The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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Oh gosh :) Do I always give you the feels? lol

I take the feels and your response as a good sign though

Yes with this story I have lots of feels and they are painful and at the same time very thrilling I'm sorry ill try to control them but he's they are a good thing

Oh lol bless :) you might have more feels as the story goes on.

So romantic!  I am so glad they found their way back to each other!  It is indeed a special necklace!

I am glad you think so :) yeah they found their way back to each other, but they will face challenges again on the way, nothing is ever easy.

Yep the necklace is something special :)

I thought there might be some complications down the line, especially with Klaus and Katherine in the mix! 

Yeah, their involvement is not over....yet. There will be some more problems, just wait and see :) I am not going to say anything

Love It!!!!!!!
Keep me posted...

I will do :) I am working on the new chapter

i loved it, write more

I am glad you like it :)

I will post soon.

Chapter 9 (Sneak Peak)

Later that night, when the part was over Damon took Bella with him back to the house. She was falling asleep as he carried her in his arms, he knew she needed some rest as she came back from the dead and she was weak when she came to him with Bonnie, even though his blood healed her, she needed some sleep. When he got to the house, he took her to his room and he laid her down on the bed and he laid down beside her, wrapping his arms around and she automatically curled up against his chest. He closed his eyes, it felt right to have her in his arms again, he felt complete.

He watched her sleeping, she looked so peaceful and calm in his arms. He leaned his chin on top of her head softly and he closed his eyes as she slept, her heart beating and her calm breath was rather soothing.

Hours passed by and Bella woke up in the morning, she was curled up, but Damon was already awake so she was hugging the pillow instead of him. Damon was by her side in a flash when he heard her trying to get out of bed and Bella smiled softly, feeling him by her side."I still can't believe, you're here." he said as he leaned down kissing her softly on her lips and he pulled her against him softly.

Bella touched his cheek softly as she kissed him back, his kisses always so passionate, loving and tender. Now it was even more intense and magnified then before. She leaned her forehead against his softly looking into his eyes and she smiled softly "I am not going anywhere this time." she said softly

"I won't let you." Damon said "I lost you twice already and I don't want to lose you a third time." he said as he placed kisses all over her face, which caused her to giggle and smile softly. "This time, it will be different." he said as he looked at her and he smiled softly and he held her close to him, she still fitted into his arms so perfectly as always, she was the missing piece he needed to find, Now that she was back in his arms. He was complete again.

Bella smiled then she realized something "I have no clothes here." she said

Damon chuckled softly as he smiled "You worry about clothes?" he joked and Bella laughed as she playfully snapped his arm and he kissed her as he pinned her to bed playfully "You can just wear, something of mine for now." he said


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