The Twilight Saga

hey guys should I do this???

This is after breaking Dawn everyone is happy and one day Emmett got bored and wants to play Truth or Dare except he goes a little too extreme....


Authors Note: Hey guys Alex here do you guys want me to write this ???

Coments plzz ♥♥

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Update SOON!! 

Chapter 2:

''Bella I dare you to .....''

Emmett paused, creating suspense I bet. Edward glared at Emmett obviously mad at what ever Emmett was planning.

''Bella I dare you to call Mike Newton and tell him that you love him and that Edward means nothing to you''

Emmett said proudly I growled

'' No''

I said. Emmett chuckled

'' It's either that or you have to go kiss a random guy on the street.''

I growled and Emmett laughed.

'' Hand me the stinking phone''

I snapped. In a flash the phone was in my hand. I dialed Mike's number

'' Hello''

a dull voice asked I gave Emmett a glare.

'' Mike is that you?'' I asked

''Yes this is he''

Mike said. I gave Emmett another glare before I answered

'' Mike it's Bella''

I said.

''B-B-Bella!??! Ummm... Hey!! Long time no see whats up?? ''

Mike said his voice filled with excitment.

'' Mike I need to tell you that I love you. The first time I saw you I fell in love with you. Even though I'm married I still think about you, you star in every single thought and dream of mine. Sometimes I wonder if you love me as much as I love you.''

I said everyone except Edward was smiling

'' Bella of course I love you but what about Edward ??''

Mike said

'' Edward Shmedward he doesnt mean anything to me I love you and only you...... Goodbye and have a nice day!! ''

I said and snapped the phone shut. Emmett was rolling on the floor shaking the whole house.

'' Bella- That- was - so - Funny!!''

Emmett gasped I smirked and whispered to Edward

'' I love you''

he chuckled and pecked me on the lips

'' Really?? because it sounded like you REALLY loved Mike Newton''

he said

i giggled

''Your turn truth or Dare??''

I said to Edward.......

A/N : sorry it was so short :)


Alex ‹3‹3‹3

Haha! Nice chapter, I loved it! I love the dare that Bella got from Emmett! Haha, hm... I wonder if Mike is going to be stalkerish now! ;) Loved Edward in the chapter! Hes tooooooooo cute, I love it! More soon please?!
Your friend,


Thanks ! Yeah Mike is going to be a tiny bit stalkerish lol jk , and maybe today i'll post another chapter I got an awsome idea for Edward's truth!! oops! I almost spoiled it! lol :)


Lol I couldnt help my self from updating I just couldnt let the idea go!! Hope you like it! :)

Chapter 3 BPOV : I Object !

'' Edward truth or Dare?''

I asked as I lifted my sheild and begged in my mind for him to say dare

'' Dare''

he said. I giggled

'' Yay! ''

Ok what should I dare him to do? Think Bella think! I got it! Its crazy but I think its time for crazy Bella to come out now....

'' Ok, Edward I dare you to go to a wedding in the middle of Church and scream 'I object! ' and kiss the bride ''

I said proudly at my dare. Emmett gasped with shock then in seconds he started howling with laughter. The rest of the family stared at me in shock.

'' B-B-Bella? is that you?''

Edward whispered to me shaking my shoulder a little bit. I rolled my eyes.

'' Yes its me Edward. Any other question? Whats my birthday, favorite color... etc??''

I said in annoyance.

'' Bella sweetheart are you okay ,I mean is Emmett telling you to do this??''

Edward glared at Emmett

'' No Edward Emmett is not telling me to do this I came up with this on my own''

I said again in annoyance

'' If I dont do this then what happens??''

Edward asked

'' If you dont do the dare I will go call Jacob and you two will go on a date together''

I said. Emmett fell to the floor clutching his ribs as he started laughing.

'' Bella!! Where are you!! What have you done to my sweet shy Bella!! ''
he started to get up and run around the house

" Bella!! Where are yoou!! BELLA!! I WILL FIND YOU!! DONT WORRY LOVE I WILL FI-''

" Gosh, Edward its me! just wanted to do a funny dare!! So are you going to do the dare or not?? If not you should get ready for a date''

I said as I headed to the phone

" Fine ! I'll do the damn dare"

he growled and everybody excidedly ran to Edwards Volvo I got it and the rest of the family got in Emmett's jeep....

We got to the church the wedding was almost ending. I could hear the priest saying the words that I have waited for...

" If anyone objects for these two people to wed, please speak now or forever hold your piece"

Edward rolled his eyes and headed for the door....


I burst threw the doors


I screamed and ran up to the bride who was staring at me lust filled her eyes, her thoughts were'nt pleasant either. I grabbed the woman by the waist and crushed my lips to hers.

" Oh my gosh! Why am I marrying David!! Certainly this guy wants to marry me I wonder..." The womans thought got even dirtier by the second I shudderedand pulled away.

" Who are you!!"

The groom or should I say 'David' yelled at me.

" Ummm.... No one!! This is all a dream...."

I said in my most spookiest voice I can manage.

And I ran to find Emmett and Jasper howling with laughter

" Pay up!"

Emmett said as Jasper handed Emmett 200$.

I rolled my eyes and got in the car.
My victim Alice....
okay guys sorry about the forever hold your ' PEACE' lol I spelled it wrong and I do not know wat to say about the wedding thing so just go along with it please !! lol

Your Bad spelling friend,


Oh my gosh! Words cannot describe how good this chapter was! I laughed, oh loved the dare for Edward! Haha, this was way good! I can NOT wait for another chapter! I love this! Stalkerish Mike haha, that's my new nickname for Mike! Haha, wow! Well... cant wait for another chapter, and I am loving it!
Your friend,


One Direction??


When we got to the house I entered and expected my Nessie to be awake.... But.... she wasnt?

On the Door was a note it said

" Bella,

Your probably wondering Where the hell is my Nessie?
Well, When I got to the Cullen household I found Nessie in her room reading, I thought maybe you and your family went out hunting. So dont worry about Nessie I took her over at Billy's place. By the way, she said that she would not go over my house unless she took her book.
Bells what have you done to her? Shes reading this really crappy book called Pride and Prejudice, she is going on and on about this dude... Mr. Darcy.. Well this note has gone on long enough

Your most handsome friend,

I laughed as I read the note, of course Nessie would love Pride and Prejudice its one of my favorites.


Emmett yelled, I rolled my eyes

" Edward go on who are you going to ask? "

Emmett asked Edward

" Alice, Truth or Dare? "

Edward said inocently, a little bit to inocently

" Truth"

she said smiling

" Is it true that you ONLY love Jasper and NO ONE ELSE??"

Alices eyes widened

" Y-Y- No... Its not true"

She sighed

Jasper gasped

" Alice how could you? Who is it? "
Jasper asked

" Well its not just one person its five, and I love them they are my life... "

" Who?"

Jasper asked outraged

" Their names are.... HarryNiallLouisLiamZayn!!"

Alice said super fast

" Who?"

Alice sighed

" Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson,and Liam Payne"

Alice said in a small voice

" Who the heck are they?!?"

Emmett asked

Alice and I gasped
Of course I knew about One Direction I was in love with them to. Who wouldnt be?

" Harry, Niall,Liam,Louis,and Zayn are a british-Irish Boy Band named On- "

" One Direction! !!" I yelled out, I couldnt help my self Alice stared at me and then broke into a huge smile and squeeled

" Your a Directioner too?!? "

" Yes!!!! If you had to chose who is your favorite?! " I asked

" Oh thats hard buuuuuttttt it would have to be.... Harry Niall and Louis! How about you!? "

" I love all of them the same but I kinda love Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn the most. Of course I love Harry ,he is smoking!!! but Those 4 would be my favorite"

Edward just stared at me like I was crazy.....

A/N: Hey guys I had free time today and decided I might update a chapter. I am finally finished with finals!!!! :D I got my report card a week ago..... I got.... all A+!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO HAPPY! Graduation is in like a month so I want to see how that turned out.. Well I have talked to much or writen to BYE!
P.S so sorry if its horrible! haha

Oh my flack!!!!! Alex! do you know how much I loved this chapter?! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! One direction! I laughed like niall when I read this! Oh my carrots! It was amazayn! Haha! I loved this chapter soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! :D more soon!
LLN :)



Thank u!!! I knew u would like it cause u were a directioner! LLN!! :D



Alex ♥


Love it!!


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