The Twilight Saga

This is a story of Bella Salvatore, she is the yonder sister of Stefan and Damon Salvatore. She remembers been turned at 16. She also witnessed the "death" of her brothers. After years of depression she decided it was time for a change, so she changed her last name and started off her new life....what she doesnt know is that her brothers are still alive....when she finds herself with the Cullens she realizes that love and life lives on....she is also learning how much vampires have changed. Sense they are so different from her.

But when she meets the Cullens, Carlisle Cullen recognizes her from his past. But he does not remmbers her as Bella Salvatore, he remembers her as Queen Isabella Kuran, the only pureblood in exsistance and the ruler of all vampires.

When her brothers return and find her alive will the truth finally come out? Has Bella been living a lie her whole life? What will happen when Bella finds the Cullens? Will she fall for Edward? Or will she finally remember her true past and take her role as queen of the vampires?


My name is Bella Salvatore. But i changed my last name to Swan. Im not like these new vampires that rome earth today. Im an original, I don't sparkle in the sun, have skin hard as stone, my eyes are the same color as when i was human, i can eat and sleep, and i have fangs. But they only come out when i get thirsty or really angry. Which has been often these past couple of months. I don't really remember who changed me, it was such a long time ago.
I moved to Forks so i could start new. My brothers death has been really had for me, even if it has been hundreds of years ago. Plus I've heard of the vegetarian vampires that my one always talks about. I've tried the whole animal blood thing, didn't work out very well. I prefer human blood if you asked me. I'm going to Forks High School as well. Hopefully i don't eat anyone.

Chapter 1a: Bella

Today is my first day at Forks High School. I was pretty nervous.
Mostly because it's been a while sense I've been at a human school.
But my brothers would have wanted it this way. If they knew i was alive for that matter.
"Hey. You must be the new girl." Said a human girl.
"Yeah, i am." I told her with a smile on my face, she has an interesting smell, but not enough to make me thirsty.
" I'm Jessica."
"Bella. Bella Swan."
"Whats your first class?" She asked me.
"I have physics."
"Yay, i have that class!!" She yelled.
As she walked me to my class i felt someone staring at me.
When i looked up all i saw....

Sorry its short....i just doing now if i should write it or not
Plz tell me what you think....all comments will be appreciated....good and bad

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omg hectikated!!!!! :o

update soon!!

i will i promise :)

*New Reader* This story sounds interesting. I'd like to read more.


Keep writing Awesome plot

*new reader* i loved it please write more soon :)

I'm so sorry i haven't posted anything.....ill post very soon i promise :)

better be quick

Chapter 4 Part 1: Edward

"Bella!" I yell but she continued to run.
I look back at Carlisle and push him against the wall.
"Edward!" Yelled Esme.
"Why did you call her that?!" I yelled at Carlisle.
"Because its true Edward!" He yelled.
I looked in his mind.
He was remembering the time when he was turned.
(Flashback: Carlisles POV)
'Im so thirsty. I have to feed.' I thought to myself.
I was in the woods alone.
My life was ruined, i was a monster. A vampire.
Something that kills people, drinks their blood.
I look at the town full of humans, humans filled with delicious blood.
I couldn't take the pain in my throat anymore. I HAD to clench this thirst.
I saw a woman with a child, but i wasn't thinking, all i wanted was my throat to stop burning.
The human and her child were near the forest, just when i was about to attack, I was pushed against a tree, i was at least a few yards from the ground.
I looked around, to see who or what was doing this to me.
That's when i saw her, she was beautiful, she had on a black dress that fit her body perfectly. Her hair hung lose on her back, but her eyes were all black, no color in them, no white, no nothing.
(Back to present Edwards POV)
I took a few steps backwards in shock. The creature in Carlisles memory was Bella, no doubt about it.
"Edward, son, please keep looking at my past. You will understand me."
I nodded at him. Closed my eyes, and continued watching his memory.
(Back to flashback, Carlisles POV)
She continued to stare at me.
"How dare you think of exposing us that way." She said in a beautiful voice.
"Im thirsty. I haven't fed sense i was turned." I whispered to her.
"If you want to feed off of humans. At least TRY to hunt smart." She told me as she lets me go.
When she did that her eyes changed, instead of all black, her eyes became normal.
They were chocolate-brown.
"What are you?" I asked her.
"Im a vampire you idiot."
I was shocked. "But you look so human."
"Im a pureblood vampire. The ONLY one left in the world." She said sadly.
"How can that be possible?" I asked.
"Its not that hard to understand you know. My family was killed by the only thing that can kill werewolfs. All the purebloods were killed, i was the only one that survived. I was injured horribly though." She said as she uncovered her left shoulder.
There i saw three thick scars, which were clearly made out of claws.
"I still haven't completely healed. Nd this happened many, many years ago." She said.
"How old are you?" I asked.
"You wouldn't believe me." Was all she said to me.
"Where are you going?" I asked as.she turned around and started to walk awat from me.
"My work is done here. I stopped you from hunting a human. Now go on and hunt a deer or something."
"Im not going to be able to control myself from human a human." I told her.
She turned around nd looked into my eyes and said.
"You will not hunt any human as long as you shall live. When someone asks you a question about the change, you will tell them that you got away from human cities, that you saw a animal nd couldn't control your thirst. You will not tell anyone about me." She said.
I stared into her eyes, and without even thinking about it.
I kissed her. Her soft lips against mine felt good.
(Present Edwards POV)
I slammed Carlisle to the wall again.
"How dare you kiss her!!" I yell to his face.
"Edward listen! I didn't mean too!" Carlisle yelled back.
Just when i was about to rip this man, the one who gave me a new life, to shreds i hear a thought.
'Edward help me.' I hear her think.
I run outside nd look for her, but when i find her i freeze.
She's covered in her own blood, with wounds on her back, arms, and neck.
"Bella!" I yell.
I pick her up and took her inside.
"Isabella!" Yells Carlisle.
"Get away from her!!" I yell at him while i take Bella up the stairs and into my room.
I put her on my bed and turn around just when Carlisle enters the room.
"I said he away from her!!"
"Edward!" Yells Emmett as he pushes me away from him and pins me against the wall.
I try fighting him, but Jasper and a Alice help him out.
"Don't touch her!!" I yell at Carlisle when he enters my room and starts treating Bella.
"Edward dont do this. Think of Bella!" Yells Alice.
When she says that i start to calm down a bit, but i still felt angry.
"Let go of me. I'll go outside while he treats her." I said through my teeth.

Im sorry i took forever to post....I've been REALLY busy with school and band practice :)

Poor Edward has a lot to deal with!  When will you catch up to the end of the last chapter from his point of view?  How will he handle that on top of everything else?

Love it keep me posted!!!!


Awesome chapter!!


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