The Twilight Saga

hey guys should I do this???

This is after breaking Dawn everyone is happy and one day Emmett got bored and wants to play Truth or Dare except he goes a little too extreme....


Authors Note: Hey guys Alex here do you guys want me to write this ???

Coments plzz ♥♥

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Sounds interesting!!! I think you should write it!!!

totally sounds fun, you should do it!


Yes!! I need to read this

thanks and I will start writing!!

Chapter 1 Sneak Preview

It was 1:00 am The rest of the family including Edward and I were "Busy" when suddenly Emmett yelled from downstairs

"Everyone get your vampire butts down here!! Oh ! and fully clothed please!"

I groaned and whispered to Edward "What does he want?!"

"Emmett wants you and and Eddiekins to get down here right now!!"Emmett yelled I jumped off the bed and changed into jeans and a T-shirt Edward also changed.

Once we got downstairs I get really nervous. The furniture was moved and the TV was no where to be seen.

"Now that everyone is downhere.... Bella where is Nessie??"Emmett asked me

"She's sleeping" I told him

Emmett smiled wickedly

"The fun is about to begin....."

omg! i love truth or dare stories! especially with emmett!  update soon please!

thanks I also love truth or dare stories that iswhy i wrote  mine

I like it(:

 Chapter 1

"The fun is about to begin"


I stared at Emmett then at the floor. Emmett had assigned us seats I obviously sat next to Edward.

“Ok everyone this is round one of TRUTH OR DARE THE EMMETT WAY!!!!”Emmett yelled I rolled my eyes this is completely Emmett.

“Alice! Your up truth or dare??”Emmett said

“Truth” Alice said

Emmett hesitated

“Is it true that you own 500 pairs of shoes ??” Emmett asked raising his eyebrows

“Pffft! I own more than that I even have a houseful of shoes! I own 1,789!!”Alice said proudly  we chuckled but obviously knew that she was lying we knew that she had more than 1,789. Emmett turned to me, “Bella !! Truth or Dare!!” Emmett demanded using his ‘Do it or else’ voice

“Dare” I said terrified at what I had done.

“I dare you to……”


Authors Note: Hey guy sorry for the cliffie I had just finished my persuasive letter ( A project for my advanced writing class) and I got some time on the computer J Well Im so sorry that I have not updated at all and Im really happy that my readers never stopped reading my stories even after I have not updated in such a long time ♥♥♥

Love you guys!!!


ps. So sorry its short!! :(

To do WHAT???? Update soon can't wait to see what happens...

Alex! I love it! Thanks so much for continuing!:)


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