The Twilight Saga

Bella, born in edwards time, only her name isn't Bella, it's Jane. when she is changed, bella loses her past, read and see what happens... Click on the banners to go to next chapter. Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at!
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Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at!



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Chapter One, the chase

running through the darkness.
the smell of saltwater flooding my nostrils.
the feeling of sand seeping through my toes as i run barefooted on the beach.
the air caressing my naked flesh.
the sound of my heart pumping with adrenalin and fright.
i fell to the floor as a mans hand collided with my eye.

'Why did you have to run?'

i couldn't find my voice. i couldn't scream.
i couldn't cry or fight. i was helpless.
my head was throbbing and i could feel blood pooling from my eyebrow .

'why can't you see that i love you? why won't you let me love you?'

i wanted to scream at him, i wanted to scream for help but nothing came.
the man i was running from, or more the monster i was trying to lose bent down and placed his hand on my cheek.
it was so hard and cold.

'all i wanted was to feel you. hold you close. why did you make me hurt you?'

my mind was blank. i couldn't think or feel anything. i was numb.

the mans hand moved over my punctured brow.

'look what you made me do my love.'

the man bent down and kissed my brow. he moved his lips from my brow to my cheek and then down to my collarbone.

'you will be mine forever my dearest Bella. in time, you will love me as much as i love you'

his hands wrapped around my frame as he sunk his teeth into the flesh just below my collarbone.
as his teeth sunk deeper into my flesh i found my voice and screamed.

it was as if i had been laid on a bed of dry ice. the pain caressing my body was excruciating.
the monster who kneeled before me smiled.

'you are mine now Bella, know one else will be able to touch you. you will never be alone to walk this world again.
i will be there. every move you make, i will be with you. i have watched you for quite some time now and i knew you where MY forever.
i love you Bella, and i know in time, you will love me too.'

the pain hadn't stoped, my mind had cleared though and i was able to sense everything including my body. my fingers moved over the sand.
i could see through the dark like a light had switched on, there was a sharp stick protruding from the sand by my hand.
i was in treble pain. i felt like i was on fire but i had to do something. the monster before me was more of a monster than i thought.
i smiled at the man.

'i believe you. i have been alone my whole life, and i sense that i will never be left alone again while you are with me.'
'i love you Bella Cullen, forever we will be together. you will never belong to ANYONE but ME. for eternity'
'don't you mean till death do us part?'
'sorry Bella, but i am already dead, and you will be too.'

my mind went blank. i'm not dead, if i was dead i wouldn't still be talking and breathing. if i was dead, the pain seeping through my body right now would not be there. no, i wasn't dead yet
he bent down and whispered 'you will be like me, a vampire. once my venom has spread through your body, you will die and be reborn as my immortal soul mate.'

'no! never!' i grabbed the stick that was by my hand and sliced it across his throat. i then proceeded to push him off me as i got up from the ground.
he started to laugh.
'I told you Bella, you can't kill me, i'm already dead.'

'she might not be able to kill you, but we can.'
i turned to see four beautiful people. i had seen them before but never this close. One was a doctor, he worked at the hospital.
his wife was with him along with there two adopted children. i was stunned to see them. his sons eyes flashed across the scean.
i was completely naked and felt really self contious. the monster had torn my cloths off when i refused to remove them myself.
The young man looked me in the eyes. he had a look of confusion on his face, and then became frustrated. he went to move closer to me.
the monster i had tried to kill growled at him and moved between us.
the pain was mind blowing but the adrenaline running through my veins stoped it from causing my mind to blank out.
the man moved closer to my saviours and i couldn't think.

just as i was about to pass out, instincts kicked in and i ran as fast as my legs could carry me.
within seconds i was at my house not even out of breath. that can't be right. i lived at least 30 mins from that beach.
who was that man, and why did he call me Bella Cullen? my name is Jane Peters, he must have had the wrong person.

the pain that was gliding through my veins was excruciating still. i had to lye down or i would pass out from the sheer force of it.
i guess the adrenalin wore off as i slipped into a fit of terror.
i stumbled up the stairs to my room and fell onto the bed giving into the pain.
i remembered what the monster had said to me 'i am already will be like me, a vampire... your mine for eternity...'
i shivered, i didn't want to believe him, i was not going to die, i couldn't be.
i like your story : )
There was a knock on my front door but i couldn't move, i was holding in the screams as it was.
all of a sudden a man appeared at the foot of my bed.
'i will have you my love one way or another he will not have you. he doesn't deserve you' he had a greedy smile on his face. And a look of pure murder in his eyes.
'i will not let him have you, he dose not deserve you. you are mine and he can never have you, i will see to it.'
he came at me in a flash, it was like i had blinked and he was at my side. he picked me up by my feet and through me to the wall.
if i wasn't in so much pain from the bite, it would have hurt allot more.
as it was i couldn't stand the pain, i let out a scream and he smiled.
'it will be over soon enough my love, i am sorry i have to do this Bella, you would have been a perfect life partner. but he can not have you.
You will Never be a cullen.'
he picked me up by my hair and through me down the stairs,i heard a few things next.
i heard all the ribs in my chest crack, i heard my heart slow in pace, i heard him laughing i heard an angels voice swear and then and then nothing,
not even my heart beating in my chest.
everything was black. I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning.
i just have a few name in my mind now:

who am i? a bleeding twist

the story of Jane peters aka Bella Cullen
i will keep it in mind, i will put the next two chapters up, and you can tell me wht you think afterwrds
i luved ur story u shud continue writing
plz add me as frnd n keep me updated
n for ur title i think wat bout" immortal curse" it juz popped in my head after reading ur story.
sweet, one sec, i will put some more chapters up and see if it changes your mind
Chapter Two, Awaken

i awoke feeling DIFFERENT, WAS I DIFFERENT? i was in a bed in a big house. i looked down at myself. i was in a silk cream night gown.
i looked around. the room i was in was massive there was allot of sunlight in the room. i looked at the walls and noticed rainbows dancing off the walls.
i tried to see where they were coming from, but couldn't seem to find the origin.
every time i went to follow the rainbows they'd move.

i got out of the bed i was in and looked around more closely.
i found he source of the rainbows, it was me.
the sunlight hit my skin and shone like diamonds it the light.
it was beautiful.

i didn't know where i was, or what i was doing there.
'where am i?' had said it so low that i was sure not even a mouse could here me.
i had decided then and there to explore the place i was in.
i went to the door and opened it to see a set of amber eyes looking into mine.

a low growl erupted in my stomach. i was startled and i couldn't help it.
the blonde held her hands up in the air 'sorry, i thought i heard you.'
'where am i?' i needed to know.
'you are at my families house here in london.'
'why am i here?'
'we, that is to say carlisle and edward thought it was best to keep an eye on you here.'
'who are you?'
'i'm rose to everyone.'
'where is carlisle and edward then?'
they will be home any second, i told them that you were waking up.'

rose put her hands back down and sighed.
'whats the matter rose?'
'why would you care? you don't know me, and i really don't know you that well either.'
'that isn't my fault.'
'know it isn't. they shouldn't have left me here with you, i have better things to do than babysit newborns.'
'newborns?' i looked at my self 'i don't look like a newborn.'
'carlsile will explain when he gets home.'
Chapter Three, The Meating

there was a car coming down the drive. i could here it like i was standing right there.
'here they are now, wait in here ok.'
she closed the door and walked down the stairs.
'she's awake. i almost got my head ripped off!'
i then heard a familiar voice, i couldn't think where i heard it before.
'don't exaggerate, if she was going to rip your head off, she would have.'

i thought about what she had said, it ticked me off. i wasn't going to rip anything, and i was clearly not a newborn baby who needed baby sitting!
i could here someone coming up the stairs, i could hear him walk. i could tell it wasn't rose because she had a different swagger.
there was a knock at the door. i had wondered off to the window by the time he knocked, 'come in' i was looking at my hand in the light when he entered.
'beautiful isn't it?' i turned and looked at him.
a man in his twenty's came into the room with a warm smile on his face.
'i'm carlisle, we never got the chance to talk before your change.' this confused me.
'what change?' carlisle had a puzzled look on his face.
'Do you remember what happened three days ago?'
i tried to think, my ming was blank, i remember a name but that was it. 'all i remember was waking up and seeing everything through new eyes, nothing before it.
honestly, i can only think of one thing and its a name i have know clue about. i don't even know if its my name.'
carlisle slowly walked over to me. 'and what name is that?'
'Bella, Bella Cullen.'i smiled, i liked that name allot, it sounded so familiar. it had to be my name.
carlisle looked at me with wonder in his eyes. he pulled a light from his pocket. 'mind if i check you over?'
'are you a doctor?'
'yes i am.'
'sure, you can look me over' he walked me over to the bed where i laid. he prodded me here and there.
he checked my eyes and head.
'whats the verdict doc?'
'you are healthy, no more broken bones.'
i thought about what he had said. 'huh?'

a voice of an angel answered me.
'three days ago, you where bitten by one of our kind, a vampire. When we found you, it would have been possible to stop the venom,
however you took off before anyone of us could remove the venom from your system, we were all shocked to see you run off like that.
you should have been on the floor in agony. Then Erick, the one that bit you...' Carlisle cut him off

'this is allot to take in i'm sure, but you need to know. however...' he looked at the angel and back to me.
'i don't think its necessary to explain what happened to you when you left, i think that you should get that memory back yourself.'
carlisle shot a meaningful look at him. 'can i continue carlisle?'
'yes you can Edward.' Edward, that was a fit name for the angel standing before me with a body gifted by the gods.

'any way, long story short, Erick got away and we found you in a house.
we still had time to suck the venom out. i went over to you. you where dyeing not from the venom but from the injuries caused...'
'Edward.' carlisle shot a warning glance at him.

'i had to make a decision and i made it. for some unknown reason, i decided you were worth saving. i bit you.
the venom Erick had put into your system when he bit you wasn't enough to turn you after the damage you sustained.'
now,your story become more interesting...keep on going while im thinking what the best title for your story..
Very good, interesting story.
some few title:
*Sometime in the time.
*One Day
*For Love of Jane

Also please read my FF: "AGE"

Link here:

I hope you like it and please do not forget to put your comments, I like knowing what you think.

Thanks as always;

Lan Cullen
This is really awesome! Can you please keep me updated?!


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