The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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Chapter 11 (Part 3)

Rebekah smiled softly, she then looked at all they found "Where to begin?" she asked at the same the same words, escaped from Bella's lips. It was like they read each others minds.  The others laughed softly.

Bella looked at them all "How about we start with the chest?" she said nodding to the wooden chest, that was beside Elena on the floor by the couch. The others nodded as they gathered around the chest and Bella leaned down on her knees as she examined the chest and she searched for a lock, there was non. There was no key hole either. Well this was going to be hard to open.

The others sighed "Looks, like this will be hard to open." Elena said.Bella nodded in agreement. Damon looked at Bella "Maybe you can try to open it using your powers." he suggested, looking at her.

Bonnie looked at Bella "Damon, has a point." she said and she smiled at her softly.

Bella looked at the chest as she took a shaky breath, she closed her  eyes as she held her over the chest and she willed it to open with mind control, the chest started to shake and it exploded knocking Bella back a few feet, she coughed as she landed on her back "Well, that was not a soft landing." she said as she sat up and she saw the chest was cracked open, and on the floor were bunch of scripts, photos, even a big book and a letter.

Damon looked at Bella "Are you okay?" he asked as he helped her up.

Bella nodded "Yeah, maybe next time we should open it up differently." she suggested as she looked at the book on the floor.  She then picked it up, it looked old and rusty. She noticed it was a on a lock, she sighed "How do we open this?" she asked and as if she said some magic words, the book opened it self up on it's own.

"I guess that's how." Bonnie said as she walked over, looking over Bella's shoulder "This is an ancient Grimoire, It looks it's dated back to the 5th century. But it looks like, it wasn't discovered until Rebekah and Elijah's time period, given by the texture of the pages and the scratch marks on the back of the book." she said

Rebekah looked at Bonnie "Why would it be around for so long and not be discovered until we were born?" she questioned.

Bonnie looked at her "Maybe, because it was protected by magic, until it got into the right hands...Bella's hands." she said "Kept it self hidden away from evil or other people that might seek it's magic." she said as she set the book down on the couch. She then picked up the bunch of papers that Damon found with Elijah and Bella "These are some healing herbs and remedies, and some potions, looks like your mother wrote them on her own, as I don't recognize any of them, so you have some heritage healing magic and spells/potions in your family."

Bella looked at Bonnie as she spoke "Maybe, that's what my mother was always up to, when she went off to her study. She was writing these, no one was ever allowed to disturb her or ask about her work. Now it makes sense." she said, sadness in her voice.

Elena gave her hand a squeeze, before she picked up the letter that was in the chest "It's addressed for you." she said as she held out the letter to Bella.

Bella looked at the letter and she softly took it from Elena's hands and she looked at the front, her name was clearly written in fancy Italian italics. She took a shaky breath as she opened it up. It was written in Italian.

Cara Bella,

se questa lettera arriva sempre nelle vostre mani. Vuol dire che avete trovato sul vostro patrimonio strega, il vostro destino. Ma purtroppo, io e tuo padre non può essere qui, per aiutarti e guidarti attraverso tutto. Sono sicuro, troverete la vostra strada, fare uso di tutto con saggezza. Perché io ho fiducia in te mia cara figlia cara, ho sollevato voi, tu sei mia figlia, il mio sangue e la carne. Un discendente della strega originaria Eyana, che mi ha girato e ho trasferito i miei geni strega così come la sua. Ma non devi mai dimenticare chi sei, fare affidamento sulla vostra magia e potere, per guidare e proteggere l'utente nella più oscura delle volte.

Amate sempre, tua madre.

Bella stared at the letter in shock, with her mouth agape. The others looked at her worried. "What does it say?" Elijah asked.

"It umm.."Bella cleared her voice "I am descended from the original witch Eyana. She turned my mother and when I was born, Eyana and my mother's witch genes were transferred into me." she said

Elijah and Rebekah looked at each other in shock "So, that makes you half an Original Witch?" she they said. Damon was in shock as was Stefan, with Elena and Bonnie who were speechless.

"But it looks, like with a modern twist." Bonnie said "As some of Bella's power are more active, rather than passive and spell wise." she said.

"It would look like it." Damon said as he looked at them all, he looked at Bella, who seemed to be in shock still and she just nodded. He looked at the envelopes he and Elijah found, they were all sealed. But he smelled something odd. He sniffed them, there were herbs inside. "These are some herbs." he said

Bonnie sniffed them nodding "They must go with the herb remedies and potion recipes Bella found." she said, as Damon set them on the grimoire beside the recipes and Letter that Bella set down.

She then looked at the papers, Bonnie found with Rebekah "Are these family trees?" she asked.

Rebekah nodded "Yeah, they were covered in vervain, as I showed you from earlier." she said as they all crowded around it and they started to examine it. They opened it up and Bella looked over it. "Ah, there are the originals.." she said as she went down the tree "There is Eynana." Bekah chimed in "Then there is your parents and you." she said pointing down further down the line.

Bella then spotted something odd "And what is this?" she said pointing to the right side of the family tree, it looked like her per-descors of the Italian throne heritage, the women died during child birth and their children died too.

Bella looked at it with Rebekah and the others and they frowned. "It looks like these were the few witches that tried to conceive a Witch/Vampire child, but since it is not possible for a child to be born that Hybrid, the mother and the child died before or during child birth."  Elijah said.

That send shivers down Bella's spine, she felt slightly uncomfortable "That's....that's." she shakes her head

Elena swallowed "I's not rather happy." she said as she patted her back softly, after they folded up the family trees and set them with the rest of the stuff. Bella, then gathered up the old photos, they were off her and her family. She sighed softly as she set them down on the floor.

Suddenly, Damon felt like there was another presence in the room, but he did not see anything. He frowned, shaking his head slightly, thinking it was nothing. Bella looked at the book shelf and she noticed something, she walked over and she was about to touch a book on the top end.

"Bella don't move." Damon suddenly said, as he noticed a trap door below her. But it was too late, as Bella's hand touched the book and her head turned to look at Damon, to ask what he was talking about, the trap door below her opened up and she fell down in the hall, before anyone could catch her. She landed in a well full of water and vervain and the trap door shut it self.

Damon gasped out "BELLA!" He yelled out.

Bella blinked as she came up, she had a slightly breathing space as the water did not fill all of the well. She pressed her self up against the door to open it up, but it would not budge, as if someone or something was blocking it. She then suddenly heard gasps and growls. She heard Damon say: "What are you doing here....Niklaus!"

Oh no, what is he planning to do?

Well, Klaus was the one that was watching them at the end of part 2 of Chapter 11. As usual, he is planning on doing something evil of course, not that he can see that Elena is alive, after he asked Bella to kill her. Which she did not do. So goodness knows what, revenge he is planning on doing at the moment :)

Chapter 12

Niklaus smirked as he looked at Damon "Now, now, is that any way to welcome back an old friend." he said, he had a smirk on his face. He was standing on the trap door, right where Bella was below

"If you think, you are an old friend. You are insane." Damon growled at him with Stefan.

Niklaus smirked "Ouch..that was a little harsh. Don't you think?" he said and he titled his head to the side, his eyes landing on Elena "Oh, I see you're still alive. Pitty Bella did not do her job as she promised, no use of me turning her human for a mislead task." he said

Rebekah and Elijah growled at their brother Niklaus "You could have never gotten, Bella to do your dirty work for you. Her loyalty to you was fake, she never trusted you." they said "You were the reason why she and Damon were hurting, were broken, why Bella ended up dead." they yelled.

Niklaus frowned "Why, do you always blame me?" he growled.

"Because you are the one that turned her into something she did not want to be." Damon yelled at him growling "You took her away from me." he said, his eyes were dark with hate and anger, all directed towards Klaus.

Klaus looked at him and he frowned "If you think, you're the only one that cared about Bella. you're mistaken. I cared for her too, loved her." he said

"But she never loved you." Elijah said "She always loved Damon, but you were too vain, stupid and evil to take any notice of that. That still is within you." Rebekah added "I watched you, ruin my friend. But, I am not going to let you do this, again." she said

"Neither are we." Elijah, Elena, Stefan and Bonnie said at the same time. "Bella, is a friend." they said, all of them were glaring at Klaus.

Klaus just smirked, he looked amused and he laughed evily "If you think, you can stand up to me. I challenge you to." he said "But just remember, I will get my revenge." he said, it was directed at Elena "I will bring you down, and then take Bella down with you!" he said

Damon growled "Over my dead, body!" he said "If you think, you will touch Bella. You will have to go through me." he said.

Meanwhile, Bella was struggling to try and open the trap door. She was pressing all her might at the door, but it would not budge. She could smell Klaus from the tiny holes, god he reeked of sweat and anger. She gathered he was standing on the trap door, but she was not giving up. She did not even have the chance to notice, that there was a water snake few feet below her in the well water, she was started to breathe more heavier, as the oxygen was fading away.

She slightly dived in the water, and she looked around to see if there was another escape, but there was not. She came back up gasping for breath as she pressed her hands up against the trap door.

Elena frowned at Klaus, she then noticed slightly smoke coming from below the trap door, that Klaus was standing on. Bella's powers. A voice said inside her head, she backed up slightly with the others, but Klaus stood there, smirking at their slightly retreat.

The trap door then suddenly exploded as Klaus yelped, the explosion threw him in the air and right into the end of the hall way. As Bella blew up the trap door using her powers, but just as she did, she felt a pain in her ankle, the water snake swam at her and bit her. Her eyes began to close as she started to sink to the bottom, before she could grip onto something to pull her self up.

Bonnie and Elena ran over and they saw Bella was sinking. They grabbed Bella's hands and pulled her out of the well, they were the only one's who could pull her out of the well, without being burned by the vervain, that was in the water and in Bella's hair and on Bella's clothes.

Elena noticed blood on Bella's ankle and she pulled her jeans back to reveal the snake bite, she gasped out slightly. The bite mark looked really deep. She heard Bella's shallow breathing, it sounded un-even and shaky. Damon was about to run over, but Bonnie stopped him "Stay back, Damon. She's covered in vervain." she warned him "Pass me the envelopes with the herbs." she told him

Damon looked at her "How will you know which one to use?" he asked her

"I know my herbs." Bonnie said as she held out her hand, waiting for him. Damon grabbed the herb envelopes and he handed them to Bonnie.

Bonnie then sniffed them until she found sage, mint and lavender, She pulled a few leaves of each from the  envelope and she set on Bella's wound on the leg. The leaves were assorted in an ancient witch shape on her leg, symbolizing healing power. The herbs sucked the venom out of her wound and started to heal the injury.

As the herbs healed Bella's leg, the color was returning back to her face. While Bella was out cold, Elena pulled the vervain strands form her hair and from her clothes. Damon watched worried with the others, while Stefan poked his head out of the hall, he saw Klaus was knocked outside in the hall way, alive, but knocked out and he looked like he was hurt. Served him right. He knew, that if Klaus would wake up and ran off like a coward, a fight would still would be nearing them all, he would not leave them like that.

After few moments, Bella's eyes snapped open as she coughed up water and she trembled slightly. Damon was by her side as he wrapped his jacket around her and he kissed her wet hair, it smelled of vervain, but it did not sting him and he held her close against his chest.

Elena and Bonnie smiled at Bella softly "Are you okay?" they asked her worried.

Bella nodded "I am, now." she said as she held onto Damon, she noticed the herbs on her leg

"Water snake bit you." Elena said. Bella nodded, she gathered by the pain in her leg, that it was the snake, which she did not notice.

"Maybe, we should get out of here." Elijah and Rebekah said, the others nodded. They quickly hid everything they found in their bags, while Damon scooped Bella up bridal style carrying her and they walked out of the castle quickly, as Klaus was still out cold on the floor.

They arrived at a Hotel, that was about half an hour away and checked in. Elena and Stefan had a room for them selves, Bella and Damon for them selves, while Bonnie shared with Rebekah and Elijah had a room for him self. Their rooms were next to each other, so they would be close and safe in Klaus went looking for them there.

Bella was asleep, as she needed some rest, to help her leg heal properly. After she woke up, she got rid of the herbs on her leg, her wound was totally healed. She rubbed her eyes and she grabbed some clean clothes and a towel and she went to the bathroom and she took a warm shower, to wash away the smell of the water from the well and the vervain. After she finished and dried off, she got changed into clean clothes, she blow dried her hair and let it lose.

She then walked out of the bathroom, to find Damon was casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He was by the door, guarding it, like a guard dog. He looked like he was deep in thought.

Bella looked at him "Are you okay?" she asked, as she walked over and she touched his cheek softly. Damon closed his eyes at her touch softly, before he opened his eyes and he looked into her eyes again.

"Just, worried about you." he said as he kissed her forehead softly and Bella closed her eyes.

She leaned against his chest "I am okay, at least for now." she said and she snuggled against his chest, while standing up. Damon wrapped his arms around her waist holding her close and he kissed her hair, it smelled of roses and wild flowers, because of the shampoo she used.

He held her close as he rubbed her back softly "I will make sure, you will stay safe. I promise you that." he said as he looked down at her.

Bella looked up at him, her chin was leaning against his chest softly as she smiled at him softly "I know you will." she said softly as she leaned up and she kissed him softly and she stroked his cheek softly, with her thumb. Damon smiled softly as he kissed Bella back and he pulled her closer against his chest as he ran a hand through her hair softly, they slowly backed up against the bed, they fell back and Bella giggled softly as Damon started to tickle her.

Damon chuckled as she wiggled in his arms to get away and he pulled her closer and he kissed her again, hushing her giggles and he smiled softly. He deepened the kiss as Bella wrapped her arms around his neck and she tangled her fingers in his dark hair. Damon placed soft kisses on her neck and jawline softly. He let out a groan against her smooth skin, when there came a knock on the door.

Rebekah giggled outside "Am I interrupting something?" she asked, from outside the door.

Bella giggled softly "Kind of." she said

Rebekah laughed "I just wanted to check if you were okay, but I guess it seems that you are. I will just come back later." she said and she let Damon and Bella, get back to what ever it was they were doing.

Elijah saw his sister walking back with a smile on her face "Getting busy are they?" he asked and Rebekah nodded as Elijah chuckled softly.

Narrow escape! Good thing they are all there to help.

BTW: Liking that Damon pose!

lol :) I like that pose too :)

Yeah it was a rather narrow escape. But it's just a matter of time, before Klaus goes looking for them again.


Keep Me Posted!!!!!

I will do :) glad you liked it.

Really! Darn those cliffhangers!

yeah, lol :) I like cliffhangers


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