The Twilight Saga

It's about how Renesmee and Jacob fall deeply in love with each other. This is my first story also tell me what really think about it.The story is in Renesmee's Pov.




Chapter 1: The Beginning

The first moment my eyes saw Jacob , I couldn't belive how I felt. But, today he was with me in the forest

because I had to get animal blood in me now. I know how much I love Jake that it would hurt me if I had to drank his blood. So, we started talking to each other but, I started first and said: "I love you, Jacob!" He was smiling at me for so long and then said:"I love you too, Nessie!" Nessie is my nickname that Jacob gave to me when I was just a baby. Then out of no where I saw a deer and went after it. After I dranked it's blood Jake ate the meat. When we were finished right then he kissed me. It felt so good to have his lips on mine. We kissed for a while then out of nowhere stoped kissing each other. "Hey, you want to race to my grandparents house?" I said smiling. "Sure of course!" he said smiling back at me. "But, no cheating at all okay?" I said back to him. "Okay, then!" he said. I then said:"One,two, three go!" We both toke off flying to my grandparents house at the same time. I got to the house first before Jake did. Then we both went inside my mom and dad both said :"Hi!" to me at the same time. I said:"Hi everyone!" and I mean everyone. Before not much later it was time for me to go to bed. So, of couse I said:"Bye everyone see you all later." It was kind of sad because I wouldn't see Jake until the next day.

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I might post chapters 2-4 tonight
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Chapter 2 - Our Date

I got up without a sound and then got dress. I put on a light pink shirt without sleeves and a pair of baby blue jeans with white  sandals. I was happy because Jake and I were going on a date. It would be our nineth date. I went to the living room and there was Jake waiting for me. I look at what he was wearing. He had on a red t-shirt with a pair of dark jeans paired off with white sneakers. He was just smiling at me. Then he said "Hi, are you ready to go out?" I was smiling back at him. I then

said "Sure !" I had  knew where we were going down to La Push. That's where our first date had been at. We got in his truck and head to La Push.I turned on the radio and said : " So, anything new with the pack or your dad? " I said smiling. He looked at me and then said:" No, the pack and my dad are the same." he was just looking at me when he said that. After a long time we finally got there. Today , La Push looked like a place you see in a movie or something. Jake and me were walking and holding each others hand. I always forget everything when I'm with Jake. After a short momment we began to kiss each other . When Jake and I were still kissing each other he had one of his hands slid down my back to my waist. I couldn't belive he was doing that. The thing is he was afraid of going that far and afraid of my family kind of anyway. But, I know now got that he did want to go that far. I knew I wasn't ready to go that far now. So, I stop kissing him and  then he pulled back to look at me.  Then, said : "What's wrong Nessie?" I tried to answer quckly and said: " Jake , whats wrong is you slidding your hand down my back to my waist." He didn't say anything . Then, finally said:" I thought that's want you wanted." I just looked at him. I then  said :" Jake , I did but I just think now I need to wait .  Then, I'll be  better okay?" I hoped he knew what I meant what I just said. Now he was looking at me stright in the eyes . He then said: "Okay, I'll wait with you . But can I still kiss you?" He was still smiling . I answered by saying :" Yes, you can still kiss me no matter what." His smile got really big . He said:" No matter what? I like that.!"


Chapter 3 - The Fight

Jake and I were still on our date at La Push. We were looking at the sun. Then, out of nowhere he said : "I hate your family." I knew that he did but, it sounded like something else. So, I had to say: "I know that already! You sound like you mean something else." He knew what I meant because he truned around the other way. "Jake, are you all right?" I could still see his back and then his eyes were on mine. "Nessie, I think I can't be around you and your family any longer." He just kept on looking at me. I couldn't belive what he just said to me. "Jake, I love you. You can't do this to me now or ever." He knew that was true for sure. "Nessie, I do love you but, I just think it's for the best." After he said that it hurt me in the heart then. "Bye, Renesmee Cullen!" I couldn't belive he was really saying this to me. "Bye, Jacob Black!" I felt really sad at those words I just said. A while after that I went home to my bedroom.

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i'll post the next chapter tonight :)

Chapter 4- Sad

I was crying so bad on my pillow. Then, out of no where I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door. I went to the door and opened it. Outside was my mom and dad standing next to eachother. "So, Renesmee your dad told me and everyone else what happened between you and Jake." My mom looked at me really straght in the eyes. I saw dad's face and it looked like he was worried about me. "Yes, I'm worried about you." my dad said smiling to me. Look mom and dad I just want to be by myself right now okay?" both my parents looked worried when I said that. Then, they both said : "Okay, honey!" when they said that it seemed worried. I just wish I would die because today was so sad. But, because I was half-vampire I couldn't die. So, I went back in my bedroom and lay down with my eyes open for now. I finally toke a nap.


I was remembering when I first saw Jacob. Also the first time he called me Nessie. And, the first time he kissed me on the lips. (Waking Up) I started to cry and couldn't stop at all. I needed Jake with me so badly now. But, I went down to the living room. In the livingroom was my dad and mom. Shock on both of their face's when they saw mine. "Come in and sit next to me." my mom said in a way trying to be okay.

It gets better as the story goes on. :)


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