The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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Aww.. I Like It!!

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I am glad you like it :) I will try and update soon.

I will do

Love it keep going

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Nice appetizer!  I hope to read more soon.

I will try and post more soon

Hey, it's really interesting. Keep it up. Waiting for  your next post. ~ Cygnus

Thank you :) I will try and update as soon as I can.

Chapter 2

Damon stared at Elijah and Rebekah speechless, there was another Vampire in Mystic Falls? Well that would explain the new crimes going on, he wondered if Niklaus had something to do with. Of course he has Damon, you have known him for years, still you do not learn from the past. A voice mocked him inside of his own head. Damon growled out and he punched the wheel. He closed his eyes and he tried to push the thoughts and memories from his head, but one memory creeped up into his thought. One that he wanted to forget and crawl away from and hide from the rest of eternity...if only he could.

"What is it Damon?" Katerina's voice mocked "Her or me?" she said as she had a tight grip on Bella, she gripped her hair and made her gasp out as she gripped it tighter and Bella let out a chocked sob.

Niklaus smirked as he was watching "Quick Damon, or either she losses her life, if you do not pick wisely." he said looking at Damon.

Damon looked at them both "It's me you want. not her. so let her go." he said, he knew this was painful for him, but he needed and wanted Bella to be safe. "Please Katerina I beg you, do not harm Bella. please" he said, his eyes pleading with her as he dropped onto his knees in despair.

"Damon." Bella sobbed out and she closed her eyes and she cried as Katerina brushed the hair from her neck, it send shivered down her spine, she threw her to the side and Klaus pounced on Bella and everything went black for her.

"No!" Damon screamed out watching it all unravel in front of his eyes. He crawled over to her, but her body disappeared into thin air.

Katerina looked into his eyes "You will forget about her, forget all the memories you shared together, she left you, she did not love you." she said compelling him, he had no choice.

Tears slid down Damon's cheek as he sniffled back a sob, He hated Katherine and Klaus for what they have done, they destroy his only chance of happiness he ever had in his life, they made him forget the one he loved, but with his Vampire nature, the memories soon have grown back and they haunted his presence. He drove back to the house and he walked inside, he looked like he was dead inside, a deluded soul.

Stefan looked up from his book when he walked in, he saw Damon's posture, the expression on his face and he ran over to his brother who dropped onto his back and screamed out "I need you Bella, come back to me. I still love you." the scream turned into an unbearable. cry, a cry of a breaking heart, that was still breaking and no way to mend, no way to turn back the time and pain that was caused.

Stefan looked down at his own brother in despair and he managed to pull Damon up so he was sitting up and he sighed "I know you still love her Damon, I wish I could bring her back for you, if I had it in my power to, I would" he said and he hugged him and Damon just cried into his chest, like he was a child. Damon barely ever let anyone see the soft side of him, but the pain inside of him was too much. Too much to bare and hold inside, he could not, so he just let his feelings and emotions pour out of him.


Meanwhile, in another part of Mystic Falls Klaus and Katherine were plotting with a new Vampire at their side, the girl was rather beautiful and her long brown hair was luscious and sparkled in the sun, her eyes burned with mystery and she spoke in a soft and almost enigmatic accent now, she has changed since the last time anyone has ever seen her. They could tell she was Italian, but she was not the same person as she she used to be. She handed over her papers and the person behind the desk looked at her.

"Full Name?" he said and raised an eyebrow at the girl

"Isabella Marie Swan." The girl replied to him, her eyes burning into his soul, the man behind the desk looked away as he was uncomfortable and he nodded, after he signed the papers he handed them over to Bella and she folded them up into her bag.

Katherine smirked "Let's go" she said and she walked out of the door with Klaus and Bella at their side, all 3 of them walked in union, at the same pace, like one being drawn together by a magnet. The wind blew the girls hair back and forth, carrying their scent all over Mystic Falls, luring in humans. luring in their prey.

Klaus looked over at Bella "Are you alright?" he spoke in his thick British accent.

Bella just nodded "Yes. I am" she said, she replied in her monotone voice, as she always did when she used to him or Katherine, she did not think of them as friends or family, they were her masters, she had to abide by their rules, she was not sired to either of them...yet. But she had to respect them, and her neutral voice as a sign of respect for either of them.

Katherine looked at her, and she squinted her eyebrows at her as if she was about to question her, but she dropped it and they parted their ways for a few hours, Bella found her self at the lake and she sat down and she stared into the water and she closed her eyes and she sighed deeply.

She giggled as he was chasing her around "Catch me if you can Damon" her voice chimed like a million of time little rings, playing the most wonderful music. Damon just chuckled as she ducked behind a tree and kept running as he chased her around the gardens and he sped up and wrapped his arms around her and span her around making her laugh. Her laughter was the most pleasurable sound her ever heard and it brought out a sparkle in his eyes as he grinned wider.

Bella looked up at him and she had a smile in her eyes that reached her eyes, Damon had his arms wrapped around her waist as he held her close against his chest and she leaned against his chest, she fitted into his arms like a peace of a missing puzzle.

"I like spending my time with you Damon." she murmed softly.

He smiled at her words and he placed a soft kiss to her forehead, as she closed her eyes softly leaning into his touch "I like spending time with you too." he said and he looked down at her into her eyes and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ears "You have my heart forever." he whispered into her ear.

Tears slid down her cheeks as she snapped out of her daydream when she heard her master's voice. "You're not thinking about him again are you?" he asked in a cold voice, his eyes burned with anger and hatred.

As she swallowed, she felt the hair on the back of her neck raise in fear "No!" she said, she did her best to lie, but nothing could get past Niklaus!

"Do not lie to me!" he bellowed at her and slapped her across her face sending her flying a few feet away, her body hit the tree and she landed on the floor with a groan as she looked up at him, he looked into her eyes "You will forget about Damon Salvatore." he said, compelling her to forget.

She swallowed and closed her eyes after he looked away when he was done compelling her and she just nodded as he turned and left, she opened her eyes again and she looked down at the necklace around her neck.....a gift.....her secret weapon. Her protection...from Damon.

She gripped the necklace in her hand and she sighed "I miss you Damon" she whispered to her self but soon enough Katherine grabbed her hissing

"What is this?" she said as she looked at the necklace and she ripped it right from her neck "What is it?" she yelled again.

Bella looked at Katherine "It is a gift," she said and looked at her, Katherine slapped her across the face and Bella lost her balance and fell to the floor, she set her hand to her bleeding cheek and she sighed and looked at her master and she held out her free hand, for Katherine to give it to her, but instead Katherine just threw it into the water.

"You will forget about him, do I make my self clear?" she growled.

"Perfectly." was all Bella could utter from her lips.

Well my heart is breaking this is really good I'm choking back tears and Luke is looking at me like I'm crazy

aww bless :) you're not crazy.

Tragic situation for both of them!  Will they be able to find their way back to each other?


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