The Twilight Saga

What if Bella had died giving birth to Renesmee? The Cullens prevent Edward from going to the Volturi, but it's like he's not even alive. Could a certain chocolate brown-eyed girl bring him out of his shell?

This idea's been floating around in my mind since this morning, and I decided to write it. I'm crazy; this makes three fan fics I'm writing at the same time. but tell me your opinion on this, good or bad. I'd love to hear it. :)


Just minutes after our daughter's bloody birth, I worked to save my wife. Renesmee had taken so much out of her, I didn't know if she would make it. No, I couldn't think that. I would just have to hold onto that tiny shred of hope that she would make it. That was the only thing keeping me alive now. Her heart had stopped, and I now pumped her chest as quickly as I dared.

“Bella, you stay with me now. You stay with me. You can't leave me,” I growled. The fierceness was better than the pain, the pain that threatened to obliviate me.

I don't know how it happened, but I heard her in that last moment of sanity.

I'll come back for you, Edward. True love never dies.

Table of Contents
1. Eighteen Years Later, Still Not Any Better

2. La Tua Cantante

3. Magnet

4. Dreams

5. Dreams, or Memories?

6. Moonless, Starless Night

7. Impossible

8. Confession

9. Deja Vu - Part One

9. Deja Vu - Part Two

10. No More Secrets

11. Twenty Questions

12. Insomniac - Slash - Mind Reader

13. Bella?

14. Reincarnation, huh?

15. Thinking Through It

16. Not The Same Person

16. Not The Same Person - Part Two

17. Making Up...Or Not

17. Making Up...Or Not - Part Two



I'm attaching a full PDF version of True Love Never Dies below, so all my readers can more easily access it. Happy reading. :)

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wow. i didn't expect a response that quickly. well, thanks. and i'm writing right now. :)

ur amazing keep writing
AWSOME!!! keep writing, plz plz plz plz!!!
id love you to write it
OMG this sounds like its gonna be really good! keep me updated?

Read mine and tell me what you think?
Please write some more. I can't wait to see what you gotta write. please add me and keep me updated. Thanks
this story sounds wonderful...can't wait to read more...kinda along the lines of The Princess Bride movie..theme true love never dies..

this is such a sad story to write. *sniffle* enjoy. :)

1. Eighteen Years Later, Still Not Any Better.

Were vampires able to go crazy? After what I had been through, otherwise known as hell, I would think so. Eighteen years, five months, thirteen days, eight hours, forty-five minutes, and twenty-two seconds since...she...died. Twenty-three. I couldn't bear to think her name; the onslaught of memories always brought me to my knees. Twenty-four.

I was like a zombie nowadays. Only Alice and Renesmee ever tried to talk to me. They were the only ones that understood what I was going through. Even Tanya avoided me.

Another day was ending in the Alaskan wilderness. We lived with the Denalis now, though we were planning to move soon. I didn't know where; I didn't join in on the conversations. And I was too far out of it to listen to their thoughts. Or maybe it was because I didn't want to socialize with the people who prevented me from following...her...out of this cruel, cruel world.

“Dad?” Renesmee walked up to my immobile form, curled into a ball on my bedroom floor.

“Oh, hi, Nessie.” I forced myself to be somewhat composed when talking to my daughter. She didn't have to see how badly I was coping. She was doing pretty well herself, and I didn't need to ruin her progress.

“Jacob and I are going into town. Um, well, just wanted to let you know.” I knew that she was checking up on me. Making sure I was doing okay. My loving, caring, precious daughter.

I looked into her eyes. Her...eyes were the only things that survived; Nessie's were an exact copy. It was like they were a drug to me. I knew it was bad for me, but every time I saw Nessie, I couldn't help but stare into her eyes. To take another addictive hit.

“Have fun,” I said without much enthusiasm.

“Love you, Dad.” She skipped over to me and kissed my cheek.

“Love you too, sweetie.”

She left, and I was back to my useless mourning. Not for long, though.

Alice tapped softly on my door.

“Can I come in?” I couldn't force my lips to move, but she came in anyway. That's Alice for you. “Edward, you seriously need to stop this. Believe me, I know what you're going through. But it's been eighteen years, Edward. You need to move on.”

If I was a cartoon character, steam would have been escaping from my ears. What went on in that mind of hers that made her think that I could move on, just like that? I lost the love of my life. That's not something you can move on from.

She took an unnecessary deep breath. “We've enrolled you in the Portland high school.”

I looked at her in shock. What were they thinking?

“Don't look at me like that. You need to get out. I mean, when was the last time you hunted? It's not good for you to sit in here all day, every day.” She started towards the door. “We're leaving in three days. Be ready by then.”

My second visitor was gone, and I contemplated what she said. I didn't want to accept it, but she was right. Eighteen years was a long time. But it was...her, part of my mind said. I know that. But Alice is right. I need to move on. No matter how hard that might be. She...wouldn't want me to be like this. She'd want me to be strong, the other part said.

And, for the first time in months, I got up.

more soon plz!!!!!!
omg that is soooooooooooo good i just luv it can't wait 4 more thanks J
Awww. this is gonna be so good!



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