The Twilight Saga

TRUE LOVE CONQERS ALL its bell and jake after breaking dawn he doesnt imprint on renessme tell me what you think

Chapter one

My brother is edward cullen. He went 'missing' a week before i was changed in 1918 i know he did not really die because i am also a vampire a very powerful one at that. I found my brother just after he got married and had an adorable baby girl. He knows im here but im keeping to myself at the moment to observe how they act together and wether or not they will accept me.
That was last month turns out Alice my best friend already knew i was comming so they were ready and when i officially arrived they loved me. They still do not know the fully ability of my powers but they do know i can shapeshift into anything but i prefer to stay as i am or as a wolf .
Alice came up to me today and said i had to meet some members of the family that lived on the reservation that were like me i didnt get what she meant but i trusted her, she gave me a very flashy summer dress an told me to go in wolf form which made no sense to me but i did it anyway. We were all sitting in a clearing in the forest when i heard the padding of many massive paws. Ilokked at Alice questionly but she just smiled so i put my face back on my paws.They emergerd then 6 massive wolves i imediatley stood up defencivley but Jasper calmed me evedently the wolves were as confused as i was. I looked at each one but after looking to the right of the alpha i looked no further i had just imprinted on the most handsome wolf i had ever seen!!He was staring right back at me and i could tell he'd imprinted on me to.

I cant beleive it i just imprinted on this stunningly beutiful white wolf in front of me and i just stood there gawking she must think im and idiot. Them Edward spoke "Jacob i see you just imprinted on my sister bell-" holdon SISTER !? how could he have a sister Edward just laughed and spoke again"Bell would liketo show you her human form if thats alright and shed like to se yours to" you didnt have to ask me twice i shot into the bushes to phase but just as i was about to i heard the most beutiful voice every say " did i scare him of ??... thats just myluck i finaly imprint and he runs of" i heard emmett laugh really loudly and Alice say " no huni hes just gone to phase he'll be back promise" i hurridley phased and chucked on my shorts before running back out to see the most gorgeous girl on the planet standing in place of the wolf then she laughed a laugh that was like bells ...wait why was she laughing ? then i noticed my mouth was haning wide open nice dude real cool ithought to myself and Edward laughed i glared at him. Carlise began to talk about redoing the treaty and my bell started playing with renessme on the ground she was like an angel how could i deserve something so beutiful?? beats me.then something veru unexpected happened i heard a low hiss followed my a growl the my Bellbeing flung threw the air i rushed to catch her but shed phased mid-air i phased to and every wolf flanked me to look at what had attacked my bell. We were all shocked as to who the attacker was ...Bella!? what the hell bella was hissing again and glaring a bell emmett was holding her back while she seethed " i hate you bell jake should have imprinted on me or renessme not a skant half breed like you !!" the clearing echoed with visious growls but my angels voice rang threw them all " i do not see where you are coming from bella for you have my brother and a daughter you are happy am i not allowed to have my other half ? and why should you want him when you have edward" i looked at edward at this point he was hurt more than that and ashamed that his wife attacked his sister ...
emmett and the rest of the cullens left to calm bella down, My pack left not long after leaving me in the clearing by myself until something rustled in the shadows i leapt up only to be tackled by something hard and white ....

tell me what you think and if use are interested ill keep going :D
banners are appreciated lol

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yes that was mean hahaha very interesting cant wait for more!!!
lol thnx
i will asap
i loved it
keep me updated plz
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz update
When are you going to update this!?!?!?
It's been months since your last post!
I just read the whole thing and now it's 5 mins later and I'm already going insane waiting!
MORE PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
soooo sorry guys ive been insanley bussy with school and training but i shall get writing right now :D just give me a little more time and also thankyou all so much for reading this
loove you all xxxxxxxxxxx
vampire lover


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