The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes in this.

Summary: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes and she is friends with Ben's girlfriend Georgie Henley who plays Lucy is the narnia Series. She is also friends with William Moseley who plays Peter. She always had a crush on him, the last time they met she was 15 and now its 3 years later. Ben thinks William and Bella would make a good couple but William is not so sure. As they spend one week together on Holiday he begins to fall for her, but Bella has to go back to London for graduation. What happens when William lets it slip that's he's in love with Bella on an interview?


Bella sighed as she stood by the taxi that was to take her to the airport, she bit her lip and hugged William

William sighed as he hugged her back "Good Luck, for Graduation" he said and smiled at her  

Bella smiled at him softly "Thanks Will, I am gonna need it" she said as she looked at him, she had feelings for him but was not sure how to tell him or if she even should.

William smiled at her softly "I am sure, it will go well" He said as Ben nodded along with Georgie

"Yes it will" Georgie said and hugged Bella and smiled and patted her shoulder

Bella smiled softly, hint of sadness in her eyes "Well, I'll see you when you get back" she said and got in the taxi

William waved and watched as the taxi rode off. He sighed and wished he would have told Bella how he felt



Chapter 1~Emmbarased

Chapter 2~Pretending

Chapter 3~Dreaming of You

Chapter 4~Friends Forever

Chapter 5~Beach Party

Chapter 6~Almost Kiss

Chapter 7~William's Outburst

Chapter 8~Bella's Reaction

Chapter 9~Ben's Embarrassed

Chapter 10~Birthday Surprise

Chapter 11~End to Weekend

Chapter 12~Allergy


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This sounds really good!!! 

Can't wait for more!!!

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Chapter 1~ Embarrassed 

Bella was at the airport with Georgie, they were going to surprise Ben who in Florida, Ben was Bella's older Brother and an actor. She met Georgie and few other fellow actors through Ben, she and Georgie were like sisters and the fact that Georgie was dating Ben made it more better. Bella thought about Will and she sighed as she leaned her head back against her seat.

"Thinking of Will?" Georgie asked looking at Bella and smiled at her softly, she knew Bella has liked William Moseley since Bella was 15 which was for the last 3 years.

" did you know?" Bella asked as she looked at her, she felt her self blush slightly and looked down and bit her Lip

"The sigh is a give away Bells" Georgie said and patted her arm "Maybe you should tell Will how you feel" She said looking at Bella 

Bella shakes her head and sighed "I...I no...I can't Georgie, I just can't" she looked down "Besides its not like he even notices how I look at him anyways" she said and closed her eyes

Georgie knew that was true as William was always clueless as to how Bella felt about him. he did not see how Bella had a sparkle in her eyes, how he always made her smile and that she thought about him more then she should. Ben and Georgie only noticed it.

Meanwhile on a beach in Florida Ben was walking on the beach with Will, he was trying to get Will to move on from his last releanship as his girlfriend who Will was in love dumped him rather rudely "Will, I know you're upset but don't you think you should move on?"

William looked at Ben "I know, but who I am going to even meet?" he asked

Ben groaned "I think you already met her but you haven't realized it yet" he said looking at him and William looked confused "I am talking about my sister" he said

William felt him self blush at the mention of Bella "But...Bella?" he asked "She doesn't like me, does she?"

"I think you'd be surprised to find out that she does, I mean the way she looks at you" Ben said "She always smiles around you or anyone someone mentions your name or just gives a slight hint that anyone is talking about you, she has a sparkle in her eyes, me and Georgie can see it, maybe you should look out for it." He said

"But..." William started to protest

"You two would make a rather cute couple" Ben said as he looked at him "But hey, what you do or who you're with that's up to you, just giving you my opinion mate" he said as he patted his back.

Back at the airport the girls waited for the plane and it arrived, so the girls grabbed their bags and got onto the plane, they sat near the front so they could get off faster then the one's at the back. Bella got out her books and she opened the front page. Georgie looked at it and giggled "Again? How many times have you read it?" she asked Bella

Bella smiled "What? it's a classic" she said, she loved the book Little Women.

"I know it is" Georgie said and smiled and drank her water as she was thristy. she looked at her phone, it was only 9 in the morning. 

The ride on the plane was long, about 3 hours, then they got in the bus which took another 1 hour to get to Hotel, the girls got to their room which happen to be next door to Ben and William's and unpacked slightly and got changed. They had their bikini beneath their light clothes. Bella had on a strapless t-shirt and skirt. Georgie had the same on but her t-shirt has straps. They grabbed the sun scream, towels and drinks and went to the beach.

Bella set the towels down somewhere where there was a space.

Georgie saw Ben and she sneaked up behind him and jumped on his back "Boo!" she giggled and smiled and kissed his cheek and laughed jumping down

Ben gasped "Georgie" he chuckled and hugged her and ruffled her hair "Do you like scaring me?" she giggled and nods and he kissed her nose

Bella saw William and she smiled, she tapped his shoulder softly "Hey"

William looked around and he smiled "Oh hey Bells" he said and hugged her tightly, he hadn't seen her for 3 years and he missed her alot, he squeezed her tightly

"Can't.....breathe....Will" Bella said as she gasped for breath

"Oh sorry" He said and released her and smiled at her, he looked into her eyes and he tried looking closer without being noticed, she did have a sparkle in her eyes. He felt his heart speed up a bit for some reason.

"It's fine" she said and smiled at him softly and tucked a piece of her hair that was lose behind her ear as most of her hair was long so it could be up but some bits were shorter

Georgie saw them and smiled "Oh, hey Bells is it true that Peter is your fave character from the Narnia series?" she giggled and teased

"Really? I thought it was Edmund" Ben said looking at his sister

Bella tried not to blush "When ever did I say it was Edmund?" she asked her brother

"Oh yeah, I forgot you didn't" Ben said and chuckled

"Oh, so I am your fave huh?" William chuckled as he nudged her and smiled at her warmly

" yes" Bella bit her lip and blushed more

Georgie giggled "Aww Bless, so you probably think Will's cute, considering you think Peter is cute and Will plays Peter so that means you think..."

"Oh please Shush" Bella said turning more redder then her red bikini she was wearing "Wow, is it hot out here or what?"

William chuckled as he saw Bella blush "Aww, well it sweet" he said and kissed her cheek softly which made her blush even redder and bit her lip

Ben was about to say something "Don't you dare Benjy" Bella said looking at him

William laughed "Benjy?"

Georgie giggled "Okay I am not sure which nickname I prefer for Ben, Benjy or Benny-Ben Ben" she said giggling

"I prefer Benjy" William said as he chuckled as he looked at Ben and Ben punched his arm playfully "Gosh, you got a punch" he said rubbing his arm

Bella pouts "Oi, no punching Will" she said

"Oh Bella don't be so Over...." Ben was about to say Overprotective but Bella cut him off as she thought Ben was about to say to her that she was being Over William.

"I am not Over Will"

Georgie and Ben burst into Laughter while Will blushed a bit "I don't think that's what Ben was gonna say Bells" Georgie said looking at her

Bella bit her lip and blushed "Oh, well this is emmbarasing" she said

"I was gonna say you were being Over Protective but if you say you're not over him, then that works fine as well" Ben said teasing as he chuckled

"Oh shut up, could happen to anyone" William said looking at Ben, he was on Bella's side, poor thing. He thought to him self, now she was all embarrassed because of them messing up and one mistake of saying something she thought Ben might have said.

Bella bit her lip and looked down "Umm, I am gonna get something to eat" she said and ran off to to cabin where they sold food.

"What's with you?" William frowned looking at Georgie and Ben

"Sorry," Georgie said "Maybe we shoulnd't have pushed her so hard on that" she said and stayed beside Ben, Ben had his arm round her waist and nodded

"Yeah, you said it" William said and he walked after Bella, he touched her arm softly "You okay?" he asked looking into her blue eyes

She got lost in his eyes, and she nodded "Yeah" she said as she payed for her hotdog. She bit her lip and looked away so she would not get lost in his blue eyes. It was so easy for her to get lost in his eyes. She felt her self blush again as she was aware of him watching her and she could feel his breath on her skin.

"So, how long you staying here?" Will asked looking at Bella as they walked over to her towel to sit down while she ate

"Umm a week, well till Friday really, I got to go Saturday as I got graduation the next week" Bella said as she looked at William and sat down and he was beside her still

"Oh" he said, he tried not to sound to disappointed, he hoped that they might spend longer together then a week but apparently not.

Bella was eating her hotdog when she finished chewing, she looked at him, sadness in her eyes "Sorry" she said

"It's fine" Will said as he looked at her after she finished, they were both laying side by side on the towel staring at the clear blue sky, her arm was beside his.

Without thinking William's hand touched Bella's softly and he held her hand in his

Arrr that was very sweet.

I hope that Ben doesn't push anymore it could really spoil things.

I'll read the rest another day.

I liked the first chapter.

Best wishes


Yeah :) Lol Ben better make sure he does not.

Okay :)


Chapter 2~Pretending

Bella blushed as Will held his hand in his but she did not let go, it felt right and her hand fit into his perfectly, it was like she was made for him. She felt her self blush slightly. They layed there in silence, after a while Bella leaned on her elbow looking at him "I heard about you and Alexis, I am sorry" she said and smiled at him, sadness in her smile and eyes.

William sighed as he leaned on his elbow as well looking at him "Umm thanks" he said and looked down at the towel.

Bella touched his arm with her free hand "It's her fault Will, she's the one who is losing out on such a great guy like you" she said and looked at him and rubbed his arm softly "It's not your fault, so don't blame your self" she said "She really didn't know what she lost"

William looked at Bella and he smiled a bit at her "You're such a great friend Bells" he said and leaned his forehead on hers slightly "You really think so?" he asked looking at her

"I know so" Bella said and smiled and blushed softly. If I was with you I'd never let you go like that. Bella thought to her self. She smiled at him softly and then noticed Jake, Oh oh, here comes trouble, she said to her self. She sat up "What do you want Jake?"

Jake looked at Bella and then William who was sitting beside Bella "Who is he?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow at William and he grabbed Bella "You stay away from him, you hear me?" he was Bella's ex and he wanted her back, he was rather possesive person

Bella pushed Jake away "I can be around who I want to be" Bella said and glared at Jake

Ben looked at Jake "I suggest you leave before any damage is done" he said and glared at him and he looked at Georgie who mouthed something to William

Georgie mouthed to Will so that Jake would not see Pretend that Bella's your girlfriend.

William gave a slight nod that would not be noticable and he stood up and pulled Bella to him, his arm round her waist and he looked at Jake and Bella was about to speak "Will's my...." 

But William cut her off by turning her to him and he pressed his lips to hers kissing her, to make Jake think that Will was with Bella, but as Will kissed Bella deeply on the lips, he meant it. Her body was pressed against his strong chest, she was so light in his arms.

Bella was surprised inside, but she kissed Will back just going along with it. She guessed it was just so Jake would back off, but something deep inside of her meant it, and thought that Will meant it too. She imaged her self kissing William a few times but non of those times was anything compared to this, his lips were so soft and gentle. His arms strong yet delicate round her waist. She always asked her self why was it that she was in love with William so much? And this moment proved her why, he was a amazing friend, amazing enough to try and save her from her ex by pretending he was with her. But she did not want to Pretend. But she knew he did not feel that way for her so they'd only remain friends for the mean while.

Jake was mad, he began to shake and he balled his hands up into fits. Ben looked at him "Yeah, Bella's moved on, and she's happy so I suggest you back off as she does not want to be with you" he said as Georgie smiled to her self, she was actually shocked that Will went along with that, but it was the best plan she could think off.

Jake glared and he left and kicked the small rocks away which were on the sand.

William pulled back softly as he held Bella and he leaned her forehead on hers which still made her blush, he looked into her eyes. He felt drawn to her for some reason, his heart was beating faster. Did he really just mean this pretend kiss? 

Bella blinked still surprised "Um...what was that for?" she asked 

Georgie giggled "Sorry, it was my idea, at least it made Jake leave" she said and smiled as Ben chuckled as he saw Bella was brighter red than he ever saw her before.

William chuckled softly and he kissed Bella's cheek and hugged her leaning his chin on her shoulder. Bella blushed as she smiled softly and buried her face in the nape of his neck. 


Later that Afternoon,Bella and William were goofing off, she smirked playfully as she ruffled his hair messing it up and then she ran off giggling

"Oi" William said as he chased after her and he chased her around the beach, he grabbed her and they both fell back into the sand laughing as she landed ontop of him so he tickled her.

Bella shrieked as she giggled "Will...stop" she laughed trying to get from his grip. But she collapsed on the floor giggling as he kept tickling her.

"That's for messing up my hair missy" Will chuckled as he stopped and then pulled her up to her feet. It was about 6 in the afternoon but warm outside. They were to the only two on the beach outside the Hotel, Ben and Georgie went inside a few moments ago.

Bella giggled and she pouts "Aww sorry" she said and hugged him and smiled. There was a soft music playing close by. William pulled her to him softly as he danced with her to the music.

Bella blushed as she leaned her head on his chest as he held her close as they danced, they were like one, their movements soft and light on the sand.

William smiled as he held her close, he never thought that someone would make him feel this happy for a long time, in fact he actually never thought he would start to like Bella in any other way then in a friendship way. But things change, people change. As people say Love is unexpected.

Bella tried to think of a few more reasons as to why she found William attractive:

He was too sweet

He had a great sense of homour

He was there for people when they needed him

He could make anyone smile/happy if they were down

He was too perfect

When he held her close it felt right, being with him felt right. 

William held her close and he tried to think of a few things he liked about Bella.

She had the sweetest of smiles,

You could even hear her smile in her voice when on the phone

She helped anyone

She loved nature, people

He felt happy around her

Being her with was just right

She was just an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, caring, kind girl.


At about 7 something they went back inside the hotel after they packed up. Bella was so exhausted she fell back on her bed in her and Georgie's room and her eyes were closing

Georgie giggled and smiled "What did that boy do? chase you to rome?"

Bella giggled as she held the pillow to her "Feels like it" she giggled and smiled more, she looked at Georgie "Do you think I am being stupid about this?"

Georgie looked at her "Stupid about what?" she asked and smiled at her as she leaned on her elbow on her bed looking at Bella and smiling at her warmly

"Umm the fake kiss" Bella said "I just feel...."

"That both of you meant it more then you should have in the moment just to fool Jake?" Georgie finished, it was like sometimes she knew what Bella was thinking or wanted to say, it was probably because they spend so much together, it was easy for Georgie to read Bella.

Bella felt her self blush as she leaned her head on the pillow "Yes" she muttered softly after a while and looked at Georgie "I just feel...."

"I know Bells" Georgie said and smiled "Give it time" she said and rubbed her arm and then went to get to the shower. She was rather tired.

William was in the room he shared with Ben, his mind on Bella. he kept replaying everything in his head, the kiss, the dance. The coversation. He found him self smiling at the thought of her.

Ben looked at Will "Why the huge grin?" he asked as he shook out his wet hair as he just got out from the shower, he raised an eyebrow at Will slightly

"I think I am in love" Was all Will said

Hi there,

this is very well written and very very sweet.

Glad Ben hasn't messed it up , or should I say yet?

Best wishes


Aww thank you :)

you will have to wait and see lol

great update!  please write more again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aww thanks

Chapter 3~Dreaming Of You

William looked at him self in the mirror as he fixed his tie and smiled to him self. He muttered to him self "You can do this William. Today is the best day of your life" He took a couple of deep breaths then he walked out and stood at the alter by his best man, Ben.

Ben smiled at Will and patted his back "Good Luck"

Meanwhile, Georgie helped Bella finish getting ready "You look so beautiful Bells, I'am so happy for you"

Bella smiled at her bridesmaid "I can't believe it, today's the big day" she said as she looked at her self. Her hair was curly and pinned to to one side and she had a pure white elegant weeding dress on.

Bella's dad smiled at his daughter "You make a wonderfull bride sweetie" he hugged her softly "You'll be a wonderful wife and mother as well" he said as he placed a hand on her stomach softly.

Bella was about 2 months pregnant "I love you dad" she whispered as he kissed her head when she got her flowers.

The music began to play. Georgie walked down the aisle first, she had a bluey-purpley dress on, her hair pinned up with a wild rose for decoration in her hair. She stood on the side of William.

Then Bella walked down the aisle, her arm linked through her dad's. William saw her and his face lit up, she was the most wonderful, beautiful bride ever. He smiled wide.

Bella smiled back at Will. When they reached the front she kissed her dad's cheek before she standing beside William.

The priest spoke once everyone was sitting "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and woman in the holy bonds of matrimony, We will start with the wovs"  He looked at William "You may proceed."

William faced Bella holding both of her hands in his "Bella, I love you so much, not enough words can ever describe how much you mean to me. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I'am never going to let that ever go. I don't know where I'd be without you. I promise to love, care, cherish and remind you how much I love you everyday."

Bella smiled softly, she was getting happy tears in her eyes.

The priest looked at Bella "You may say your wovs now."

Bella took a soft breath as she spoke "Will, I'am so lucky to be yours. No one compares to you. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. I'am so happy with you and we will be a family soon which makes me happier. On this I bind my self to you and only you."

The priest handed them each a weeding ring before speaking again "Do you Isabella Marie Barnes take the William Charles Moseley to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish as long you both shall live?"

"I do" Bella said smiling softly as she slipped the ring on William's finger. He squeezed her hand gently.

The priest spoke once again "And do you William Charles Moseley take the Isabella Marie Barnes to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish as long you both shall live?"

"I do" Will said as he slid the ring on Bella's finger smiling.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride" The priest announced.

William gently pulled Bella closer to as he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her with Passion and Love. Everyone clapped and cheered.

William turned around in his sleep and sighed contently as he smiled. He woke up in the morning and he and Ben were the first one's up before the girls and down in the canteen eating breakfast. He was sitting beside's Ben his mind still spinning from that dream, he could not help but smile as he kept picturing Bella in that weeding dress, with her hair all wavey, and pregnant with his child.

Georgie and Bella walking in giggling, William could always tell Bella's giggle from anywhere. It was soft and sweet almost like music. It made him smile even more. He pictured her again with the warm smile at their weeding in his dream, the same warm smile she just gave him this instant.

Bella looked at William who was watching her "You okay?" she said as she sat beside Georgie at the table.

William nodded "I am Great" because I was dreaming of you he thought the last bit to him self.  Bella just smiled at him as she tucked a bit of hair behind her ear, she looked out of the window to see it was raining. Well they would have to find something fun to do inside then.

For the day Bella spend time with William, they talked and watched Movies in her room, well the room she and Georgie were staying at. She was laying on her bed on her stomach besides Will. Everyone now and then either one of them would glace up and look at the other one for a while then back at the tv.

William smiled to him self as he noticed Bella was about to look at him so he looked at her and they held eye contact for a while and Bella blushed as she looked back at the tv screen. It was about 7ish when the last movie ended. William saw Bella's book "Ah, little Women" he said as he got up

"Will, give me that" Bella said trying to take it off of him "Will!" She giggled as he teased so she jumped on his back 

William chuckled and he gently tossed her back on the bed and he opened it up to where she left off "Oh such beauty" he said reading out loud, making him self have a girly voice

Bella giggled as he did so and she buried her face in a pillow.

William chuckled as he sat down beside Bella on the bed, he pulled her close to him, his arm round her shoulder and he kept reading out loud, his voice normal.

Bella leaned her head on his chest slightly as she listened to him read out loud, this moment reminded of her when she was 4 years old and she asked her 10 year old brother Ben to read her the Narnia series before she went to bed each night. And Ben being the big awesome brother he was, always did.  They never fought as kids, they were always close. Bella felt like she was 4 years again. She soon dozed off in William's arms.

William read on for a while then he noticed Bella was asleep. He set the book down and he kissed her forehead, he layed down holding her close as she was asleep in his arms and he fell asleep soon. His head rested against hers.

Georgie and Ben walked in at about 9ish to see William and Bella asleep in an embrace. Georgie smiled "Aww" she said softly and she covered them up with a blanket.

that was amazing you got to add more i cant wait to see what happens next if u do


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