The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes in this.

Summary: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes and she is friends with Ben's girlfriend Georgie Henley who plays Lucy is the narnia Series. She is also friends with William Moseley who plays Peter. She always had a crush on him, the last time they met she was 15 and now its 3 years later. Ben thinks William and Bella would make a good couple but William is not so sure. As they spend one week together on Holiday he begins to fall for her, but Bella has to go back to London for graduation. What happens when William lets it slip that's he's in love with Bella on an interview?


Bella sighed as she stood by the taxi that was to take her to the airport, she bit her lip and hugged William

William sighed as he hugged her back "Good Luck, for Graduation" he said and smiled at her  

Bella smiled at him softly "Thanks Will, I am gonna need it" she said as she looked at him, she had feelings for him but was not sure how to tell him or if she even should.

William smiled at her softly "I am sure, it will go well" He said as Ben nodded along with Georgie

"Yes it will" Georgie said and hugged Bella and smiled and patted her shoulder

Bella smiled softly, hint of sadness in her eyes "Well, I'll see you when you get back" she said and got in the taxi

William waved and watched as the taxi rode off. He sighed and wished he would have told Bella how he felt



Chapter 1~Emmbarased

Chapter 2~Pretending

Chapter 3~Dreaming of You

Chapter 4~Friends Forever

Chapter 5~Beach Party

Chapter 6~Almost Kiss

Chapter 7~William's Outburst

Chapter 8~Bella's Reaction

Chapter 9~Ben's Embarrassed

Chapter 10~Birthday Surprise

Chapter 11~End to Weekend

Chapter 12~Allergy


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Yeah Lol Will was trying to charm Bella into comming with him lol :)

Aww thanks and yes it was :)

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I will do :)

Addd more cant wait it was amazing

Aww thanks :) glad you liked it

Chapter 10~Birthday Surprise

Week Later:

It was Friday and the day of William's 22nd Birthday. He and Georgie were on set all day then for the evening they were on the ship for a cruise for the week end. It was a surprise for Will from Georgie, but she also had another suprise up her sleeve for him, which was hidden on the ship and would reveal it self later surprise.

Will was at the deck with Georgie sipping his wine and he noticed Georgie was nervous "You okay?" he asked "I am the one who is supposed to be nervous, I mean I am 22" he was wearing a nice shirt and jeans. While Georgie was wearing a dress and her hair was all nicely done

Georgie giggled "I am sorry, I am just anxious for your other surprise to get here already" she said as she sipped her wine and she smiled. She sat down on her chair and crossed over her legs.

William shakes head slightly chuckling and he watched the water, his mind was on Bella. He bit his lip wondering what she was doing and if she missed him as much as he missed her.

Bella was his other surprise, she walked out and sneaked up behind Will and she covered his eyes. She was wearing an elegant dress and her hair was lose and wavey.

William just set his glass down when his eyes got covered and he gasped, he put his hand over hers and recognized the soft touch, he pulled the hands down and turned around "Bella!" he exclaimed and hugged her spinning her around as he kissed her deeply before setting her on her feet "You're here!" he said and hugged her tightly., He then noticed Ben sitting beside Georgie chuckling

Bella smiled "Of course I am here, you didn't think I would forget you turning 22 now would you?" she said as she kissed him softly on his lips and smiled "I also got you something else besides me" she said as she pulled out a little box from her purse

Will took the box "I think you being here is a big present anyways" he said and opened the box and he looked confused "It's a key, you got me a key" he said

Bella giggled "It goes to something silly, but the gift was too big to take here so It's in London, which you will get once you get back" she said

William raised an eyebrow "Then why the key?"

Bella giggled "The key goes to it" she said "I thought you would like to keep it with you before you get the other half of that present"

"Can't I just open you"? Will said

Bella giggled "How? I am not wrapped up" she said as she looked at him, he looked so cute when he did this, she smiled at him and the light breeze blew in her hair and her hair went into his face softly

William chuckled as he pulled her close to him and he kissed her deeply on her lips, as he held her close he kissed her with more love and passion. Bella wrapped her arms round his neck as she kissed him back with the same love and passion she felt for him, a romantic song playing in the background.

Ben coughed "Ahem, I am still here you know" he said and chuckled

Will pulled back and he rolled his eyes at Ben "Oh I know, but can you blame me?" he asked and raised an eyebrow slightly at Ben as he held Bella close to him

Bella giggled and smiled "No he can't" she said and leaned her forehead on his

Ben looked at Will "Yeah Bella's right, but still it does not mean I have to watch you two and your display of affection" he said teasing

Georgie giggled "Aww, let them be Benjy"

"Oh not that again" Ben groaned.

Bella giggled "Haha, Benjy" she said ruffling his hair

"Stop calling me Benjy" Ben whined and he pouts and crossed his arms

"Ahaha, sorry Benjy" Georgie and Bella said at the same as Will was laughing and his sides started to ache.

Bella giggled and she smiled and rested her head on Will's arm as he held her close, she smiled at up at him and he kissed her forehead and leaned his head on hers. 

Georgie smiled and looked at Ben "Maybe we should leave them alone" she said pulling Ben with her and they walked to the other side of the deck.

Will looked down at Bella "How long are you staying?" he asked, he was dreaded to hear the answer.

"As long as you want me to, Ben got us these tickets so we can return back when ever we want to" Bella said as she smiled and placed a hand on his cheek "So I if you want me to Stay I will"

"Of course I want you to stay" he said and smiled and he kissed her deeply on her lips "I love you Bella"

Bella smiled as her body melted into his "I love you too Will" she said as she kissed him back deeply and she tangled her fingers in his hair softly.


Bella was talking to Ben and Georgie and noticed Will was gone "Now where did the birthday boy get to"? she giggled and then noticed Will leaning against the wall slumping half asleep "Maybe he shouldn't have had so much wine"

Ben laughed and he picked up Will putting him over his shoulder and took him to a room and layed him down and looked at Bella 

"I'am all good" Bella said as she sat on the bed

Ben nods "Okay, good luck" he chuckled as he heard Will snore a little and left.

Bella watched Will sleep, he looked so adorable and peacefull, she leaned on her elbow as she watched him and before she could even look at the clock properly she fell asleep.

The next morning, Will woke up first and he went to the deck for breakfast, he groaned as he had a headache and he rested his head on the table "I feel old"

"You're not old" Bella said as she joined them "You're only 22, that's young" she smiled rubbing his back

"Yes you are" Will groaned

"I am 18 Will, turn 19 in 4 months" she said

"Yes I am" Will said, he was confused at the moment

Georgie giggled "Someone's hung over" she said "How much wine did he have?" Bella shrugged as she had no idea.

Aww that was the best surprise ever!!!

haha poor Will!!! 

Love it!!! :)

Yep lol :) 

Heheeh I giggled while writing him like that

Chapter 11~End to Weekend


Ben chuckled as Will got mixed up with the ages and just shook his head. "Dude, I think you may have a little bit to much to drink" he said

Bella giggled as she Rubbed Will's back and smiled at him.

Will blinked "What Did I just say?" he asked as he looked at them all

"You said you were practically 19 and I was the one who is 22, you got it mixed" Bella giggled

"Opps" Will said as he leaned his head on Bella's arm softly and she smiled and kissed his head. Will smiled at Bella and she ruffled his hair softly.

After they had breakfast Will felt a little bit better. Bella was in the bedroom with him, she was sitting on the bed and smiled "Feeling Better?" she asked as she stood up

Will nods and he chuckled as he tackled her onto the bed and she landed right below him and she giggled "Okay I think that just proves you..." he cut her off by kissing her deeply on the lips.

2 days Later:

They were all back at the hotel in Canada, It was Monday and Will and Georgie took Bella and Ben to the studio to show them around before they started to film at around 10 maybe 11 in the morning. They took them to trench first, Bella gagged at the smell "Gosh, it smells so bad" she said

Ben wrinkled his nose "How did they make this, It's probably how it smells in the real one's" he said and wincing. It was also dark in there.

Bella nods as she looked around and she got lost and the smell was making her dizzy, She held her breath trying not to breath in the horrible smell but that just made it worse, she felt someone come behind her and she screamed "Bella, it's just me, relax" a voice said, Bella's hearing was a bit off so she was not sure if it was Ben or Will that just said that to her. She felt faint and she passed out and all she remembered was someone holding her in a strong arms.

When she came around she was back in the studio with Ben, Georgie and Will crowded around her "You okay Bells?" Will asked worried as he helped her sit up

Bella felt her stomach chern upside down, and she saw the toilet, she ran inside it and threw up, Will winced and he held hair out of her face rubbing her back.  

Will looked at Bella after she washed out her mouth with some water "You okay Bella?" he asked and she just nodded.

"Yeah, bit better now, sorry the smell just made me..."

"I know" Will smiled and he hugged her close and walked out back with her holding her close to his chest, he kissed the top of her head and he smiled.

Ben smiled at his sister "You okay Bells?"

"Yeah, as long as I stay away from the trenches I'll be fine" Bella said and smiled back at Ben.

Georgie nods "Okay, stay away from Trenches" she giggled making her self a mental note.

Will kissed Bella's head and smiled

keep us udate girl

will do :)

Was it really just the trenches?


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