The Twilight Saga

as some of you have said here is the story based on my real experiences.. LOL not all the parts but some of them. hope you like and continue to read!







He stares at the boy in front of him. A fool he was, just standing there acting like he was cool. He glares at the boy through narrowed deep brown eyes. His eyes usually displayed no emotion. He was his own person. He didn’t need any of these fools. He was his own person and always would be. He would never need another.

“Who do you like?” questions the boy.

“I do like her,” he says to him for the first time ever talking to someone else.

“Marisol? Really?” the boy questions back at him.

“She’s different than everyone else here,” he replies not looking at the other.

“Obviously. She’s not one of us,” he says glaring at the him.

“And what makes someone “one of us”? he asks raising an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” asks the other boy confused.

“Exactly,” he says with a satisfactory smile and turns and walks away.



chapter one on page two


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Interesting. Please post more!
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interesting :)

made by eva!
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made by paige!
Chapter one

I see my school in the distance. It was the first day back. I haven’t talked to anyone over the summer. No one called or replied to my messages. Was that bad I wondered to myself? Would I fit in or be an outcast once again? I bite my lip and walk up the hill to my school. I stop at the top and wait to see the janitor lets me cross.
“Welcome back,” he says happily.
I grumble something inaudible and walk by. The first thing I see is a new kid. He was a boy leaning on the wall with a messenger bag over one shoulder. He had a red sweatshirt on him that was baggy and long black hair that covered his eyes. I pause and stare at him, I didn’t know him and our school was small. He must be new.
“Marisol!” I hear a voice scream.
Claudia comes into view running towards me; arms spread open wide waiting for a hug. I hug her.
“Hey,” I say and fake smiles. “Who is that?” I ask and nod towards the boy.
Claudia shrugs and looks at him and narrows her blue eyes. All of a sudden we see Carly walking towards the new kid. Carly was the most popular girl and always so preppy, to me the most annoying. Carly wore a black shirt with a gray skirt and black ballets. Her brown hair blew in the wind.
“Hi,” she says to the boy approaching him.
I roll my eyes and looks at Claudia then back at Carly. Carly runs her fingers through her hair and holds out her hand to the boy.
“I’m Carly,” she says and puts on a huge smile.
She stares at his hand waiting for him to shake hers. The boy stares at her like he just saw her there. He narrows his eyes and rubs his lips together. Carly still had her hand there and it began to fall back to her side.
“That was one mistake you will never forget!” she huffs at him and turns on her heel and walks off.
“Ouch! For once Carly just got burnt by the new kid!” Claudia says and laughs.
I am still watching him. He was different. Not like the others here. I bite my lip and turn back to Claudia. I will keep my eye on him, but wouldn’t let anyone know.


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