The Twilight Saga

The cullens and Bella play a nasty and disterbing round of truth or dare. But Edward dosen't want Bella to play becase she is human. Will Bella play anyway? Will Edward get mad when she plays? Secrets wil be spilled and justice will be seved. As well as revenge. People will get hurt (probably just bella) and so will feelings. Lots of drama will be in cluded. All the cullens are vampires and bella is human. Jacob and set will be in this story. (truth or dare is more funny with them!)

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Plz post more update me
.post more please. more soon
great story, post more soon please!
Im soooooooooooo sorry ill try to update this week end my computer is down
Chapter 10 bpov (im going to swich some things up i think im going to make this a all human story) chapter 10 we all sat in a circle waiting for emmitt to come. he had went up stairs with alice to change. I was sitting next to edward cudled in his chest. I loved it when we he was the only one in my mind. I was thinking all about he and just him. There was nobody to interuped us. Seth and jacob had gone home but promished to come back. Rosile and jasper had bine upstairs too. And it was so quit and peacefull with just edward and i. "love,do you want to go upstairs?" "no im good right here." he noded and did not say anything elsa. (authers note what do u think i now it short but i need ideas
like it... please mak e it more longer nxt time. :D

i like this story !!! you should continue


ok writesbloke is a b*ch.This is a all human story

chapter 11

I was still sitting on the floor still cuddled in edwards chest. I was board and sleepy. Ready to go to sleep, but then i heard Emmett came running down the the stairs yelling "BELLA!BELLA!BELLA! BELLA!"


"I want to now if you brink?"

"Why do you need to now?" Edward was glaring at Emmett.

"Im was gust wondering." he said rokeing back and fort.

"Yes Emmitt."

"Yes what?" he said looking dum.

"Yes i drink."

"k! thats cool."Then he left.I couldn't help but think why he wonted to now.

"Edward why did he want to now?"

"You'll see in about ten seconts."











"TIME FOR ROUND 3!!!!!!! EVERYONE GET YOUR A** DOWN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!"Emmett yelled. How all hell will brake loose.

Soon we all were sitting in a circle.


"Emmett can you stop yelling? Your giving me a head ack."

"Im sorry so truth or dare?" I looked edward."NO he cant help you!"

"But why? how do i now your not going to dare me to geet drunk??"

"Ok you can ask eddie." When i asked him and hw said there both bad.So i had to think about it.

post more please..


im sorry guys i have the flu and my fingers are really weak i'll have my sister update for me.


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