The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes in this.

Summary: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes and she is friends with Ben's girlfriend Georgie Henley who plays Lucy is the narnia Series. She is also friends with William Moseley who plays Peter. She always had a crush on him, the last time they met she was 15 and now its 3 years later. Ben thinks William and Bella would make a good couple but William is not so sure. As they spend one week together on Holiday he begins to fall for her, but Bella has to go back to London for graduation. What happens when William lets it slip that's he's in love with Bella on an interview?


Bella sighed as she stood by the taxi that was to take her to the airport, she bit her lip and hugged William

William sighed as he hugged her back "Good Luck, for Graduation" he said and smiled at her  

Bella smiled at him softly "Thanks Will, I am gonna need it" she said as she looked at him, she had feelings for him but was not sure how to tell him or if she even should.

William smiled at her softly "I am sure, it will go well" He said as Ben nodded along with Georgie

"Yes it will" Georgie said and hugged Bella and smiled and patted her shoulder

Bella smiled softly, hint of sadness in her eyes "Well, I'll see you when you get back" she said and got in the taxi

William waved and watched as the taxi rode off. He sighed and wished he would have told Bella how he felt



Chapter 1~Emmbarased

Chapter 2~Pretending

Chapter 3~Dreaming of You

Chapter 4~Friends Forever

Chapter 5~Beach Party

Chapter 6~Almost Kiss

Chapter 7~William's Outburst

Chapter 8~Bella's Reaction

Chapter 9~Ben's Embarrassed

Chapter 10~Birthday Surprise

Chapter 11~End to Weekend

Chapter 12~Allergy


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love it keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will do :)

Chapter 7~William's Outburst

All the way to the airport Bella kept thinking about Will. She looked at her phone and decided to text him and she took a deep breath as she typed in.

Will, I miss you already. I known you for a while and I need to tell you something......I love you and loved you for a long time actually.

Bella knew it was not as good as saying it in person but she needed to tell him how she felt. she sighed as she looked at the text but then deleted it, she did not want to ruin their friendship over this. Meanwhile Will was back in his hotel room and he kept staring at the phone, he wanted and tell Bella how he felt, he picked up the phone and began to dail her number but mid way stopped and threw his phone back on the bed and leaned his head back, he sighed. He was so nervous, he had no idea how to tell her how he felt about her and what would be the changes that she would feel anything for him?

He sighed and just closed his eyes and did not open them.

Few weeks later:

Will was in an interview with Georgie and Ben about the third Narnia film and about his new film which Georgie also stared in.

The interviewer smiled as all 3 of them sat down in their chairs "It's good to see you all 3 again, gosh you all even more grown up then last time"

Georgie giggled and smiled "Thank you" she smiled

Will nodded with Ben who just chuckled

The interviewer smiled "So, the third film is pretty different to the second one and first one" he said

Georgie looked at him "Well in the more technical effects its much better developed then the first one and with the Pevensies being more grown up again, their adventures have some pretty interesting twists" 

Ben nodded "Yeah, I mean the second and third films are both more mature in different ways" he said "It's definitely the best one yet"

Will nodded "I agree" he said and smiled, at the back of his mind he kept thinking about Bella.

Interviewer nods "So, about Lucy and Caspian" Both Georgie and Caspian laughed softly and smiled shaking their heads. "Is there anything going on?" The interviewer said

"You would think so, woulnd't you?" Lucy giggled and smiled "It does seem at some points like there could be something going on between them but....."

All of a sudden Will shouted "I Love Bella!"

Ben looked at Will and laughed "Well that was odd" 

Georgie giggled at Will "Did you have to yell while I was in the middle of the sentence?" she asked as Will was bright red now "But you should Bella that not us"

The Interviewer chuckled "Well that was just awkward" he said as William sunk in his seat

"Where was I?" Georgie giggled "Oh yes, I remember now" she smiled "It does seem like there's something between them at times but are they are more like brother and sister really" she said

Ben nods "Yeah, I mean Caspian is rather protective of Lucy in the third film, even more so then the second one, as they grew more close but they are not in love, he just loves her like a sister really"

The interviewer pouts "Aww"

Georgie and Ben laughed "Yeah sorry" they both said at the same time

Interview laughed and shakes head "So, Will you aren't really that much in the thrid one"

Will chuckled "Yeah me and Anna have like a very small part, in this one, few small scenes, but its still been a great experience helping out directing the film a little bit more at times"

The interviewer nods and smiled "I heard you and Georgie are going to Canada tomorow"

Georgie nods and smiled "Yeah, to film a new film" she said "It's just such a surprise to be working with Will again, having known him since I was like 6." she said 

William nodded "Yeah, its going to be slightly strange that we're not going to call each other Peter and Lucy on stage but oh well" he chuckled

Interviewer laughed "So when is it set?" he asked

"World War 2, just at the end of it really" Will said "My character Jamie is a soldier that is returning back from the war to find his girlfriend has been killed by the Nazis and he is going through a hard time until he meets Sarah who is played by Georgie and they both fall in love"

Ben oohed

Lucy giggled and elbowed Ben slightly

Interviewer nodded "Aww, Bless, anyways its been lovely having you 3 here"

All 3 nod and shake his hand before leaving

Wow!!! He just yelled it out!!! lol

Wonder if Bella was watching and what her reaction was if she did watch!!!

Please update soon!!!

Lol you might have to find out of she is watching or if it goes on the air

Yeah lol moment of awkardness hehe

I will do :)

Chapter 8~Bella's Reaction

Next Day:

It was the day they would be showing the interview on Tv, Bella was sitting on the couch her legs crossed as she had a plate on her lap as she had a sandwhich, her Brother Ben beside her watching as well, bit nervous, he kept glacing at Bella once in a while

"What's wrong"? Bella asked her brother as she noticed the glances

"Nothing" Ben said as he looked back at the screen, wondering if they cut out the bit of William's outburst or kept it there. If they did not cut it out he wondered what Bella's reaction would be, the interview started and Ben sank in his seat slightly.

Bella was eating and smiled widely as she saw Will, well on the TV. She always smiled when he was on tv, around her or if someone mentioned him, she was almost done with her sandwhich when Will had a burst out on the Tv and she chocked on her sandwich at his words.

Ben patted her back softly "You okay?" he asked

Bella's voice went rasky "Me and Okay? Are you kidding me? Will just had a burst out on Tv saying he loves me when I been in love with him for 3 years, does that sound I am okay?" she yelled, fast.

Ben laughed "Okay, Okay sorry" he said "I kind of knew" he said

Bella slapped him on the arm "You knew?! Why didn't you tell me!" she said and gripped his shirt frustrated "I need to see him!" she kept yelling

Ben laughed "He told me not to and I am not deaf and he's at the airport"


"Bella, can't you wait till he gets back?" Ben said

Bella shakes head "You think I can wait after what 3 years? the 3 months will just kill me!" Bella said and looked at him "Get me to the airport"

Ben sighed "Bella!"

"Ben!" Bella said

"Okay okay" Ben said "Jeez, how are you gonna be when you're engaged to him and he says something about you being pregnant on the Tv?"

"I might scream!" Bella said and giggled

Ben nods "Oh yeah with Joy" he said and grabbed his jacket and car keys as they headed outside and to his car. Ben drove to the airport.


Will was in the waiting room with Georgie, he saw the interview on the TV and turned bright red "Oh Oh" he buried his face in his hands

"Aww" Georgie giggled "Wait, what if Bella sees?" she asked looking at Will

"Don't even start" Will said and he felt him self redden again, oh this was just so Embarrassing, he sighed and leaned his head back, his mind on Bella. What would happen if she sees and what would she think? Would she even feel the same way? He kept asking him self, oh God, if he just told her in person they would not have this problem.


When Ben parked the car Bella leaped out of it and ran inside, she looked at the screen for Canada and she saw that the plane was not there yet, she looked for which room as there was only one flight, it was right at the end, she got a pass and then ran there while Ben ran after his sister, gosh she could be so fast when she wanted to be.

Will stood up to look outside the window, he sighed, it was boiling hot in here, he saw a commotion and then he heard someone yelling his name, he looked back "Bella?" he asked in shock

Bella ran to him and slipped on the wet floor and she slammed right into him, so they both fell back into his seat and she landed ontop kissing him

Georgie giggled "Well that's one way to kiss someone" Ben said as he stood beside Georgie panting.

Will blinked as Bella pressed her lips to his, he wrapped his arms round her waist kissing her deeply as he held her close, He deepened the kissed as he kissed her with more love and passion he felt for her. Bella slid her arms round his neck softly and tangled her fingers in his hair as she pressed her self to his chest kissing him more deeply.

Will pulled back and kissed her forehead softly "I love you Bella"

"I love you too Will" Bella whispered as she blushed and everyone was just staring at them and awwing

Awww that was so cute!!!

I loved Bella's reaction!!!! lol Screaming!!! :)

Yeah lol, she told Ben off sorta hehe

Yeah cuteness :) sweet.....can't wait to read your next udpate!

Yeah :) I will update soon

Chapter 9~Ben's Embarrassed

Will smiled at Bella as he set her on his lap holding her close to him and he kissed her again

Ben coughed "Ahem, Hello!"

William chuckled "Hi" he said and rolled his eyes slightly at Ben

Georgie giggled "Aww Ben, they are cute together, do you really have to cough?" she asked looking at him and raised her eyebrow at him slightly.

"Big brother Moment" Ben said and pouts

"Aww, you're worse then dad Benjy" Bella giggled  and patted his cheek softly and smiled "But you're my big brother and I love you regardless"

Ben blushed "Aww come here" he pulled Bella to him and hugged her "I love you sis!" he gave her a tight squeeze

Bella smiled and hugged him back as tightly and smiled at him softly before sitting back on Will's lap who was beaming at her smilling, He whispered in her ear "How long have you been in love with me?" his voice sounded curious, Bella felt her self blush.

"Does anyone got pen and Paper?" she asked looking between them 3.

Georgie looked in her pag "Oh, here you go" she said handing her a small note pad and pen.

"Thanks" Bella smiled taking it and flipped it to a clean page before writing something down. she then pulled out the paper and handed it to Will and bit her lip

William read what it said on the peace of paper;

I've been in love with you for 3 years, 1 month, 4 weeks, 11 hours, 10 minutes and 9.7 seconds

He blinked in suprised "Well, that's very accurate" he said as he looked at Bella

Georgie giggled "How is 3 years accurate?"

"Like this" Will said showing her the paper and chuckling softly as he saw Georgie's bewildred expression, he kissed Bella's hair and smiled "Oh, I almost forgot" he reached in his pocket and pulled out her necklace "You forgot this, so I kept it save" he said handing Bella back her necklace

Bella smiled "Keep it, you need a piece of me with you in Canada" she said as she placed it back in his hand

William looked at her and placed a hand on her cheek "Then come with me" he said as he gave her puppy dog eyes.

Bella blushed "Aww, gosh, must you pull of such an adorable face?" she giggled "I can't go Will, as much as I want to, I don't have a ticket and I can't leave my bro alone"

"And besides if Bella was there, you'd be distracted Will" Georgie added giggling as she looked at Will who turned bright red now and she smiled at him

William pouts "But I need you there Bells, its be better then just a piece" he whined

"And I thought I was gonna be the one who was gonna be dying from missing you, not the other way around" Bella said as she placed a soft kiss on his lips and leaned her forehead against his

"Ben's worse Bella and you know it" Georgie giggled

"I am not" Ben protested turning reddish

"Oh, yes you, just remember what happened last Christmas" Bella and Georgie said at the same time

"Why what happened?" Will asked as he looked at Bella and Georgie while he kept Bella close to him, his arms wrapped around her waist tightly

 "Oh Ben and I were supposed to spend Christmas together but then a family thing came up and I had to go, And Ben threw a massive tantrum at the airport and he sobbed hugging my knees, I swear he was acting like a 5 year old" Georgie giggled

"How emmbarasing" Bella giggled and she saw Ben who was bright red now and he groaned as he hid his face in his hands shaking his head

"Dude" William said chuckling "Yeah you're right, Ben's worse" he said and he kissed Bella's hair as he took her hand in his playing with her fingers. Then it got announced that their plane was there and they should get on.

Georgie and Will got their things and they said goodbye to Bella and Ben.

Will hugged Bella tightly and he kissed her softly "Call, text, write, keep in touch"

Bella giggled "Don't worry, I will" she said and hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips and smiled "Don't try and miss me too much" she saw his puppy dog eyes again "Okay maybe a little" she giggled

William chuckled and he kissed her again and hugged her tightly again

Ben smiled and kissed Georgie's forehead "Make sure Will behaves" he chuckled

William rolled his eyes at Ben "Hahah" he said and then saw Bella looked deep in thought "You thinking about what I said to you before at the holiday?"

Bella nods "Yeah, I still get what you meant"

"Did he say it in Spanish?" Georgie giggled, Bella nods "Oh, that explains it" she said and giggled smilling

"You're not gonna tell are you?" Bella said looking at William

Will shakes head "Nope, not just yet" he said

"With any luck Bells, you'll find out at your weeding" Ben said chuckling

"Thanks for the idea" Will said as he kissed Bella's forehead before he and Georgie walked to the plane. Ben put his hand round his sisters Shoulder and rubbed her arm

Aww i love it when guys do the cute puppy dog look!!! lol

Loved the chapter!!! Super sweet and cute!!! :)


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