The Twilight Saga

this is a short fan fic for laughs..its truth or dare writh the cullens...and the pack so they are gonna do some crazy things! btw takes place after breaking dawn~ nessie is 19. clair is 18 :) jope you like it!

chapter 1
hehe..its your turn!

gereral pov:

Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, Bella, Edward, Nessie, Jake, Paul, Rachel, Quil, Clair, Embry, Sam, Emily, Jared, Kim, Seth, Leah, (brady and colin were busy that day) were all in the small house on the treaty line. The house had two rooms and was big enough to fit the pack in it as well as the cullens. They all sat in a circle on the wood floor.

"I'm going first!" alice chimed . "I pick .....jacob, jacob truth or dare or confess?" she asked him

" Hmm...lets make this intresting , i pick....ipick... truth." jake said

"aw!....come on jake!" emmett, sam and paul complained. "Fine!...dare"

"Ok,... jacob i dare you to.... put on a full piece purple bathing suit and run up and down main street, it has to be tight!" alice finished her dare for jacob

"aw come on really?.....please no." he pleaded

" fine.... make that a bikini" alice said evily "Cuz thats so much better!" jake said sarcasticly

"Ill get it" she said and with that ran out the front door

should i continue?

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thanx ! XD
chapter 2
truth or dare
general pov:

Rachel redressed herself then sat back in the circle by paul. " i pick.......alice" rachel quickly winked at jake. "Dare!" alice squeeled with happiness. "i dare you to shave your head into a mowhawk!" rachel was testing alice. every one in the room went silent, then burst out laugh except alice who looked dumb founded. " yes" she said boldly "what? " jacob gasped he was surprised more than rosalie or bella.

"I'll get a rasor!," jacob yelled and with that her ran out the door toward the cullens. rosalie was frozen. Alice rocked back and forth . Emmett and jasper were making silly faces in the camera. " bikasquigglyduck!" jasper squeeked as emmett pushed him over. "uh un! poooterhurtpertkazzzanoewytooo-moonahreazuxz" emmett squacked

"Im back !, and ready for rachel to give alice a hair cut!" he was very excited
hehe will do!!...i think that this is the most comments ive got on a ff befor
authors note!: what should happen next?
omJ! 2 funny! plz write more! and keep me updated!
post more
Write more!! Plz
OMG poor Alice a Mohawk? honestly she is gonna suffer especially cause their hair doesn't grow
rite more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
right more -.- i need to know what happens with alice!
funny post more


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