The Twilight Saga

What if Bella had died giving birth to Renesmee? The Cullens prevent Edward from going to the Volturi, but it's like he's not even alive. Could a certain chocolate brown-eyed girl bring him out of his shell?

This idea's been floating around in my mind since this morning, and I decided to write it. I'm crazy; this makes three fan fics I'm writing at the same time. but tell me your opinion on this, good or bad. I'd love to hear it. :)


Just minutes after our daughter's bloody birth, I worked to save my wife. Renesmee had taken so much out of her, I didn't know if she would make it. No, I couldn't think that. I would just have to hold onto that tiny shred of hope that she would make it. That was the only thing keeping me alive now. Her heart had stopped, and I now pumped her chest as quickly as I dared.

“Bella, you stay with me now. You stay with me. You can't leave me,” I growled. The fierceness was better than the pain, the pain that threatened to obliviate me.

I don't know how it happened, but I heard her in that last moment of sanity.

I'll come back for you, Edward. True love never dies.

Table of Contents
1. Eighteen Years Later, Still Not Any Better

2. La Tua Cantante

3. Magnet

4. Dreams

5. Dreams, or Memories?

6. Moonless, Starless Night

7. Impossible

8. Confession

9. Deja Vu - Part One

9. Deja Vu - Part Two

10. No More Secrets

11. Twenty Questions

12. Insomniac - Slash - Mind Reader

13. Bella?

14. Reincarnation, huh?

15. Thinking Through It

16. Not The Same Person

16. Not The Same Person - Part Two

17. Making Up...Or Not

17. Making Up...Or Not - Part Two



I'm attaching a full PDF version of True Love Never Dies below, so all my readers can more easily access it. Happy reading. :)

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Oh my gosh!! this is soooo good! (I just read all the chapters! I had to cry sometimes :p)
it's a little sad for Bella but I get used to Zoe :D

let me know when you write more!

awesome chapter
awsome chapter!!! hey, i just found out today theres a fanfic wit the same name on the front page
i am falling in love every time with this story
So...... Bella is in her?
Awesome story!!!!
Wonderful!when u going to post the next one.
more please
cant wait
aww i love it!
yay they are back together!
I think its awesome how you did it in Bellas POV!
Please write more soon!!
I love it. Mean B ella keep writing
AWE! That was amazing! Please please please write more and keep me updated!
WOW! Will Bella be able to surface more? Isn't Zoe really Bella?
nicely done! i liked that whole bella thing... interesting...


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