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The cullens and Bella play a nasty and disterbing round of truth or dare. But Edward dosen't want Bella to play becase she is human. Will Bella play anyway? Will Edward get mad when she plays? Secrets wil be spilled and justice will be seved. As well as revenge. People will get hurt (probably just bella) and so will feelings. Lots of drama will be in cluded. All the cullens are vampires and bella is human. Jacob and set will be in this story. (truth or dare is more funny with them!)

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When i found this story and saw the name Truth or Dare with the Cullens i had to read it :)

This story sound really interesting and funny!

Write MORE soon! :D

Chapter 2 part2

previece chapter

"OMG let me se plzzz" Alice said jumping up and down

"ok ok OK."i said "your crazy" i lifted up my shirt alittle to show them.

"Wow thats soooo cool!!" alice said. Ther was a silver ball at the top them it went trow to the bottem ball.

"Did that hurt??" Jasper aske

"When I got it ya. It hurted for about a week, but not anymore."I said twicing.Emmett looked grossed out.

"ewwwwwww" he said

"I think its cool." Edward saidr

" I WANT ONE!!!!!!!" Rose said

"How come you never told charile?"

"Becase he would freak" i said

"ok my turn. ummmmmm Alice truth or dare?"
Lol...rose n alice crack me up! Can't wait for your next update!
Chapter 3

"Alice.... Truth or dare?" I asked


"I Dare you to go to wallmart and buy as much stuff as you would at your normal store."

I gust sat there.Shoked. Why was she making me buy ugly clothers from wallmart??

"and you have to wear it"

"OMG Isabella! I thought we were friends??"I yelled, but she didn't say anything.

"She dosen't responde to Isabella." Edward told me.

"Bella please say something."I asked nicely.

"Come on lets go shoping!" Bella said.So I got up and so did everyone else.

"I almost for got you that to were the clothes to school." Bella said with a big smile next to edward. They had a huge hight diffrents.Bella was so short! I never now.
"Alice I now that your not talking adout bella being short."edward said one of his eyebrows were up
"I should bite you for telling everyone my thouts." I said opening my mouth.

"Can we gust go?"Emmett wined. So we got in the car and drove to wallmart.I shoped as if I was at jc pennys.It was kind of fun! When my arms were filled with bag i went back to the car. On the drive home Emmett started to sing so Rose turned of the radio.We got home and who was i going to bare??

Turth or bare....ROSE?"

"truth"rose said

"comeon rose you always say "turth""Emmett said

"Im having lots of fun!"

"Ok then.Ummmm ow are you naturaly blonde??"


OMG how did she now?Edward you better get out of my head!

"Sorry"Edward said to me

"Soooo rose are you?"Emmett asked


"Really rose are you?" Alice asked staring at Edward.

"YES"i yelled

"No your not you had blackish-brown hair."edward said

"How do you now"Bella asked

"Becase when chaile changed her,her hair was not blondie."

"Why did you have to be the first?You must have durt on all of us!"Jasper said

"Anywhooo! Rose your turn." Bella said Im going to get edward back!!

"EDWARD! Truth or dare?"

"Truth" He said

"ok have you ever touched bell in here sleep? And bull answer like Yes her hand."

to be continued....

do u like it?
what will edward say?
i hope you guys like it

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! post more this is soo funny! keep me updated please!


good so far

write moreee!!!

love it!!1
Loving it!!! Can't wait to read more!
ok ok ok ok. Im going to post alot case i start school on thusday
chapter ? (i forgot)

"Edward could you hurrry up its bine 5minutes!"

ummmmmmmmm"i said

"Its ether yes or no there is no ummmmmmm!"roseile explained

"Yes"i wispered

"Were?" emmett asked

"her chest"

"owwwwwwwww IM CALLING CHEF SWAN ON YOU!!!"Emmett said going to the phone.

"Emmett that would that would spill the secret,then chaile & Esma would come back."Alice said

"and if you do that we mine as well tell him about the belly ring." roseile said

"WHAT! The we mine as well tell him about the one on my toung and that you guys are vampires!"Bella said

Ya what bella said! want you have one on you toung to?" Jasper asked

"yes" she said stiking out her toung.

"Hello came i speak to chef swan this is bella's freind emmett."
on the other line "sure give me a sec."
"thank you" Emmett said

"what the hell are you doing emmett talking to my dad?"Bella asked

"Hi chef i wanted to tell you that bella got her toung and belly butten perst."

"She did what!?"

( sorry its short)
hope you like it! :-D

ah!!! scre Emmett lol post more soo funny



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