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TRUE LOVE CONQERS ALL its bell and jake after breaking dawn he doesnt imprint on renessme tell me what you think

Chapter one

My brother is edward cullen. He went 'missing' a week before i was changed in 1918 i know he did not really die because i am also a vampire a very powerful one at that. I found my brother just after he got married and had an adorable baby girl. He knows im here but im keeping to myself at the moment to observe how they act together and wether or not they will accept me.
That was last month turns out Alice my best friend already knew i was comming so they were ready and when i officially arrived they loved me. They still do not know the fully ability of my powers but they do know i can shapeshift into anything but i prefer to stay as i am or as a wolf .
Alice came up to me today and said i had to meet some members of the family that lived on the reservation that were like me i didnt get what she meant but i trusted her, she gave me a very flashy summer dress an told me to go in wolf form which made no sense to me but i did it anyway. We were all sitting in a clearing in the forest when i heard the padding of many massive paws. Ilokked at Alice questionly but she just smiled so i put my face back on my paws.They emergerd then 6 massive wolves i imediatley stood up defencivley but Jasper calmed me evedently the wolves were as confused as i was. I looked at each one but after looking to the right of the alpha i looked no further i had just imprinted on the most handsome wolf i had ever seen!!He was staring right back at me and i could tell he'd imprinted on me to.

I cant beleive it i just imprinted on this stunningly beutiful white wolf in front of me and i just stood there gawking she must think im and idiot. Them Edward spoke "Jacob i see you just imprinted on my sister bell-" holdon SISTER !? how could he have a sister Edward just laughed and spoke again"Bell would liketo show you her human form if thats alright and shed like to se yours to" you didnt have to ask me twice i shot into the bushes to phase but just as i was about to i heard the most beutiful voice every say " did i scare him of ??... thats just myluck i finaly imprint and he runs of" i heard emmett laugh really loudly and Alice say " no huni hes just gone to phase he'll be back promise" i hurridley phased and chucked on my shorts before running back out to see the most gorgeous girl on the planet standing in place of the wolf then she laughed a laugh that was like bells ...wait why was she laughing ? then i noticed my mouth was haning wide open nice dude real cool ithought to myself and Edward laughed i glared at him. Carlise began to talk about redoing the treaty and my bell started playing with renessme on the ground she was like an angel how could i deserve something so beutiful?? beats me.then something veru unexpected happened i heard a low hiss followed my a growl the my Bellbeing flung threw the air i rushed to catch her but shed phased mid-air i phased to and every wolf flanked me to look at what had attacked my bell. We were all shocked as to who the attacker was ...Bella!? what the hell bella was hissing again and glaring a bell emmett was holding her back while she seethed " i hate you bell jake should have imprinted on me or renessme not a skant half breed like you !!" the clearing echoed with visious growls but my angels voice rang threw them all " i do not see where you are coming from bella for you have my brother and a daughter you are happy am i not allowed to have my other half ? and why should you want him when you have edward" i looked at edward at this point he was hurt more than that and ashamed that his wife attacked his sister ...
emmett and the rest of the cullens left to calm bella down, My pack left not long after leaving me in the clearing by myself until something rustled in the shadows i leapt up only to be tackled by something hard and white ....

tell me what you think and if use are interested ill keep going :D
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great story please continue it
lol !! thankyou i love it i'll continue when i get bk from my grans ;)
Chapter 2
I didnt understand why Bella was acting this way she had always been reasonable nice to me before. After we left the clearing i felt as though half of me was missing but i kept going back to the house where carlisle told us all to meet in the dinning room. "Now after the events of tonight i feel we should talk about this in a reasonable manner-" he was interupted by a screaming bella " NOWAY IN HELL ARE! SHE STOLE MY IMPRINT OR WORSE MY BABIES .... how could you ?? " she was now glaring at me. What does she mean how could i, it wasnt deliberate but after all i have been through dont i deserve a little happyness? i looked around the room at all the sad and angry faces of my family and began to speak very slow and clear so i was getting my point across" this is something i cannot control bella neither can he... he will always be your best friend but havent you been telling him that he should move on and find the girlhes happy-" once again she stared screaming with every bit of venom dripping in her voice" yes he was supposed to just not on you i meant for my baby " everyone just stared at her in shock i looked to my brother who was beyond broken and i just couldnt take it so i phased and ran out the house back to the clearing in the vain hope of seeing my wolf again only to run into something warm and russet in colour.After picking myself of the ground i realised that it was my wolf i immediatley went human and again he ran away but i knew this time he was comming back ...

sorry its short but im going out bk soon
I looked up to see that i was tackled by my angel i ran into the bushes and phased back immediatley , when i returned she was sitting on a rock looking like a greek godess " eh... hi im jacob " i said stupidly she laughed a sound that made my heart skip a beat " nice to officaly meet you jacob im bell and i beleive we do not need the formality given the situation" she smiled and i went over and sat beside her. we talked until it was dark about every little thing she told me that shes been alive since 1918 which shocked me and also that she wasnt just a normal werewolf but she didnt go into detail but said "i'll tell you all about me in a safer place when i know you a bit better i havent even told my family yet " she was shy and i loved it, i could not control the urge to kiss her so i leant in very slowly as did she her eyes shut slowly and our lips met if was like an explosion of love between the two of us she wrapped her arms around my neck and mine snaked around her waist pulling her closer. My tongue traced over her bottom lip begging for entrance but she pulled away i pouted stupidly,dhe giggled like a two year old it was so cute then she leant in again this time to my ear and whispered "not yet i want to know you better first but beleive me i feel the same" she winked then and kissed my neck gentley.I hugged her to me for an imeasurable amount of time before i heard a howl which meant i was needed, i looked at her she seemed to know what that howl meant " on you go your needed and i need to get back to my family i'll see you at school tomorrow" with that she kissed me one last time then phased and disappeared. one thing i noticed is that when she phased her clothes didnt rip to shreds hmmm? i'll need to ask her about that tomorrow.

oh my gosh he is amazing and so sweet i couldnt beleive it when he kissed me it was like fireworks going off everywhere and i loved it heck i loved him ! when i returned to the house jazz and em came up and hugded me what was going on ? " jazz...em what going on ?" they looked at me and seen how scared i looked and smiled " we just wanted to apologise for Bellas behaviour earlier" " oh guys its not your fault plus i could never be angry at my best brothers-" then i a hushed whisper i said with a grin on my face " just dont tell edward " em burst out laughing and picked me up twirling me around while i screamed jazz sat on the couch and laughed i looked at him then and whispered in em's ear " i think jazz feels left out over there what do you say to a group hug" em laughed and i winked he set me down, we walked casually over to where jazz was sitting with innocent smiles on our faces. He looked at us scared now "3...2..1..." i nodded and me and em jumped on him laughing hysterically he grabbed me and ran around the house yelling " you get it for this bell" i laughed and answered while being twirled again " we thought you looked rather un loved over there is it so bad " i pouted and he caved and hugged me back i laughed. i looked at the clock it read 6 am "well better get ready for the first day of school " "hey do you wanna race to school bell on our motorbikes " em said enthusiastically i laughed "sure as long as you ok with getting beating" he glared and answered "no chance masen " i rolled my eyes and went to change i wore jet black skinny jean with majorly high heels and now what top?? just then Alice came dancing in " well well i can help you with that "she smiled waving something purple back and forth. I loved Alice " i love it Ali thankyou " i ran up and gave her a big hug and put on the purple halter top i jazzed it up with some black and purple accesorise and was good to go. I grabbed my leather jacket and bike helmet ( i then went down to the garage where em and jazz were waiting on their bike and mounted mine.
bellas bike
em's bike
jazz's bike

"READY?!" Em yelled over the roar of the engines "SET" Jazz yelled "....GO" i yelled and we were off Jazz was in the lead followed by me then em i laughed he hated the time we were a street away freom school we were going at least 100mph and i was in the lead as we came around the corner screeching a little i won and did a front wheely into a parking spot ( .

we arrived a school early and were just talking amongst ourselves when we heard a loud screeching noise then 3 motorbikes came zooming around the corner the lead one did a huge front wheely and the others just did simple wheelys. when they parked everyone gathered around them i spotted emmet and Jasper but the third was a mystery then they dismounted and i couldnt beleive my eyes it was my angel looking very sexy in her leather jacket and helmet. she took off the helemet and shook out her hair which fell delicatley down her back in loose curls.Jasper and Emmett started to walk toward the other cullens laughing while parting the drooling boys so Bell could get through she was laughing with them, she said something that upset emmett and he picked her up and put her over one shoulder she was still laughing my thoughts were interupted by Paul "dude isnt that you imprint shes damn hot " i turned around an punched him " you keep you hands off and thoughts to youself" the others laughed. when i looked back up my angel was looking at me from emmetts shoulder, when she caught my she winked and got out of Emmetts monsterous grasp and walked over to me i almost ddied at the site of her she was so gorgeous.The guys had shut up and were completely scilent as she approached and wrapped her arms around my nack and kissed me lightly. I was having none of that so i wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up to deepen the kiss we stayed like that until Edward shouted over " can you control yourself with my sister and we need to get to class bell" she laughed when i didnt let go and kissed me on my neck she knew it was my weak spot after only one day. i let her go " i love you" i said i thought i would never get to say that. she smiled and replied " i love you to forever" then winked at me and left. i was in a daze until lunch when i could see her again.

authors note : i am sorry if there loads of spelling mistakes but spelling isnt one of my strong points also any suggestion for what you would like to happen would be appreciated i have a roughi dea but your thought would be very good as i trust use well thanks for rreading and i'll update asap bye xx
im feeling very creative atm so heres another chapter lol
school again seriously it gets worse every time.Only this year would be the best because i had jake i couldnt wait to see him again i couldnt get his face out of my mind when he saw me on the motorbike it made me laugh.French was extremly boring as i could already speak the language perfectly the teacher was surprised "Où avez-vous apprendre I si grande cloche français beleve vos connaissances étend la mienne" i laughed and replied "Je suis resté dans i francewhen était Yonger avec ma mère elle m'a aidé à apprendre" the teachers mouth droped i bet she hasnt even been to france. the rest of the classes dragged by i so wanted lunch to be here already. just as that thought crossed my mind the lunch bell rang and i followed the massis to the lunch room. i bought my food and went to sit with my family who hadnt arrived yet but i knew where they sat. People stared at me as i waited so i decided to read their minds to see what was going on "does she know the cullens sit there""shes gorgeous just like the rest mabey better" i groaned internaly at that one. My family was sitting dowm by the time i'd come back to earth they looked at me and i just shrugged.About 5 minutes later my personal hero walked into the room with his 'pack' he scanned the room looking for something hmm i wonder what then his eyes rested on my table and they sparkled.

The lunch bell rang and i shot out of the class but was caught by the guys who wanted to know every detail about bell which i would not disclose to their diapointment i just laughed." come on man you have to give us details she majorly hot bro" Paul just doesnt take the hint does he ?? so i turned around and punched him in the gut everyone laughed but paul got mad and said "we'll see whos the better wolf later and it will be me oh and bell will be mine" i growled at him he knew not to mess the the alphas imprint but he pushes it everytime. i calmed myself and walked into the lunch room i quickly scanned it looking for bell when i found her i almost died her smile was breath taking. i walked over to their table and stood behind bell "hey guys mind if we sit" i asked alice was the one to answer "of course not use are practicaly family just grab another table and bring it over " i smiled at her and sethh adn jared went to get a table which we joined to the cullens one. I sat beside bell and she snuggled into me i elt a bolt of electricity go through me at her touch.then paul had to open his big gub"so bell..."she looked at him confused"you looked really hot on that bike this morning" i growled so did edward,Jazz ans em paul didnt seem to notice and contunued " so i was wondering if you could teach me privatley" he wiggled his eyebrows at the end was was now shaking very hard and so were the rest they all looked as though they were going to kill paul but what happened next surprised all of us bell got up off her seat and walked over and sat on pauls lap he wrapped his arms around her i heard everyone gasp apart from edward to had a smug smile on his face then i noticed bell lean in to whisper in pauls ear i felt broken "well paul that would be lovely" my angels voice said i was about to get up and leave when edward put a restraining arm on my shoulder and motioned for me to watch "but theres just one problem paul...your e gerk and i would never be interested in doing anything with you so you can get those fantasies out of your little head now before i knock them out " she smiled sweetly at him then came and sat on my lap and kissed me passionatly and whispered in my ear " i can and will only love you ever dont ever doubt that" i tightened my arms around her and kissed her cheek just as the bell rang bell dikdnt know it but i had the last two classes with her, we walked hand in hand our next class and then to PE i left her to go get changed and waited on the feild for her. I was standing with some of the guys when everyone turned a whistled at the gym exit i turned and was nearly blow away with the sight of bell she had very short shorts on and a top that clung to her perfectly she walked right over to me and i wrapped my arms around her as the teacher began to talk " right today guys we are running laps ok so go !!" bell shot off i was surprised it took quite a bit to catch up with her the other guys gave up after one lap after ten laps she was still going and even i was getting tierd then the coach called for us to stop " bell can i see you for a minute" "i would love for you to join the running team if you have the time""sure missi'dlove to" then she smiled and came over to me "do you wanna go for a run after schoo?" "sure i would love to as long as it's with you " i met her outside in the parking lot and we drove to my place together where she could meet my father ha! this should be interesting we arrived to find my dad on the porch grinning broadly i got out of the car and went to get the door for bell just as the rain started we ran inside and sat on the sofa as my dad told embarassing stories about me when i was younger i must have been as red as a tomato.When it was time for Bell to go i walked her to the door only to be greeted by a very heavey storm that would be impossible to drive in so i said rather excitedly " looks like you'll be staying here for the night" she laughed and turned around wrapping her arms around my neck "i guess i am " then she kissed me long and passionate then we went back to the sofa and watched movies all night. Then it came to sleeping arrangements and i couldnt very well let my girlfriend/soulmate sleep on the couch so the only other option was my bed.
lol thnx i see what you mean but because its a double imprint it works faster than the others soz i didnt explain
thankyou lol
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! as i have said lol :D
It was laye so we walked silently to my room,she turned to me and asked "would you mind if i took a shower" she blushed a little at the end i just nodded and she diappeared behind the door. I tried to buissy myself with tidying my room and not concentrate on my fantasies about her in the shower we'd only been dating a day geez... after i tidied my room i chenged in to my shorts that i sleep in ( ) and waited for bell to emerge.When she did i my heart skipped several beats she was wearing a tight black tanktop that fit her curves perfectly and long white and red trousers that clung to he hips.She came over and sat beside me i was speechless think idiot think ! i yelled at myself " y-you...look ..." i couldnt think of a word that would cover it i looked up then embarassed she smiled her 100watt smille and said in a low voice that made me shiver "thankyou you dont look half bad yourself" then she laughed because my breathing just hitched im such an idiot. She stood up and stradled my lap my arms automaticaly wrapped around her waist as she leant in to kiss me. But she didnt she simpley brushed her lips across mine very slightly then burried her head in my shoulder laughing as i growled " are you trying to kill me here " i said laughing now to. I felt her head move again this time to my ear where she kissed it gentley and then lead a trail of feather like kisses along my jaw line then finally to my lips where they stayed and i made sure of that by wrapping my arms tighter around her she didnt seem to mind but pressed herself closer to me. The kiss deepend and i pressed my tongue on her lower lip and she let me in the sparks were flying everywhere as we kissed i couldnt beleive this wonderful creature was mine. Then she broke away i thought to breath so i moved my lips down her neck but when she pushed me away i felt hurt but she had a smile on her face " if we continue like this we'll never get any sleep" she laughed "plus we've only known eachother for about a day and a half ... i know our imprint and love works quicker than normal imprints but i'd like to take thing slow if thats ok with you " i looked at her speechless she was truley wonderful " of course i will do whatever you wish" with that she laughed again and climbed off my lap and onto the bed where she lay under the covers, i lay down next to her and wrapped my arms protectivley around her out of habbit i couldnt let anything happen to her she was my life. " i love you " i whipered she yawned, i laughed softly and she whispered " i love you to" we fell silent then and her body relaxed into mine.She was asleep. i watched her sleep for a long time just taking in her beuty in this peaceful state then i gentley pulled her closer to my chest and fell asleep.
The week past pretty quickly with nothing much happening apart from Bell being made an offical member of the pack she had glowed with happiness at this i couldnt stop smiling the whole night.Saturday came around and we were going to spend the day together but sam called us all out on pratrol and kept me and bell at opposite ends of the reservation which i didnt like one bit.

today was my first day on full patrol with the pack i was put at the opposite end of the rez to Jake which wasnt good we werent happy about it but i had to focus. Just then a humans sent caught me it was small about the size of a baby i ran to where the smell was and seen a small baby wrapped in blankets in the middle of the forest with a vampire!!! cicling it i blocked the packs thoughts from my mind and jumped out from the bushes and landing directly infront of the vampire which was about to attack i growled at him he looked shock as my growl echoed through the forest and returned with a howl from other members of the pack . The vampire had recovered from the shock and was now circling me and the baby after two rotations he lunged at me i growled again and launched myself at him we both collided as the pack entered the clearing where we were.Sam held them back as i fought this vamp was strong but id beaten stronger i jumped back from him and crouched defensivley over the baby the pack noticed and came behind me all of them growling but i told them to stay back.I crouched lower has he began to back away then he aprinted off ....i shot after him at twice the speed of the packs and pounced on him slaming him face first into the mud he hissed at me but that was all before i took his head off then burned the peaces he caught my arm and i felt my flesh rip but i didnt make a sound. After finishing him off i returned in human form to the pack they all looked releaved to see me and jake ran up beside me he obviously smelled the blood but it didnt bother me i loked at and said " im fine dont worry about me " he looked at me with a look that said thats telling water not to be wet i laughed and went over to the baby which was still lying on the floor crying.I picked it up andcuddled it to my chest it immediatley calmed down and smiled Jake was now in his human form beside me with his arms around my waist.I set the baby on the ground again and everyone looked at me i rolledmy eyes and phased i was limping on one leg because of the cut but i didnt let them see, i picked the baby up with my teeth and began running very steadily, the baby fell asleep, i laughed to myself. I arrived at my house with jake beside me and phased back the baby in my arms and ran to Carlisle "goodness bell what happened""we were out on patrol when i smelt this little one and when i got to where t was there was a vampire about to kill it so i protected it and killed the vampire but i couldnt leave this one by its self so i brought her ithink to you" carlisle smiled at me proudly and took the baby from me, he began check her to make sure she was ok.After 5 minutes he was done and Alice and Rose were playing with the baby. i suddenly felt very dizzy and stumbled Jake caught me just before i hit the ground then i blacked out.....
i second that, so i'll repeat it.
OMG! what happened?!
POST MORE SOON!! :) this story is my new favourite!!
Bell was amazing witht that vampire but when she came back into the clearing i smelled blood and not just any blood her blood i ran quickly to her side and looked at her through worried eyes she just smiled and replied "im fine you dont have to worry about me " then she walked over to the baby that was crying as soon as she picked it up it stopped and smiled at her she laughed i phased and walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her. She then did something very weird she put the baby back on the ground everyone was lokking at her like she was insane she just rolled her eyes and phased.I noticed how she didnt put much pressure on her front paw but i kept quiet. We then ran home to her house where Carlisle checked the baby over and Alice and Rose began playing with her. Bell looked very happy when suddenly she fell, i caught her before she hit the ground but then she passed out. I was panicing Carlisle came running into the room and took bell from me he told me to go sit with Alice and he would shout me when i could see her after that i just zoned out i couldnt lose bell so quickly i couldnt live without her. i felt hot tears running down my cheeks jsut as edward walked into the room. i'm guessing by his facial expression he just read my mind and with one swift nod he disapeared to carlisles office.

No not my daughter she looke so happy moments ago this cant be happening. That vampire she killed obviously had some form of poison in it's venom because she is going to die if i dont do something and quick just as i was about to start cpr edward burst through the door id face immediately twisted into pain as he seen the state of his most beloved sister "carlisle do something anything to save her i cant loose her twice i wont live through that shes my sister please" i could only think of one thing and that was to bite her but if she was like the other wolves it would kill her. edward looked at me and nodded it was all i could do to try and save her. i took one last look at her pale face and bit down hard she didnt wake up or scream but her heart did beat slower.
A week later Bell still hadnt woken up my world had officially stopped i stayed beside Bell everyday,every minute that week i barley ate and i didnt sleep i was like a walking corpse. My life had left and she wasnt coming back.

All i could see was black i didnt know what happend but i knew i couldnt die not just beacuse i loved jacob and my brother needed me but i literally could not die. Iknew carlisle had bitten me to try and save me and that my body had shut down to repair its self but i had not idea of the extent of the damage that was caused. i had worked out that after a week i should wake up in about 3 hours.I just hoped that jake was ok.

I was in tears again as they started to plan Bells funeral. Edward and i were like zombies the only happy one was bella even renessme loved bell. i was so close to tearing bellas throat out she was skipping about like a kid on christmas. Just as i was about attack bell began to stir. I froze as did everyone eles in the room edward was imediately by her and my side. Bells body slowly began to relax and move we all held our breath as bells chest slowly began to move up and down then very slowly her eyes began to open carlisles mouth dropped " she...she..she's alive !!!" he exclaimed bells looked around the room at everyone, her eyes slowly locked with mine the smile that spread across her face made my world start spinning at twice the speed. I couldnt help but scoop her upin my arms and iss her passionatley heck she'd been almost dead for a week . when i put her back on the groundi didnt let go of her as all the family apart from bella came and hugged bell."i believe as releived we are to have bell back she does need to rest " carlisle said i was now aware that i was supporting most of her wait she smiled up at me when carlisle spoke again"you may stay im bells room with her jacob " he smiled at me.With that i scooped Bell up into my arms and carried her up to her room which i knew very well for id spent the little time away from bells body in here. i gentle lay her on her bed and left the room so she could get changed. when i returned she was lying on the bed sleepily when she seen me she held out her arms like a two year old wanting a hug i was at her side in a second and she was wrapped up in my arms in the next as soon as her head touched my chest i felt instantly whole again that same moment she whispered the words id been longing to hear for a week now " i promised i wouldnt leave you ever .... i love you " she said and snuggled closer to my chest.
the next morning bell looked alot healthier so i left her to get showered and dressed and for the first time in a week i went home to shower and change which i hadnt since that day, i shivered at the memory. When i walked into my house i was surprised to see the entire pack there when they saw me there faces went from depressed to desperste , im guessing form the way i looked now they thought something eles had happened they knew about bells supposed death and were all heartbroken so i spoke " she...shes-" i was so excitied that tears of joy ran down my face and a huge smile spread a cross my face "shes alright she woke up last night shes not... not dead !!" i shouted the last part has the entire pack had jumped on me in a group hug i laughed for the first time in a week we were all actually happy.


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