The Twilight Saga

The cullens and Bella play a nasty and disterbing round of truth or dare. But Edward dosen't want Bella to play becase she is human. Will Bella play anyway? Will Edward get mad when she plays? Secrets wil be spilled and justice will be seved. As well as revenge. People will get hurt (probably just bella) and so will feelings. Lots of drama will be in cluded. All the cullens are vampires and bella is human. Jacob and set will be in this story. (truth or dare is more funny with them!)

*an editer.
*If u want updates just saw so and i will add you
*If you don't like don't read

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i think it will be gr8 .. ! :D


thank u this is my first f.f. So im kind of nevers!
Sounds pretty cool! Please continue :)
i like it!! :)
i will continue im writing the first chapter now
Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!

This sounds interesting. Great beginning, can't wait too see where this story goes.

Please keep me updated, and if your needing an editor; don't hesitate to ask :)

i will post the chapter on friday or 2morrow
keep me updated, love it!!
sounds really  interesting keep me updated please!
i have school next week and i forgot my not book at my grandmothers house so i have till what till she brings it or rewrite the chapter? u choose.
okey i think i'll be able to post tomorrow morning


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