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You never know what is coming for you. So you live day by day, chapter by chapter, and with the people you love.


This story starts out a week before Renesmee and Bella's 6th (vampire) birthday, and Alice is begging Bella to let her be in charge of Renesmee's birthday. Charlie has known about how special everyone is and how exactly Bella changed, but he does not know they are vampires. Everyone still lives in Forks, WA. If you are having trouble with the "Forces of Light" go read, Tami's fanfic, Indian Summer. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Here is a link to Indian Summer


I will try and post a new chapter every couple of days. Please, leave comments on what you think, even if you don't like it. So without further or do here is Chapter 1 Pt. I of "True Love Breaks All Darkness".


Chapter 1 Part I

Alice’s POV


"Please!” I begged, holding on to Bella's leg. "Please! I really want to be in charge of the party and you know I'll do an awesome job!" I cried, giving Bella my sweetest puppy dog face.


“Bella, you know she will do a fantastic job... Just allow her, love” Edward told Bella.


Oh, please Bella, just listen to Edward. “Please Bella” I pleaded again.


“Alice, you’re begging the wrong person. It is Nessie’s birthday and she can do whatever she wants. Why don’t you go hold onto her leg?” replied Bella.


Why didn’t I think of that? Of course, it would (or should?) be Nessie’s choice. “Please Nessie?” I begged while grabbing onto her leg and letting go of Bella’s.


Nessie let out a sigh, “Ok, Auntie Alice, but since it is my birthday, you have to run all your ideas past me and I get a final say. Ok?”


YES! Victory is mine! “So, just clarifying here, as long as I run all my ideas past Nessie, I have the job?” I asked as I let go of Nessie’s leg and glanced back over at Bella.


Bella then looked at Nessie once before saying, “Yes Alice, you have the job.”


“YAY!” I clapped my hands. “Thanks, you will have a blast, and be thankful that you picked me!” I was so excited knowing that I had to get started right away.


Bella then looked over at her daughter and said, “Trust me Hon, you will have the time of your life with Alice’s help.”


I nodded and said, “I will make sure everyone has fun!” As I said this, I stared at Bella because I did mean everyone.


Bella rolled her eyes and said, “Alice, relax, I’m sure everyone will have fun.”


“You better,” I warned Bella. I smiled and shook my head, “This party is going to be amazing. Wow, I have some much I need to do. Just where should I start?”


“You could start by researching some different ideas on theme’s for a Sweet 16 party” Nessie advised me.


“That’s a good idea Nessie,” and with that I was upstairs turning on my laptop. I could hear Nessie talking to her parents downstairs, but I was too excited to pay attention to what they were saying. I searched “sweet 16 party ideas” on Google, and found some interesting things.


There was a SWEET 16 party theme; that can be an option.

There was a Disney themed party, but we would have to go to FL or CA for that, and that was too risky.

There was a pink themed party; that could work because Nessie loves pink.

There was a masquerade party, good idea but they wouldn’t know which one was Nessie.

Wait, I got it! That would be the perfect Sweet 16 theme. I got to go tell Nessie.


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Chapter 16 **COMING SOON**

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LOL, loveeeeee ittttttt! <33
Really? *claps* I wasn't sure what people would think!
loll, why not? Knowing Alice, thats gunna be some sick party :P
This is my first fanfic and I don't have much experience in writhing so I didn't know how it would turn out. Trust me the party will be AH~MAZING!
i love it!!!
Thanks so much!
just keep writing :]
Don't worry as long as everyone wants more I'll keep writing
loved it
Yay! It is posted! I am so excited! You are doing a great job...
To quote our beloved Edward..."you don't see yourself clearly!"

This is really gonna be good! Alice is such a nut! But...she is GOOD at what she does!

Cannot wait for more!! Woo Hoo! Earl and Sam are VERY excited!

I have posted 3 one-shots, yep me! One is a true life event for me that I woke up and had to write this morning for some reason. Go check them out and I hope you enjoy them.

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“Earl” and “Sam” are dancing to “I Gotta Feelin’” by Black Eyed Peas!! They are so happy to be back together dancing and having a good time! Woo Hoo!
They are anticipating the battle on All Worlds Collide and The Cullen’s/Black’s/Vamp Coven’s winning and kicking Aro’s evil booty!

~Stalker Fan/Stubborn “you know what!~
lol very true I'm hoping to write another chapter when I get back tomorrow. Hopefully my schedule will slow down some this week. *fingers crossed*


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