The Twilight Saga

When a New Vampire in Mystic Falls appears....Damon's past haunts him as he keeps releaving his heart break of when Bella disappeared, what will happen when he discovers who the new Vampire is?

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I am glad you do :)

Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Meanwhile back in the woods Damon still had Bella pinned underneath him and he finally realized who she was "Bella" he breathed out, his breath hoarse with panic and shock, his arms loosened around her arms but as he did, she kicked him away and she jumped back to her feet, he flew back and flipped him self landing on his feet.

Damon stared at her "You're alive." he breathed out, he finally understood who the new Vampire was, it was Bella. He took a stepped towards her, but she set her hand to his chest stopping him from moving any closer.

"Don't Damon." she said, her voice seemed bit colder than usual towards him, he looked at her confused, as he thought she would be happy to see him, he did not understand her behavior,

"Bella, what have they done to you?" he asked looking into her eyes and he touched her cheek, ignoring her request few moments ago.

Bella closed her eyes at his touch and she stepped away, she knew what she had to do, knowing it would hurt them both, but this was the only way, she had to protect him, she looked into his eyes, coldness in her eyes "I don't love you Damon, move on and forget about me." she said, before she disappeared from his view.

Damon stared after Bella, his body went numb from the shock at her words and he felt his knees buckle beneath him as he dropped to the ground and he let out a scream, filled with anger and agony of heartbreak, it died down to a sob.

It was a warm day in Mystical Falls and the young Damon Salvatore was planning a surprise for Bella, he looked at him self in the mirror as Stefan helped fix his tie and he smiled softly "Don't be nervous Damon, it will go down Well." he told his brother patting his back

"You think so?" Damon  smiled softly at his brother

Stefan nodded "I know so, Bella is lucky to have you brother." he said and he looked at him "You're both lucky to have each other." he said, Damon just smiled before he walked outside and to his and Bella's spot, where they were supposed to meet up.

Bella was already there, she had on a elegant dress that made her eyes and the color of her hair stand out, her beauty tender and elegant. She gasped when she felt arms' around her and smiled as she heard Damon's voice in her ear "Hello beautiful" he murmured softly.

"Must you always sneak up behind me, Handsome?" Bella said softly as she looked into his eyes, he just chuckled as he nodded before he pulled her into his body for a soft tender kiss.

Bella leaned her forehead to his softly when he pulled back and she smiled as she got lost in his blueish eyes and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear softly and he kissed the palm of her hand softly, as his left hand slid down taking her hand in his softly.It brought out a crimson color to her cheeks and she closed her eyes, she never felt so happy like she did now.

"I love you Bella." he said softly and he smiled.

"I love you too Damon...always and forever." she said as she touched his cheek softly and he smiled as he leaned into her touch softly and he then kissed her again, but this time more deeply. Bella smiled against his lips, as she returned the passionate kiss.

Damon pulled back softly as he looked into her eyes "I don't know what I would do without you Isabella, you mean the world to me and I know I cannot live without you, with you, I feel whole and complete, as you are my other half. I want to be with you, and only you." he said and he got down on one knee "Isabella Cerveli will you marry me?" he said as he pulled out a engagement ring from his pocket.

Bella gasped softly and she smiled softly and her mouth opened, as she spoke an answer, but the memory drifted away from Damon's mind as he sobbed out once again, the one simple word, hushed.


Bella got back to the hiding places, to hear voices yelling at each other. She stopped by the door to see Elena and Bonnie tied to each other down in the basement, their wrists bleeding.

Elena looked up to see Bella, Bella heard Elena's breath catch in her own throat, the girl must have known about her, as she stared at her in shock.

Katherine looked between them "Take care of them." she told Bella as she walked out to go hunting.

Klaus looked at Bella "Kill the doppelganger, do what you want with the witch, if you do so, the cure will be yours." he told her and he smirked at the witch and Elena.

Bella closed her eyes as they left, thank god. He did not compel her, as it would have made it much harder for Bella, she walked over to them as she looked at them "I am sorry." she said softly and she grabbed a dagger and she cut the rope setting them free.

Bonnie rubbed her wrists and looked at her "Who are you?" she asked confused.

Elena got up looking at her friend "She's Bella. Damon told me about her." she said and she looked at Bella "Come with us..Damon needs you." she said

Bella looked down, as a tear slide down her cheeks "I can't." she said "Tell Damon I am sorry, he will know what I mean." she said as she looked at Elena "You both should go, I'll make something up when they get back." she told them.

Bonnie looked at Bella "But they want Elena'll get in trouble if they don't see her body." she said then she thought and she looked at Elena "Go Elena, ran home and stay with Stefan and Damon." she told her.

Elena looked at her, getting what Bonnie meant " I won't let you take my place, I won't let you cast a spell to look like me." she yelled.

Bonnie looked at her "What else do you want to do Elena? he will come after you, if he finds out you're alive." she said.

Bella looked at them "Is there a spell to create a clone, so I can just kill the clone and you two are free to go?" she asked Bonnie.

Bonnie nodded "Yes, but it will require Elena's blood, to make it look more real when you kill the clone." she told Bella.

Elena nodded "Then do the spell and I give some of my blood." she said looking at both of them. She looked at Bella "I trust you with this." she told her and she gave her a soft smile, not scared of was to come.

Bonnie took a step back and she started to speak in what sounded like Latin and the air changed around them and in a few moments a replica of Elena stood beside the 3 girls, before the replica could move, Bella was on the move and the replica let out a scream then dropped to the floor limp...blood on Bella's clothes and lips.

Elena and Bonnie took a step back at how fast Bella was, It reminded Elena of Damon and Stefan. She looked at Bella, she then held out her wrist. Bella bit into her wrist softly, resisting to drink her blood, Elena held out her arm over the replica and let the blood trickle on the dead body.

Bonnie looked at Bella "Now what?" she said as she looked at Elena then the dead replica on the floor.

"You both are free to go. I will handle Klaus and Katherine when they get back. they are hunting far away, so you are free to go back, just warn the Salvatore's." she told them, before she kicked open the door to let them both go.

Bonnie was the first one outside, Elena hugged Bella softly "Please come back to Damon, if you can." she whispered before she joined Bonnie outside and the girls took off running to get back to safety.

Bella sighed and she closed the door again and she looked at the dead replica,  she set a fire circle around it, knowing the fire would make the spell last longer. She then went upstairs and she got cleaned up and changed. Her mind on what Elena said, how she begged Bella to return back to Damon. She wanted to, but would Damon want her back still? After what she said....she sighed, love hurt sometimes. Even if to protect the one you love.

Few hours later:

Katherine and Klaus got back, they saw the replica burning and Bella leaning against the wall "Where's the witch?" Klaus asked

"I had no use for her, so I let her ago." Bella said, she lied in a convincing tone, that even Klaus and Katherine believed this time. She watched as the fire started to burn the body.

Klaus smirked "Well done, I knew I could rely on you." he said as he set a small vile in her hand "You are now free to go and live life as you wish." he told her and he moved away, leaving way for her go and leave.

Bella closed her hand around the vile as she looked at him "Thank you." she said looking at them both before she left, she found her self at the cliffs and she sighed, she looked at the vile "Here's to human life." she said to her self as she opened up the vile and the strong smell hit her nostrils, she leaned her head back as she took the liquid inside.

It traveled down her throat, it felt warm and welcoming. She gasped softly, as her skin started to tingle with warmth and all she heard, was the things around her, the water, the birds, nothing from many miles away. She looked down at her self, in the water, her eyes were full of human life, like once again....but from below her came an odd shake as the rocks beneath her tumbled down and she gasped and she started to fall.

O MY GOSH..... This can't be happening ....... I'm frustrated and happy at the same time.....I love it and I can't help but feel emotionally frustrated inside...

Yeah :) it is a shocking event. I am still not sure if I will decide that this chapter or story will have a happy ending in the end, but there are lots more chapters to come, this chapter will be split up into 2 parts, so that will come soon and you will see what will happen to Bella.

I felt sad while writing this, but Happy from the memory Damon had, but still, very sad. I am glad you liked the First part of this chapter though :)

Yes and I'm worried but I'm sure ill love it either way happy ending or not

If there would be an happy ending, it might take a long time for Bella/Damon to get to that stage in their life, they almost had a happy ending, but it got taken away from them.

Oh no!  Always something in the way!  She did not forget or stop loving him!  What is happening to her now?  Will she survive, will someone rescue her?  Can't wait to see how all this turns out!

Yes there is always something in the way when it comes to Bella and Damon and their love. But whatever will happen, will happen, as heir journey will be complicated, you will have to wait and see what will happen to her now, that she is human again.

Chapter 6 (Part 2)

As Elena and Bonnie kept on running Elena stopped to turn back "Maybe we should go and get Bella, back." she said to Bonnie.

Bonnie looked at her as she caught her arm, she shook her head softly "It's not safe, do you want to risk, us getting caught again?" she asked her.

Elena sighed, knowing if they went back, Katherine and Klaus might catch them in action. "But...Damon" she said.

Bonnie looked at her and she sighed "I know, Elena." she said and she hugged her softly "I trust, Bella knows what she is doing. If there is for a way for Bella and Damon to be together, they will find it on their own." she said and Elena gave a soft nod, before she started to ran with Bonnie again, they kept running until they got to the old boarding house and Elena fell inside of the hall way as Stefan opened the door.

"Elena..." he caught her "Bonnie...what happened?" he said as he took in the dirt, and blood all over their wrists and clothes.

Damon ran over looking panicked and he saw Bonnie's expression "Bonnie, speak" he said.

Bonnie looked at Stefan and Damon "Katherine and Klaus happened, they caught us in the woods." she said

"How did you get away?" Stefan asked worried, knowing they both got hurt.

Bonnie looked at him, she then looked at Damon "Bella, set us free." she said, with cation.

Damon's eyes grew wide with shock and he let out a gasp "Be...Bella?" he said "She..." he could not even speak, as he felt his knees growing weaker once again, just like when she spoke to him in the woods, breaking his heart.

Elena looked at Damon, sadly "She said she's sorry." she said looking at him "I don't know, what about. But she said you'd know." she told him. Her eyes were sad, as she noticed the pained expression on his face, her heart ached for him. She never seen him like this before, it was painful. She knew they went through a lot, all thanks to Katherine and Klaus.

Stefan looked at Elena, than at his older brother as Damon looked deep in thought.

"I don't love you Damon, move on and forget about me." the words rang in Damon's head, but at what Elena told him, he got Bella's hidden message: "I love you Damon, I need to protect you, I am sorry." He took a shaky breath as he closed his eyes, then looked at Elena "Then what happened?" he said.

Bonnie looked at them "Klaus wanted Elena dead, so I created Elena's replica, that Bella killed and we had to use Elena's blood, to make it look more real." she said "He said if Bella did that, she would get the cure." she said.

Stefan looked at her "The cure?" he said, then he got what Bonnie meant "Bella's going to be human again." she said looking at Damon, knowing his brother never wanted Bella to suffer the fate of being a Vampire, he always wanted her to be human, and this was their chance to have a life together again, a life they wanted.

Before Stefan finished speaking, Damon was running out of the house "Damon!" Bonnie, yelled after him with Elena and Stefan. But He did not turn around as he kept on running, Stefan and Bonnie running after him, Elena holding onto Stefan's back, as her legs were too weak to function.

Damon ran faster, but he stopped when he got the water fall, he looked at the water and the water fall, some of the rocks were gone and there was blood in the water. The scent was rather overwhelming and it took him a moment that the human blood, belonged to Bella...his Bella.

He heard the other 3 behind him as he ran over to the water, where he saw a body floating, face down in water and the hair flowing all around. He swam over as the body was a few feet away and he gripped onto Bella as he swam back to shore and he laid her down and he brushed the wet hair from her face, big gush on her forehead, some blood covering her face.

Bonnie gasped when she saw it was Bella, her hand flew to her mouth as Damon started to do CPR, but nothing was happening. He then took his wrist and bit into it and he held his wrist over Bella's mouth tipping some blood into her mouth, waiting for something to happen, when nothing happened,he did the other arm, but still nothing.

"Damon, don't." Stefan said softly pulling his arm back "She's gone." he said sadly

"No!" Damon screamed "No!" his scream was full of agony and pain "She can't be gone, I can't lose her again." he was shaking as tears filled his eyes and he broke down and he buried his face in Bella's chest as he cried. "She can't be gone...I need her. I love her." he cried harder, "I need you Bella...come back to me." he cried.

Elena touched his shoulder softly, she hated to see him like this. She looked down at Bella's fragile body then at Damon "I am sorry Damon" she said softly as she hugged him softly as he cried like a little child.

He clinged onto Bella's body, holding the love of his life close to his chest as he cried into her hair. "Bring her back!" he yelled out.

Bonnie sighed softly "I wish I could...I am sorry." she said, knowing there was not much she could for the Human Bella that was gone. Not even his blood would save her now.

"No!" Damon said shaking his head as he screamed out again "No!" his face contorted with anger and he growled out, causing the ground to shake.

Stefan gripped his shoulder softly and he gave it a soft squeeze and he sighed and Damon hugged his brother as he cried, Stefan rocked Damon softly and he sighed, he hated to see him like this, knowing that the after math of Bella's death, the accident, would take a strong hold on Damon and it scared Stefan to even think, of what it would do to his brother.


When they got to the coffin in the cemetery, Damon laid Bella down softly in it and he crossed her arms over her chest and he looked at the locket he still had in his pocket, he then set it down around her neck, as tears slid down his cheeks and fell onto Bella's body, sinking into her skin and clothing. "I love you Bella. I wish you were here with me." he said to him self more than anyone else.

So sad!  I can't believe this is the end of the road for them, or is it?  Can we hope for a miracle?

I know :( I cried writing this chapter.

You will have to wait and see what happens, and if there will be a miracle or not.

Songs that might suit Bella and Damon on a few levels:

Warning: They are some what sad.


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