The Twilight Saga

This is the anticipated sequel to True love Never Dies; where we follow the lives of the motherless Makayla Cullen and her Romeo.

All human.

Written collaboratively between Shantelle Holmes and Jessica Mifsud-Bonnici.

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There is only one person in the world who you need to get through life. There is only one person who really helps you everyday, one person who you can trust without knowing the slightest thing about them. That one person is a mother.
When you’re five years old, she’s a goddess. You sneak into her bedroom and smear your face with her pink lipstick and model her ‘big girl’ earrings and high heels, not wanting to wait to grow up. That’s the way it is until you abruptly hit those teenage years. When it’s that time you can’t stand the sight of her, she is the most arrogant person you have met, and clearly out of touch, you just can’t get far enough away from her, but deep down you still love her. The phase changes when you hit your twenties and start living your life on your own, she suddenly becomes your best friend once again.
No relationship is quite as strong, pure, or even as simple as what a mother and daughter relationship should be. It’s the original relationship, the relationship that will last a lifetime, something that everyone wants, something everyone should have.
But what do I know? I mean I don’t even have a mother. That’s a bit of an exaggeration really. Of course I have a mother, but the last time I saw her was when I was a matter of weeks old and my memory isn‘t so clear so I just have to rely on old pictures that are lying around the house. The one person who I will need most in my life was taken away from me for no reason.
Let’s not linger on that, I’m not all unlucky, I still have the one other person who is just as important in any child’s life, the daddy. But, yes here comes the but, my dad is different.
My dad is a doctor; sounds really different doesn’t he? Well here’s the thing, he isn’t the dad who stays at home all day and waits for me to come running through the door and asks me how my day was, he isn’t the dad who works all day and comes home showing how much he loves me. He is the opposite. Yes, he does work, he works hard, saves people daily, stops them from dying I guess, but he works all day, from early in the morning until really late at night. I don’t see him when I get up for school, and when he gets home I’m just going to bed. He wallows in self-pity, he grieves from what happened 17 years ago. The way he looks at me sometimes is expressionless, he isn’t an open book like me, he looks at me in disgust like he blames me for my mother’s death. Though I am to blame, he confirmed it himself. Sometimes the look in his eyes just gets too much for me I have to do something that I know won’t give me the answer. My house key, cutting along my rather pale underarm, right along the vein, travelling over the steady pulse that sits there all perfect and snug. Sometimes I wonder when everything went wrong… oh right, the day I was born, even further than that, 9 months before I was born, the day I was conceived. Everything just seemed to go downhill from there, again it’s my fault, like everything seems to be…..


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I agree with Jess here.

Please read the story carefully before you make a comment like this.

They are not ignoring her pain, Makayla has lost her Mother, she feels distant from her Father, they have no idea how to handle this.

People grief in different ways, and they heal in different ways, for some people it doesn't take too long, and for some people they never heal.

It is not only Makayla who is in pain. I mean, Edward lost his wife, his soul mate, his best friend, Alice lost a best friend, a sister, what about Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle? Don't they have a right to be in pain for what they have lost, especially since the family has already been through so much, Bella lost a child, not to mention Esme and her experience, even though things are in the past, the pain is still there to haunt everyone.

You are practically saying that the Cullens are cold people by saying they are not, they are all griefing, it is obvious by the way they act, esecially Esme. Is it wrong to hurt about loosing somebody you loved so dearly? Is it a crime to put yourself first for a change, maybe let other people be in pain because you can't handle it anymore?

Makayla only has Riley to confide in, yet there will always be things where they cannot tell each other, things that belong so close to the heart that they are scared if they it out, they will loose it for good.

Like Jess said, this story does not revolve around the Cullen's, it barely revolves around Edward, this is the journey of Riley's and Makayla's friendship to love and how she copes on the way, and how he can maybe possibly heal her.

So please take Jess' advice and reread the chapter again so you can fully understand what is going on.
i love thiss storyy && the chrachterss.. (did i mention im tottaly in love with rileyy?)

The only italian word i no

CIAO! :)
io studio italiano ...

:) amo Riley <3...
What a great chapter Shantelleee. You did a wonderfull job. Can't wait to read what Jess writes for the next chap. You girls are doing great.
thanks cassss xxx :D
Over time you're going to realise I'm the queen of Pointless posts

But this is worth a look! ... i swear ... Its You Me At Six (a really good band if you're retarded enough not to know them ... or American ,,, LOL) .. singing ... Lady Gaga's Poker Face ... Better then the original if you ask moi ... but i'm very partical to YM@S
This was preformed at Radio 1's Live Lounge ... i might post a couple ... from my favorite bands :)

dammnnn theyrr ah-mazing!! yep i like em better then Lady GaGa


now, if yer done being wondefulllly musical, WRITE!!!! :]

even tho the singer was kinda screamin, i still liked it!!
when r u updating???
I'm sorry for the delay ... and the delay that is to come ... school work has hit hard ... and i have to revise for what are the most important tests in my life ... i wont even get a job in macdonalds if i don't get a good mark for theese ... My science ISA's are 25% of my Science Gcse part 1 .. which means they are 12.5% of my overall GCSE for science ... scary right?... so yeah ... need to revise... otherwise you'll see me in a rubbish tip!
hrmm... british testing, heh? yeah, that sounds harder than anything ive evr learned..

Study Hard!!
and remeber,

Youll beh Ah-mazinqq no matterr what, jess.


♥ loveee nahal
i cant find chapters 1 and 2 and i dont want to start on chapter 3 without reading them! if any of you have the link it would be appreciated if you could give it to me!
hey girls just wondering when the next post is going to be i understand you have to study because its important just want to say this a great story , also loved true love never dies and im currently reading want... mifi B and it is great


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