The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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Wow Summer its getting better and better, although i don't care much for cliffhangers, but thats par for the

I am a fan of cliffhangers, they keep my readers on the edge of their seat wanting to read more :)

This is very good. Please continue soon

I am glad you liked it :)

Chapter 4

Elena looked at Damon when he said it belonged to Bella "Are you sure?" she asked him. She looked at him, she knew he was sad and heartbroken, but she needed to be sure, it was hers.

Damon nodded "Open it up, it's a locket." he said and Elena looked at the necklace in her hand and she gently pulled apart the two bits, opening it up, inside the locket was a picture of Damon and Isabella, it looked old, like from the 1800's, They looked happy and in love.Elena looked at Damon, seeing the sheer sadness in his eyes. It was heartbreaking "She's very beautiful" she said as she closed up the locket and she gently placed it in his hand. Damon just looked at the necklace then her "It belongs to Bella, you should be the one to give it to her again." she said.

Damon swallowed as he closed his hand around the locket and looked at her "Where did you find it again?" he asked looking at her.

Elena looked at him "By the water fall." she said and Damon ran out of the door as soon as Elena said the last word. When he got to the water fall, no one was around, the air was silent and still, just the after scent of a strong alluring, scent that belonged to Bella. Damon knew that scent anywhere, he breathed it in and he followed the scent as he took off running.

His legs working beyond the usual vampire speed, when he was running, as the adrenaline bumped through his veins. He dodged the trees in the way and he leaped over logs in his way.


Meanwhile, when Bella got back to Klaus and Katherine's stake out place, she stopped when she saw Elijah was there with Rebekah "What are you doing here?" she said, her eyes wide, she had not seen them for so long, she was in shock.

"We're here to help you." Elijah said looking at her "It's about Damon." he said.

Bella felt her heart ache at the mention of Damon, but she heard Klaus near by and she looked at him right in the eyes, she had to pretend to be over Damon and not love him anymore, she smirked, her most evil smirk and her eyes were dark with hatred. "Damon who?" she spoke in her most coldest voice.

Rebekah looked at her "Bella." she gasped out shocked, to hear that tone of voice "What have they done to you?" she said looking at her "Please Bella, we want to help you, we're your friends." she said taking a step forward.

Bella looked at her and she shoved her back, making her fly into the wall bringing Elijah with her in the process, they both landed on the floor in a heap "I do not have friends." she growled out "Now go, before I rip you apart." she hissed at them both.

Elijah looked at her and he helped his sister up, but at that moment Klaus walked in, he was at Bella's side right away, his arm around her and he pulled her behind him and he growled at his siblings "And why are you two here?" he asked them, in a cold shrill voice.

"To get Bella back." Rebekah said in her most defiant voice. She looked him right in the eyes and she had a frown on her face "I hate what you have done to her Niklaus, she was my best turned her into a heartless cold monster like your self." she yelled out as a memory invaded her mind.

It was a warm summer's day and Bella walked along the beach shore with Damon, they were holding hands and beside them walked Rebekah with Elijah, she tapped Bella's shoulder "Catch me" she giggled as she ran off and Bella laughed as she ran after her best friend and they both ran into the water and Bella splashed Rebekah laughing, while Damon and Elijah chuckled while they watched.

"Two girls who loved to be chased" Damon said and Elijah nodded, it was typical of the two girls. Girls in this era, like to be chased around, have fun and flirt. Much like Damon, who was a huge flirt, but he was a sensitive, romantic man, who was deeply in love.

"Mind if I steal Bella away for a moment or two?" he said, as he was not behind Bella as he scooped her up making her giggle, Rebekah smiled as she nodded, as if to tell him, she didn't mind.

Damon chuckled and he ran back to the shore and he set Bella down on her feet and he pulled something from his pocket "This is for your beautiful." he murmed softly as he set a locket around her neck doing it up and he leaned down kissing her softly on the lips.Rebekah had tears in her eyes at that memory "How could you be so heartless Nik?" she screamed at him "I thought you loved Bella too, but turns out you just wanted to turn her into a monster." she said. "She always Loved Damon, why can't you see that?" she said.

Elijah looked at his sister "Come on, it's not worth it Bekah." he said and he walked out of the room with his sister before Klaus or Bella could speak again. Once they were gone, Bella pushed Klaus aside and she sat on a the couch and she screamed into a pillow. She hated this, pushing her friends away, at such a cost.

"Bella." Klaus said as he sighed looking at her

"Don't." Bella hissed at him "I do not want to do this, I hate being like this, just to keep you satisfied Klaus." she yelled and she stormed off slamming the door behind her and it fell of the hinged at her strength and because she was hungry, she needed to hunt, so she was on edge and moody.

As Bella ran into the woods, she sniffed the air, for a scent that could fill her the restriction sensation in her throat. She was a fast runner, faster than the wind in her Vampire speed, as she caught a scent...another scent got mixed with it and she let out a growl out frustration, but then something or someone slammed in her and she growled as they both skidded across the grass and she felt strong hands pinned her to the floor, she tried to kick and get away, but she gasped when she laid her eyes on the man who kept her pinned down.

"Damon" she breathed out, her eyes wide.

Eeeeeeepppppp!!!!! I love it!!!!! I'm internally screaming right now! I can't wait for more please keep me updated thank you

Lol, I guess you're screaming inside since Bella and Damon ran into each other :) I will try and post more soon.

Yeah I am and thank you know I'm going to be as bad as the sherlockians waiting for the next season XD lol but yes I am your fan fix has me fan girling

Oh yeah, I am bad waiting for it too lol.

Aww thank you, that means so much :) to me. I am glad it has got you fangirling

Very exciting chapter!  I can't wait to see what happens next!  What kind of hold do they have on her and how will she react to him?

Thank you :) Yeah, I was on the edge of my seat writing it. You will have to wait and see what hold they have and how it progresses.

I can't wait for more


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