The Twilight Saga

This is the anticipated sequel to True love Never Dies; where we follow the lives of the motherless Makayla Cullen and her Romeo.

All human.

Written collaboratively between Shantelle Holmes and Jessica Mifsud-Bonnici.

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There is only one person in the world who you need to get through life. There is only one person who really helps you everyday, one person who you can trust without knowing the slightest thing about them. That one person is a mother.
When you’re five years old, she’s a goddess. You sneak into her bedroom and smear your face with her pink lipstick and model her ‘big girl’ earrings and high heels, not wanting to wait to grow up. That’s the way it is until you abruptly hit those teenage years. When it’s that time you can’t stand the sight of her, she is the most arrogant person you have met, and clearly out of touch, you just can’t get far enough away from her, but deep down you still love her. The phase changes when you hit your twenties and start living your life on your own, she suddenly becomes your best friend once again.
No relationship is quite as strong, pure, or even as simple as what a mother and daughter relationship should be. It’s the original relationship, the relationship that will last a lifetime, something that everyone wants, something everyone should have.
But what do I know? I mean I don’t even have a mother. That’s a bit of an exaggeration really. Of course I have a mother, but the last time I saw her was when I was a matter of weeks old and my memory isn‘t so clear so I just have to rely on old pictures that are lying around the house. The one person who I will need most in my life was taken away from me for no reason.
Let’s not linger on that, I’m not all unlucky, I still have the one other person who is just as important in any child’s life, the daddy. But, yes here comes the but, my dad is different.
My dad is a doctor; sounds really different doesn’t he? Well here’s the thing, he isn’t the dad who stays at home all day and waits for me to come running through the door and asks me how my day was, he isn’t the dad who works all day and comes home showing how much he loves me. He is the opposite. Yes, he does work, he works hard, saves people daily, stops them from dying I guess, but he works all day, from early in the morning until really late at night. I don’t see him when I get up for school, and when he gets home I’m just going to bed. He wallows in self-pity, he grieves from what happened 17 years ago. The way he looks at me sometimes is expressionless, he isn’t an open book like me, he looks at me in disgust like he blames me for my mother’s death. Though I am to blame, he confirmed it himself. Sometimes the look in his eyes just gets too much for me I have to do something that I know won’t give me the answer. My house key, cutting along my rather pale underarm, right along the vein, travelling over the steady pulse that sits there all perfect and snug. Sometimes I wonder when everything went wrong… oh right, the day I was born, even further than that, 9 months before I was born, the day I was conceived. Everything just seemed to go downhill from there, again it’s my fault, like everything seems to be…..


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you can have him .. lol ,,,, i'm happy with my imagination atm ,
PSHAW you wishhh.. You got all them sexy British guys on your end,,

what about us Americans?? Not many hot guys here, except for justin bieber, jesse mccartney, (LOL), taylor lautner, david henrie..

But other than that... WE HAVE NONE..
did i meantion that u have the HARRY potter stars?? now THAT just isnt fair.
Are you joking?

The only good ones we have are Orlando Bloom and Rob!

NONE of the Harry Potter stars are good looking; fact!

You have tons... you've stole Rob too.

So don't you dare say you haven't got anyone.

Okay Guys ... I'm bored so i'm Going to make The Jessica Mifsud-Bonnici top 5 books to read list .... and i warn you ... they are all vampire books.

1. The Twilight saga ... welll durrr
2. Morganville Vampire's Series - Rachel Caine- Glass House, Dead girl's dance, Midnight Alley, Feast for fools, Lord of Misrule ... and Carpe Corpus :'( (my copy hasn't arrived yet)
3. The True Blood series- Charlaine Harris- Dead until dark, Living dead in dallas, Club dead, dead to the world, Definately dead, Dead as a doornail, From dead to Worse, All together dead and Dead and gone ... I've only read up to Club dead ... but i only started the series on Wednesday ... and may i say ... they are REALLLY GOOD .... actually ... don't read them :S
4. The House of Night Vampires- P.C. and Kristen Cast- Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted ... and soon to be released,,, Tempted!
5. Vampire Diaries-L.J. Smith- Volume 1&2
I have read all of those... exempt True Blood... doesn't appeal to me.

Ner Nicky Ner Ner.. I've read Carpe Corpus.. Jealous? (A)

Are you posting more today?
I am writing the next chapter as we speak.. its hard for me, I'm jsut really slow.
Lol ok just wanderin because I want to read more befor I have to go home cause I cant get on at home


Readers of TRL i am abused ... by Fishhyyy ... does anyone have any sympathy for an emotionally battered co writer?

Jessie deserves it :)

She haunted me last night.. showed me a picture of something I really don't like :P

Scared me.. so paybacks a witch :)

LOL ....
what this picture?

Pay backs a female dog ;)
and if you call me Jessie again .. i swear ...


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