The Twilight Saga

Bella, born in edwards time, only her name isn't Bella, it's Jane. when she is changed, bella loses her past, read and see what happens... Click on the banners to go to next chapter. Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at!
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Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at!
Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at! Create your own banner at!



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love it awwwwwwwww that sweet
I absolutely love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop laughing about chapter 21 with the train driver!!! That was hilarious!!! Please post more ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapther Twenty-Three, Supplies and Billy.

Edwards POV

'Oh this site is perfect Edward.' Esme smiled.
'Yes, well done Edward. I will go get the supply's for the house. Emmett, can you please help me get wood?' Carlisle asked.
'sure. Don't give me that look baby, I will be right back. We need to help to if we are going to live here. you don't want to owe Edward do you?'
rosalie hissed but said nothing. Emmett kissed Rose passionately and then went to clear the trees with Carlisle.

'You my love, can keep Esme occupied and go into town to get paint for the house, it should be ready to pain when you get back.
I am going to get Plumbing pipes and electrical cords from seattle. I will be back before your done shopping with Esme.' Bella pouted.
'What is that look for?' Bella sulked some more.
'I don't like shopping.' I laughed. Bella had never been shopping in her vampire form

'How do you know that my love?' I could see that Bella's mind was at work.
'I don't know. I just know I don't like shopping. I think I have had a bad experience in a shop. I don't know.'
'I will be with you Bella, You don't have to worry.' Esme smiled at Bella after she said that.
'Ok, As long as you don't leave me there.' Esme and I laughed and Bella joined in. 'Lets get it over with then.'

Bella's POV

Esme and I entered the local hardware store. There was only one in the small town. I had know idea how hard it was to choose a colour Esme liked.
I had gone through almost all of the colours. 'What about this one Esme?'
'Too yellow' I held up a green.'There is too much green in this town already.' I held up a really bony white. 'close' Esme picked up a white white 'This one'
I held back a groan, That was the first one I picked out for her 'I like it. Ok so are we done now?' Esme laughed

'Of course not dear, That is for the walls, Now we have to get floor coverings.' I suppressed a groan Edward did tell me the house would be done before we got back.
'Ok.' I looked at the carpets. 'I like that one.' I pointed to a shaggy gold one.
'That one is nice, It can go in the book room.' I was disappointed with that.
'Thoughs tiles will match the paint and benches.' Esme said beaming.

'What benches?' We hadn't gotten benches yet.
'Oh, Carlisle and Emmett are making them. Edward drew up the planes when we decided to move.'
'Got to love Edwards commitment don't you?' Esme smiled at me.
'The fact that Edward would leave the place we have called home for years to save you makes me so proud and happy. He has found his happy ever after.'

Esme had gone to the counter to pay for the stuff. Esme had almost brought the shop. 'Thank you Mr Newton. I'm glad there was a hardware store here.'
'Are you renovating?' The shop owner asked Esme 'I have never seen you around town before.'
'No, My family and I just moved, We finished building our house today. It looks bare and in need of clothes.' Mr Newton laughed.
'Will you be needing help with anything?' Esme smiled but shook her head.

'My family and I will be alright. My husband is pretty good with a scalpel so he should be good with a brush.'
'Oh. Your husband wouldn't be the new doctor by any chance?'
'That he is. We moved because I wanted to be in a small town. I didn't like city life.'
'Well, It is a good thing you did. We are in need of a good doctor here.'

With that we were off. Esme and I had gone to two more shops before the people of the town started whispering.'James newton said that they brought most of his stock'
'How could she afford that?' the gossip asked 'She is the wife of the new doctor in town.' a high school boy asked 'who is that? the one next to Her? Is that her sister?'
'I think it is her daughter. That woman looks to young to have children that age.' I had to bite my tongue from laughing.
'Wounder if she has any other kids living with them.' 'Why don't you introduce yourself?' 'I am not going to be seen with the new neighbours What would people say?'

Esme smiled at the group of gossipers 'hello ladies, can you please tell me where there is a good hiking shop?'
'The group of ladies stared at Esme with open mouths. I think they thought they where hearing things cause the lady ask 'Did you say something?'
'Oh for goodness sake. Mum asked you where the nearest Hiking shop was.' all there jaws dropped. 'La Push.' The boy of one of the ladyies answered
'Mr Newton was Thinking of trading up his store for one as there is really no need for hardware as not many people move here,'

'Thanks.' I smiled at him. He had black hair and was very tanned. 'I'm Bella by the way. Bella Cullen.'
'I'm Billy Black. I live in La Push. My dad is chief there.' His mum smacked the back of his head 'What?'
'You know you're not to boast about your dad. Shut your mouth or I will shut it for you. We must leave, say goodbye Billy.' I was appalled at how she treated him.
'Sorry mum. I have to go now Bella Cullen. it was nice meeting you. I will see you at the Hiking store sometime? I work there you see.' I nodded as they left.

'I don't like that woman, how she treats her child is horrid.' Esme was on the same mind link as me.
'Can we go home now Esme? I don't like being the centre of attention.' Esme smiled at me
'Ofcores Bella, The boys should be finished and Rose will be complaining of breaking a nail or something.' I laughed at that.
'Edward would probably back waiting for me anyway.'
Edwards POV is coming, Guess who he sees?
You need to write more NOW!!!! Please keep me updated. :)
can't wait for more!!! this is getting really good!
love it
i LOVE it!!!
i have no idea who he might see.... but i guess i'll find out when u post next!!
which needs to b ASAP!! lol
loved it :)
and i loved the fact that bella still hated shopping :)
and the mum part :L it was funny :)
post more asap please..... :)
love it! and im guessing edward sees billy's dad, the chief?? and pplleeeaaassseee write more
Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing

wow you have to write very soon


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