The Twilight Saga

Ok this is my first FanFic and i love writing so i joined this please comment and tell me what you think
its about nessie cheating on jake...with a guy named Gray

Chapter 1.
I love you-and him
Jake's POV
Me and nessie were walking on the beach whenh it suddenly became quiet. "Are you ok?" i asked her looking down at her, she looked up and nodded. "Oh yeah i have something for you.." i said and pulled out a silver necklace with a tiny silver wolf on it. "Ooh jake thank you! It's beautiful!" Nessie gushed and hugged me tight. I hugged her back and she pulled away to life her hair. I put it around her neck and buckled it. She stared at the necklace as she played with the silver wolf. She beamed up at me and kissed me on the lips. Nessie's necklace went with her white and pink sundress and silver slippers she was wearing. Then she froze when she was a guy jogging on the beach by us. "What's wrong?" i whispered to her as she eyed the guy. "Oh, um i dont really like to be around him.." She said staring at the guy as he jogged off. "His name is Gray." she added and she turned her attention back to me. She pulled up our hands and she compared her's to mine. "Wow jake, you have a big hand!" She giggled and tangled our fingers together.

She walked to the water's edge and sat down and pulled me down with her. Her smile was breath taking. She watched the waves crash againist the sand. "i love you." i told her and she looked at her and kissed me. she wrapped her arms around me and she whispered in my ear, "I love you too, forever and always." She let go of me and got up. She started to walk into the water aand she tugged on my arm. "Come on jakey." She said tugging my arm again. I got up and followed her smiling wide.

Ok do you like it? tell me in the comments down there! If you like it tell me please and tell your friends..

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Please read!
no its not bree wrote it but she didnt want to post so she asked me to post it for her...she wrote it a long time ago...
Thanks i will update you! :D
this sounds really cool.... cant wait to see where it goes!!!
please keep me updated!!!
Ok well if you guys see this on a different account it will be me, i am leaving this account for good but thanks for reading :)
i would like to see more but i hope its not heading into what im thinking. *frown then a smile*
haha awesome brooey!
Love it Davey/Drakey!!!!


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