The Twilight Saga

What if you could bring the cullens out of the book? what would happen? How would they live in our world.What if ut wasn't only the cullens who came out.
this is what happens to cassie. A 16 teen year old girl living on her own. her parents died three years ago and she is constantly running away from people who want to take her to her great aunts. one day she is at the local libery and starts reading this book called twilight. she is so in love with the book that she dicised to look it up. while she does she stumbles acroos stephine myers web site and start reading deleted chapters. and thats wear it all beings.
unlike ink heart no one goes into the book when people come out.
this is my fourth fan fiction i am almost done with one called finding her place again.
here are the links to the two that won't be done soon.
if it never happened
bella's song

a lovely secrect

chapter one
when it all started
i was all by my self.Cassie maso that was me. my parents died a mouth ago and i was suppose to be going to my aunts but the day before i had to go there i grab all the money my parents left me stuffed it in a bag and ran. now i am in forks. i know its from twilight why do you think i came here, everyone that knows me knows i love sun so they we think i would neber go to forks. i am crently sleeping in a motel room and going to the libary constantly i have three diffrent outfits and my twilight books thats all.i look at my phone which i really turn on the screen saver is of me and my two best friends maggie and jenna. gawd i miss them. i miss my parent. i miss my life. i used to be a dancer popular and fun and perky why did this happen . i was a good girl i never stool any ones cranyons in kindergarten.when i fianlly stoped crying i looked out my window. today it was pooring.UGH!!!!!!!! why is there i crulde up in my bed with my breaking dwan. i dicsided to read it out loud. even though dad told me never to read out loud not even if my tacher asked me to.i was just reading about alice getting bella ready when there was a flash and there in my room was bella in a dress and alice standing over her.
"wow what happened." i said they looked over at me."omg this is why dad never read me stories its coming back now. i was yelling.
"calm down...." alice said.
"my names cassie." i said.
"ok calm down cassie why don't you explain." alicee said sitting me down.
"well i ways reading this " i said handing her the mini book.
"wow how do you know what i was dooing?' she asked.
"its a book." i siad.
"a book show me." i handed her the books.
"omg bella its everything." alice said,wow she finshed the books fast. i looked up to see bella she had gold eyes so she was a vampire. makes sense it was a convo with bella and alice after she wasa vamp but why wasn't edward here, he was there during that part.
"let me read."bella said grabing the book. when she was done she said"wow"
"ok well explain what happened." alice said.
"well i was reading here i show you." i said grabing the book. i read out loud now all the cullens were in here including nessie who looked older then five which she looked like at that part. jake was even here.
"woah i didn't mean to do that." i said.
"cassie it seem your a slver tounge."alice said.
"well alice would you care to explain why we are all cramped in this little mottel room."edward said.
"sure."alice said. she explained everything an after she past the books around everyone read tem pretty fast.
"what are we going to do?"edward asked.
"i don't know." bella siad.
"oh i know genouses. askcassie to put us back in."emmet said like it was a no braner.
"i don't know how i don't even know hwy your here. and nessie should be five not 16." i yelled.
"don't worry sweetie"esme said rubing my back."we'll figure it out. now where are your parents."that question brought on tiers.
"there dead they died a moth ago i am sixteen and living on my own. i don't want to go live with my evil aunt." i cried.
"oh its ok well lets go and apodt you. you couldlive with us."alice said.
"no you guys can't walk ou tthe door people know who you are this book its a movie you look like the actor. well expect bella but still you'll be mobed."i siad.
"ok well"alice said drawed for a blank.
"i know" i said."cullen extrem make over!" i siad.alice gasped
" this is going to be fun."she said claping her hands.we all walked to the hair place next doorso peoples hair could be died.
"ok people pick a color black red brennut blonde." i said. after gettin every ones hair died. alice became brennet,bella wanted to stay close to natural so went with edwards color,rose went brunnet,esme went balack,and nessie went blond. edward went with bella's color,jake bloond, caralise went brenut,jasper black or brunet like,emmet was hard but we got hi to do a blond do.(like kellans)
"what about our how to get home?a house car? we have to still adpopte cassie."jasper said walkingout the door.
"well we we'll deal with it later lets go shoping pleasse and then house shoping and car shoping. every thing wil work out i know ths. i can't se it but i feel it trust me i had a vission in thereof us at a nice home with cassie. calm jazz."alice said aoing her husband.
"but for now its time to SHOP!!!!!" i yelled alice gigled with me.
every one groaned then emmett asked."how far is the mall?"

hope yo liked it comment please

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pleasse anyone think its a good idea because i do but if none of you do i am not going to wright it
Please write it, it looks like a good story. :)
ok i will i hope every one likes it because i hope it will be good its just like bella's song i got the idea

and then went

nah i'm alrady wrighting three

but it wouldn't go away and started wrighting it self like bellas song
please write seems really interesting
i will thank you that means alot to me i will keep you updated
hope you like the frist chapter
love it i love it how it talks about fans like us loving Twilight

please continue very soon
lol i wish i ould do that vist the books for a few hours
becaause i thought kirsten did not look like bella at alll so i wanted her to be difrent is that ok with you
Hi I made your banner. If ther's any chances you want then let me know I hope you like it!!

Create your own banner at!
Oh my gosh this is like the best one EVER!!! Please write more soon!!!! :P

claire m. cullen<3


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