The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes in this.

Summary: Bella is the sister of Ben Barnes and she is friends with Ben's girlfriend Georgie Henley who plays Lucy is the narnia Series. She is also friends with William Moseley who plays Peter. She always had a crush on him, the last time they met she was 15 and now its 3 years later. Ben thinks William and Bella would make a good couple but William is not so sure. As they spend one week together on Holiday he begins to fall for her, but Bella has to go back to London for graduation. What happens when William lets it slip that's he's in love with Bella on an interview?


Bella sighed as she stood by the taxi that was to take her to the airport, she bit her lip and hugged William

William sighed as he hugged her back "Good Luck, for Graduation" he said and smiled at her  

Bella smiled at him softly "Thanks Will, I am gonna need it" she said as she looked at him, she had feelings for him but was not sure how to tell him or if she even should.

William smiled at her softly "I am sure, it will go well" He said as Ben nodded along with Georgie

"Yes it will" Georgie said and hugged Bella and smiled and patted her shoulder

Bella smiled softly, hint of sadness in her eyes "Well, I'll see you when you get back" she said and got in the taxi

William waved and watched as the taxi rode off. He sighed and wished he would have told Bella how he felt



Chapter 1~Emmbarased

Chapter 2~Pretending

Chapter 3~Dreaming of You

Chapter 4~Friends Forever

Chapter 5~Beach Party

Chapter 6~Almost Kiss

Chapter 7~William's Outburst

Chapter 8~Bella's Reaction

Chapter 9~Ben's Embarrassed

Chapter 10~Birthday Surprise

Chapter 11~End to Weekend

Chapter 12~Allergy


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Chapter 12~Allergy 

As Will held Bella close, Ben watched his little sister with curiosity in his eyes, he wondered if it was just because of the ghastly smell of the trenches or if there was something more. Georgie noticed Ben's look and she looked at Bella then Will then back at Ben "What?" She prompted Ben.

"Are you sure, it's just the trenches?" Ben asked as he raised an eyebrow at Will and Bella.

Bella looked at her brother and she got what he meant, before Will could say something "I am not Pregnant Ben. What do you take me for?" she asked her brother "I am not yet 19 and as much as I love Will, I am not ready to be a mother yet." she said

Will nodded at what Bella said "I am not ready to have a family either Ben, plus me and Bella have not been dating that long anyways." he said "You know, I would not hurt her or knock her up." he said looking at him, a serious look in his blue eyes.

Georgie looked at them then she looked at Ben "Maybe she's allergic to something, that they put in there to make the trenches smell like that."

Ben looked at her "Why do you say that?"

"Because." she said as she nodded to Bella, who now had red marks on her arms, a rash. Bella was rubbing her arms as it was itching her. Ben saw the marks on her arms and his eyes widened.

"Oh no." he breathed out and notice his sister looked bit paler than usual, which caused Will to worry too. But before Will could say something, the director walked over calling Will and Georgie to do their scene. Ben looked at Will "You and Georgie should go, I'll take care of Bells." he said

Georgie nodded as she placed a kiss on Ben's lips and Will kissed Bella's hair before they hurried off to do their scene and Ben took Bella back to their hotel and once they got to Bella and Will's hotel room, he let her go to the bathroom as she threw up again.

He went to the kitchen and he found some herbs for tea, he knew some of the herbs could stop a rash spreading so he set them in a cold water and he ripped up the cloth and he dipped it in cold water for about 10 minutes and he squeezed it out then he laid the herbs on the wet cloth.

Bella came back and she slipped off her jacket and was in her jeans and white strapped t-shirt, she let her brother wrap the cloth around her arms and she winced slightly at the cold but it soon started to sooth her skin from her itch and the lovely smell of herbs filled the room.

Ben sat on the bed beside her watching over her and Bella soon fell asleep and he stroked her hair softly watching her sleep. After a while he left a note for Will and he left Bella to sleep, without waking her up as he left closing the door gently behind him self.

5 Hours later, Will came back to see Bella was still asleep. He saw a note on the bed and he picked it up reading it to him self:


When you get back, change the wet cloth around Bella's arms. Make sure it's soaked in cold water for 10 minutes, soak the herbs before hand and then lay the herbs on the cloth and carefully wrap it around Bella's arms. Change it between 3 to 6 hours, depending on how bad the rash is.


Will send the note down on the chair and he carefully unwrapped the cloth from Bella's arms and he saw that the rash was fading away, already. He thew out the old cloth and he dipped the new ripped pieces in water for 10 minutes as well as the herbs. One he squeezed out the cloth slightly, he set the herbs on it and he wrapped them around Bella's arms softly once again.

He kissed Bella's hair softly as she stirred slightly in her sleep, but she did not wake up. He then went to the bathroom and he took a shower and he closed his eyes as he let the water ran down his body and face, it was rather refreshing after 5 hours of work and worrying about Bella.

He dried off and he slipped on some clean clothes and he sat beside Bella on the bed and he fell asleep for a few hours. He woke up about 3 hours later and Bella was still asleep, poor thing. He told him self, she must be so tired and he was not surprised, she was allergic to something so she needed her rest, he checked over the rash and saw it was all gone so he let unwrapped her arms and he let them be like that, he also checked her over carefully, the rash has not spread.

Bella turned in her sleep and after a few moments, she rubbed her eyes as she woke up and she smiled as she saw Will, was by her side.

Will smiled softly "Hey...sleeping beauty" he said and he kissed her forehead softly. Bella giggled softly and she smiled and she saw her arms were fine now and she smiled softly "How long have you been back?" she murmed softly as she looked at him.

Will checked his watch "About 4 hours" he said and he smiled softly "It's 7pm Bells." he said and he helped her up and he smiled softly "Come on, you need something to eat." he said and he kissed her softly.

Bella nodded and she smiled softly "Yeah, I am hungry" she giggled and she smiled, as her stomach let out a rumble and she walked downstairs with Will, to the lunch hall where Ben and Georgie were sitting at a table having dinner.

Ben smiled "Hey, you're up" he said

Georgie smiled "And your arms are fine" he smiled more and Will just chuckled.

Bella nodded "Yeah, and I am hungry" she said causing them all to laugh at the same time. Will and Bella sat down and they had something to eat, while they chatted to Ben and Georgie, it was around 8. almost 9pm when they walked back to their hotel room.

Bella grabbed a towel and her shorts and t-shirt in which she slept in and she went to the bathroom and she took a shower, once she dried off, she got changed and she brushed her hair and brushed her teeth and she splashed her face with some cold water and she towel dried her face softly.

As she walked out of the bathroom she was pulling her hair up "Will, what do you think off..." she stopped talking and walking and pulling her hair up as she saw Will was just causally laying on the bed without a shirt off and she forgot to ask him what he thought about the university she wanted to apply to.

Will chuckled seeing the expression on her face, she looked redder than a tomato and she was staring at his toned muscles. He got up and he lifted her chin up softly "My eyes are here love" he said chuckling and he kissed her nose softly.

Bella giggled "I...umm..." she shakes her head "You..."

William laughed softly "I what?" he said and he looked at her "Is this distracting?" he said and he smirked playfully at her. Bella nodded "Yes, but you are good at distracting me" she giggled and she smiled.

He smiled and he leaned down and he pressed a kiss to her lips and he held her against his chest as he kissed her and they both fell onto the bed and he rolled over so he was hovering over her as he kissed down her skin softly and down her neck, he breathed in her scent softly.

There came a knock on the door and he let out an annoyed huff. "Who is it?"

"It's....Ben" That annoyed Will more

"Come back later Ben, we're busy." Bella giggled as Will pressed her more to the bed kissing down her neck softly, it tickled slightly.

"But you forgot your jacket downstairs." He called out.

"Give it to Bella, tomorrow!" Will said and he carried on kissing Bella's neck. Ben let out a huff before he left and Will chuckled and he kissed Bella deeply again.

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I am glad you liked it :)

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