The Twilight Saga

The cullens and Bella play a nasty and disterbing round of truth or dare. But Edward dosen't want Bella to play becase she is human. Will Bella play anyway? Will Edward get mad when she plays? Secrets wil be spilled and justice will be seved. As well as revenge. People will get hurt (probably just bella) and so will feelings. Lots of drama will be in cluded. All the cullens are vampires and bella is human. Jacob and set will be in this story. (truth or dare is more funny with them!)

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chapter 1 part 1

I was laying bown in me bed thinking about when Edward was going to be here. I got sleepy so i took a nap i woke up to cold arms around me. I opened my eye's and said.


"Yes,love?" he said in a sweet voice

"You took forever." i said geting up.Then I remembered that i only went to sleep with my bra and shorts on.Edwards eyes moved from my face to my chest. It looked like his eyes were going to fall out.

"Eddie eyes on my face chest" i chuckled

"s-s-sory" he said closeing his eye's. Then my phone buzzed.I was emmett.
To jungle bella:
Gm jungle ;-p

"who is it?" edward asked


from bella
wat bo u want??
send, 2mins later buzz

u 2come over eddie is there right?

Yes w? and w i need to come over??

case i said so
I got up and went to my dresser.
"Edward can you leave so i can get dress?"

"Why?" his arms were around my waist runing his fingers up to to end of my bra to my waist.

"Becase were are going to your house."i said i almost didn't gwt to finish case he kissed me this kiss was a very good kiss his pushed me into the wall solfly. Then his hands rubed my tummy. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling his closer. His lips were on my neck,he swoped me up in his arms a put me on my bed. He pulled his top up over his head and started kissing me agen then someone came in trow my window edward didn't seam to care then the person said.

"Its to early to have sex you now" it was emmett.

"Its never to early" Edward said getting up.

"Edward leave bella so she can get dressed" and with that both of the walked out the door. I got out skinny geans,a boys sleeveless under shirt and convalesce. You could almost see my bra because it wasn't yellow. I didn't really care so i walked downstairs to see edward and emmett.

"Are you ready now?" Emmett asked

"yes"Edward grabbed me hand and we walked to the volvo. i sat in the back. Emmett turned oh the radio and tik tok came on he started to sing along to it. Emmett singing was the most crazyest thing to happen.

"could you please sut up" i asked. Then we were at there house thank God. We walked into the house to see the rest of the cullens(Carlisle and Esma are out on vacation) playing truth or bare this was going to be good.We went to them and started to play.

"Who wants to go first?" asked alice

"I bo!" Emmett yelled "okey Bella Truth or dare?"
hope u like it

Editor.... hmmm... I don't know if I will be an active one.

But I think this will be a good story.

*puppy eyes* can you please keep me updated?

... Thank you!
it was total awesomeness. keep going.
thank u
Love it!!!!!!!
loves it post more soon and pretty please keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will in going to post................NOW!!! or maybe after i shower??
Chapter 2
bellas pov

Why did he chose me??

"Bella could you hurry up?" Emmett asked

okey i pick........ TRUTH."

"Now tell the butten ring??" he asked with a big grin.How the he\\ did he now??Everyone was staring at me.

"ummmmmmm Yes"i said

"OMG and you or Edward never told me!!" Alice yelled

"I didn't tell you case i didn't now."edward said staring at me.

"My dad dose not even now. How did you now that that emmy?"

"When i walked in on you and Edward kissing."

"OMG let me see plzzz?" alice said

sorry its short my mom wants me to bath now. i'll post more later
Cool! Can't wait to read more!


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