice said well let’s get down to business.



Ok, Rosalie and I said at the same time


Alice continued to talk or explain about what she wanted to do for our weddings. We couldn’t keep up with Alice given to how fast she was talking. All I could do was smile at her she’s just so excited. We all are for that matter. Alice slowed down talking wise after we gave her a look like what the heck did you just sat to us.




(Alice’s Point of View)



Ok so I was thinking that we all could get married on the same day. I know what you two are going to say. “How are we going to do that?” Well we could us the Cullen’s back yard and decorate it really nice and pretty so that we don’t have to book a place big enough for a few hundred people. I could think of a couple of ways of how the yard would look so great and awesome. Then we would be able to all stand up at the alter together and do the normal thing but we all would say our vows at our own time it would just be one after another. 


I think that it sounds good and everything but I had seen this dress in a magazine I was reading and I really want to have you to be in bridesmaid’s dresses. Bella said



That’s what I mean Bella, See we all get to have our own wedding but instead of everyone leaving to go to the reception they get to watch two more weddings. The guys can entertain the guest for a couple of minutes after each wedding so that we can change in to the next dress.


I get what you’re saying and I like it but I think that we should run it by the guys first since Edward and Emmett have to ask if we can have our wedding in their parent’s backyard, Bella said



Yeah, it sounds good to me. Plus I know that if you plan our wedding then the only thing that me and Bella will really have to worry about is the colors of the dresses and the flowers really since the way you can just come up with things off the top of your head, Rosalie said



You see this could work. We can all go in on whatever we all decide like the food and the music at the reception and other things like that. What do you two think?



I think it’s a really great idea. I was thinking you know that Carlisle taught Edward how to play the piano, so I thought maybe ask Carlisle to play for our weddings. That way our guess are entertained while we change. Bella said


I never thought about that. We could have Carlisle play if of course if he wanted to. , Rosalie said


I think it will work perfect. We will even help you with whatever you need us to help with. What do you two think about going to the dress shop now and start picking out dresses? Bella said.


Ok let’s go. I got the check. We should be able to decide on what colors we want on the way over to the dress shop. Let’s take Bella’s car, hers is better than the rest and plus she has a convertible so we can have fun while we go. I said laughing


After I paid the check I meet Bella and Rosalie outside. I got in to the convertible. I sat up front with Bella. I grabbed a notebook and pen from my bag and started writing what colors I wanted when Bella asked what I was doing.


I was starting to write down what colors I was thinking for my colors.


Oh, so what colors do you think you would like. Well I was thinking about purple and Jade. 


I think that would look really pretty together. , Bella said


What about you? , I asked Bella


I decided on orange and green. , Bella said 


That will look great together Bella, Rosalie and I said


Bella and I both looked over at Rosalie and asked so what colors were you thinking?


Well I was thinking about the colors pink and blue but I’m not sure really.


Why did you pick pink and blue Rosalie? Not that there’s something wrong with your colors it’s I just want to know why you picked those colors to help you make up your mind on them. , I said to Rosalie


Well I picked pink because I love the color pink and I picked blue because I love the way Emmett looks in blue.


Well those are good reasons so why aren’t you sure about them?


Because I’m not sure that Emmett will be ok with the color blue.


Trust me when I say Emmett will not care what colors you have picked as long as you show up that’s all that matters., Bella blurted out before I had a chance


I know but I want him to be happy with whatever I pick for our wedding.


We get what you’re saying but he loves you and he will love whatever you pick., I said


Ok if you think that Emmett will be ok with Pink and blue then that is what I’m going with. Thanks guys for helping me decide.


But now I have a question for you Alice. , Rosalie said


Ok then go ahead and ask away Rosalie.


What color are you going with that all our colors will go with without looking really bad and that none of us can pick our colors to match


I want to go with silver or a light beige. But I think that silver will match all of our colors better what do you guys think?


I like silver. It will fit all of our colors perfect. Bella said


I have to agree with both of you, Rosalie said


I’m not sure when we should call dad and tell him that were getting married. Bella said



Oh I know I was thinking that we could call him and see if dad could take a couple of days off and come home because we have to tell him some really great news to tell him and then we all go out to eat and let him know what’s going on.


Have you told you mom, Rosalie? Bella asked  


No she’s away on business in Ohio.


Oh our dad is in Ohio on business too.


Oh that’s cool they must be on the same business trip. My mom did say that there would be a couple other co-workers with her but I didn’t know that you dad was there too.




Hey, speaking of dad, I said as I answered the phone laughing

(Alice’s and Charlie’s Phone Conversation)




Hi Alice, How are things at home


There good dad.  We were just talking about you.


Oh really that’s funny listen honey, are you and Bella going to be home tomorrow I have something that I need to tell you and it’s really important.


Yeah dad we will be home tomorrow. Do you mind if Jasper and Edward come?


No that’s fine with me, Will Rosalie and Emmett be there as well?


Most likely dad we are all glued at the hips like we were when we were younger.


Ha-ha I remember Alice. Sorry that I called you in the middle of the day I know that you’re normally busy but I tried to call Bella but she never answered.


Oh that’s fine dad actually Bella is right here driving that’s why she didn’t answer plus all three of us girls are going shopping right now


Oh ok well tell Bella hi for me and let her know that I will see her tomorrow


Ok dad I will


Ok I love you Alice


I love you too dad


Ok bye


Oh hey dad


Yeah Alice?


Tomorrow I was thinking that we all could go out to dinner. Me and Bella will pay. Is that ok?


Oh ok that works. Is that it?


Yeah dad I will let you  go then.


Ok bye Alice see you tomorrow


Ok bye dad.


****END OF CALL*****


Well as you know that was dad he wants us all at the house tomorrow he has something to tell us and he said it was fine for all of us to be there.  So after dad tells us his good news then we can tell him ours. I hope you don’t mind me telling dad that we would pay for dinner.

No that’s fine Alice. Bella said  

Hope everyone likes it. Please comment. I am almost done with chapter 22 part 2 so I will post it as soon as I'm done.


Mrs. Z

Kool..the wedding sounds like its going to be an interesting one,


i really like it, their colors sound really nice and the idea of all three wedding together sounds very intersting.  can't wait to read your next update!


True Love

By: Mrs.Z

Chapter 22 part 2


(Bella’s Point Of View)


I pulled in to a parking spot in front of a bridal shop and we all got out. We were talking when we walked through the door when the lady behind the desk said welcome may I help you with something today? I answered and said yes were getting married. The lady looked at us and said all of you? We looked at each other and laughed a little then looked back at the bridal shop lady and said yes we are all getting married the same day and were in each other’s weddings so we all will be buying our wedding gowns and brides maids dress’s


Well If we are going to get all of that done then let’s get started, the bridal shop lady said


OK that’s what we're here for, Rosalie said


Ok great let me go get some helpers from the back so we can take care of everything at once. If that’s ok


Yeah Of course that’s ok I said


When the shop lady started to walk away she turned around and said oh by the way my name is Danielle. You can look around while I go get Nora and Casey. When they returned we got started Nora was helping me with finding a wedding dress. After about an hour I had two dresses that I had to pick between and it was really hard. The first wedding dress that I liked has an older look to it which I thought that Edward would like. It was a tighter fitting dress with a lace back and an A shape to the body of the dress with lace from the top to the bottom of the dress. The second dress that I liked looked like a ballroom dress. It has tons of layers and the top layer of sheer with a pattern of flowers down the right side of the dress from the chest to ground, it had an A shape look to it as well. It comes with a matching veil that is full length as the dress and train.


I like them both but I’m not sure which one I like the best to wear to our wedding, I said to Alice and Rosalie.


Well there both beautiful Bells, Alice Said

Which one did you just have to try on first? Rosalie asked


The second one I showed you that looks like the ballroom dress, why?


Because that’s the one that you really want, Rosalie said.


And how did you come up with that. I asked


Well because if you think about it the one that you could not wait to try on and it fits you perfect and I know it does. Plus you twirled in it and Bella nothing against you or anything but you’re more of the nice shirt and a pair of jeans. That’s the


Bella we all know and love so for you to twirl in that dress you know that it’s the one you want.


Ok so I think your right Rosalie


I do have to go with that dress. I absolutely love this one.


See I told you, Rosalie said smiling


Ok miss smarty pants what dress do you like since you have come down to two dresses? , I asked Rosalie.


Well I came down to the dresses that I can’t pick between. I like them both and I couldn’t wait to try them both on so that won’t work to help me before you say anything smart over there Bella. But anyways the first dress that I tried on is a very beautiful dress it is strapless, the top of the dress has a dark pink going around the top of my chest then the rest of the dress is white with from the sides of my chest to the front of my belly button with crystals. There are also the same crystals around the bottom of the dress as well. The second dress is also a strapless but it is all white dress besides the pink ribbon that ties around me, it’s an older fashion dress so it has the rippled look to it from the waist down.
So what do you two think on which one I should pick? Rosalie asked


Well Me, I would go with the first one because it is really pretty and honestly I don’t like the second one it just doesn’t seem like you. I said


Thanks Bella for the truth. And I get what you’re saying but I don’t want to look my normal self.


Well I think the first one will do the trick for you because you have to think that you’re not normal in a long floor length dress that is very beautiful. Plus I have to agree with Bella the second dress is a really far way from being anything near you. Alice said


Ok so the both of you think I should go with the dress with the dress that had the dark pink around the top of my chest with the crystals?


Yes, Alice and I both said together


Well ok then it looks like I’m going with the first one. Rosalie said laughing


Rosalie and I looked at each other and realized that Alice never decided on which dress she was buying with is what we came here for so we decided that we we’re going to ask her.

So Alice what dress are you going to pick? We said together


I was actually hoping that you didn’t notice that I hadn’t picked my dress yet.


Well we did so spill it. I said


Ok so I as well have come to two dresses but I’m not sure I want to go with the old fashion on or the new fashion one. The new fashion on is all white and strapless with a lacy design that goes from the top of the dress to about the top of my thighs then the bottom of the dress has a puffy sheer look to it. The second dress which is the older fashion is designed around the 1920’s it is an all-white dress with a tighter fit to it with a lace design from the top to the bottom, It also has a piece that goes around right under the chest part that looks like a ribbon that has a princess crown that they took the jewels of the crown and placed then in a design that is similar to a crown. The second dress comes with a veil that matches the lace design around the veil.


When you showed me the dresses I thought that you would look better in the newer fashion dress but now that you showed us with them on the older fashion one fits you perfect. It is so you and you look amazing in it. I said


Yeah I completely have to agree with Bella. Jasper will freak out once he sees you in this dress. Rosalie said


So I should get this one then right?


Yes, don’t think about it just get it Alice. I said


Ok I will. I’m getting this one then.


Well that great that you all have found the dresses you would like. Would you like for me to start a payment plan for the three of you. Danielle the shop owner asked


Um actually no we will be paying for them today after we find the bride’s maid’s dresses we want. I told Danielle


Oh that’s great, and then I will get some boxes for you then. She said


Actually I will need a payment plan. Rosalie said with a disappointed look on her face


No you don’t, is all I could get out before Rosalie interrupted me.


Yes I do Bella; I don’t have money like you two do. My mom is broke she has been a single parent for a really long time and she has done a great job raising Jasper and me, but we had a lot of bills that went unpaid for a really long time. We used the money that our great grandma had left us when she died to move to where we are not then my mom didn’t have a job yet so we got more bills on top of the ones that we already had. My mom is a lot lower in ranking then your dad Bella, and I’m not blaming you for that either but I am just trying to explain to you that I don’t have enough to pay for the dress out of my pocket. Rosalie said sadly


I get what you’re saying Rosalie but what does that matter how much money you and your mom has. I am willing to pay for it me and Alice had already talked about it. Rosalie you are like our sister you always have been and nothing will ever change that.


Thank you, Bella and Alice, Rosalie said as she cried and gave us a really big hug


You’re welcome, we both said to Rosalie at the same time


I told Danielle that she won’t need that payment plan after all, as we start looking for bride’s maid’s dresses. I was looking at all of the dresses that were already orange so that we didn’t have to wait for the dresses to come in and we can have the wedding anytime we want that way.


Alice and Rosalie come here I think I found the dress that I want you two to wear for my part of the wedding.


Ok which one Bella you have like four dresses laid out here, Alice said


This one it’s orange dress that has an orange sparkle top that has a tiny string to tie around your neck then at the sides of the dress right under the chest area there are holes in the dress alongside from front to the back but it stays attached in

the front of the dress with a jewel then the bottom of the dress flares out but it has a slit on the side up to your thigh.

So what do you think?


I think it’s really pretty but I also think that if that’s the dress you want us to wear then we will take two, Alice said


Alice is right Bella if that’s the dress that you really want us to wear then I don’t matter what we think. Rosalie said


Ok then it’s a good thing that there are two of the same dress right.


Yes it is Bella it is, Rosalie and Alice said laughing.


But now it’s my turn before you called me over here I think I found the perfect dress. It’s a pink but is a bright pink and it hooks around your neck then crisscrosses and goes over the chest but leaves a gap in between your chest then it crisscrosses again but it has rhinestones along it, then the rest of the dress is silk and it goes all the way to the floor.


That sounds very pretty Rosalie, I said


Yes, it does. I can’t wait to wear it. Alice said


Ok no my turn, the dress that I picked out is a mixture of the both dresses that you two picked out. There are rhinestone that connect the straps to the chest part of the dress but the straps crisscross in the back of the dress that crosses back around the front like Rosalie’s dress and it also has the gap in between the chest area but after it crisscrosses back to the front the rest of the dress is silk but it also has the slit up the side to your thigh like Bella’s dress. Now don’t that sound perfect it has a mixture of all the dresses together?

Yes Alice it does. I said

How is it that you always find the perfect dress, Rosalie said


I don’t know, I guess I’m lucky that’s all.


*****One Hour Later*****


We were finally done dress shopping we even got shoes to go with our dresses. We all got the same matching pairs for our wedding dress then we also got shoes for each bride’s maid’s dresses. We were on our way back when Rosalie got a phone call from her mom.


(Rosalie’s Point Of View)




Hi honey


Oh hi mom. I’m glad that you called I have to tell you something.


Actually I also have something to tell you and Jasper ?


Oh okay mom go ahead


Well can you meet me at Charlie’s house tomorrow ?


Are you talking about Bella’s dad’s house?


Yeah, Honey that’s where I’ll be because I rode with him to the airport remember and Charlie offered for me to eat at his

house tomorrow since everyone will be there including you and Jasper .


Mom are you kidding Jasper is always at Alice’s with her.


I know. So you are able to meet me there so that I can talk to you and Jasper together.


Yeah of course mom. Is everything ok?


Of course Rosalie everything is better than ok.


Ok mom then yeah I will see you at Bella’s and Alice’s house tomorrow. I love you


I love you too Rosalie


Bye mom


Bye Honey


****End Of Call****


That was really weird; I said to Alice and Bella


What was all that about with you mom?; Bella Asked


Well my mom what’s to meet me and Jasper to meet her at your house. She said that she had something to tell me and Jasper.


Ok so what does that have to do with our house?; Alice asked


Well apparently you dad invited her to diner with the rest of us.


Why he has never asked her over to diner before and we have been best friends since the very first day that you and Jasper moved in next door to us. ; Bella said


I know that’s why I think it’s weird

You don’t think that something is up do you because dad was acting kind of weird when he called earlier and said he had something to tell us as well. ; Alice said looking at Bella and me


I don’t even want to think about if there was something going on. ; I said


That would be very weird for Alice and Jasper but it would be awesome if someday far from now that they got married then we all would be sisters and of course Jasper would be our brother. ; Bella said laughing


Ok that is so not funny Bella. Me and Jasper cannot by any means be related to each other because we are getting married in like two weeks that’s just weird and really nasty if you think about it. ; Alice said


I know that it would be weird from your point of view but it is very funny from Bella’s and Mine. But you have to say that it would be very cool for us all to be actually sisters. You know we could be wrong you know there really could be telling us that they are leaving for longer than two months this time because of work. ; I said


Well let’s hope so because that would be really weird. ; Alice said


I hope you like it. I know that it has been a really long time since I have post a new chapter but with my twins it has been a little crazy and I have move recently so I haven’t really had to much time to do anything but I am going to try writing more again so that I can keep up with posting more chapter.


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