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This is a Twilight Saga Fan Fiction that is all in the form of a chatroom. It is meant to be a comedy.


Author's Note: If this is not funny, I'm sorry about that. Comedies aren't something I normally do and this is just something I am doing because I am bored and have nothing better to do with my time xD Thank you for reading. Leave a comment if you would like.


P.S. - Due to the fact that this is just a result of me being bored, updates will not happen all the time. I will more so be focused on school and my two fan fictions A Twilight's Heat and Hot Winter, Cold Summer. Both of them are posted on TTS so if you don't mind, take a look at them and leave a comment :)


- Dajah




Twilight Chatroom



[PixiePrincess has joined chat]

[Dr.Cullen has joined chat]

[MammaCullen has joined chat]

[JazzieJ has joined chat]

[Eddie has joined chat]


PixiePrincess: Hey guys! Where is everyone else?


Eddie: Trying to figure out what you made their user names… why are we doing this? We all live in the same house.


PixiePrincess: Because it’s fun!


JazzieJ: Well you could have told us what our user names are, babe.


Dr.Cullen: Mine was pretty simple.


[BabyBell joined chat]


PixiePrincess: Bella! You figured it out!


BabyBell: Yeah. It was easier than I thought…


Eddie: Why did my name have to be Eddie? You know I hate Eddie…


MammaCullen: Just go with it, Honey.


Dr.Cullen: I have things to do. See you all after work.


[Dr.Cullen has left chat]


MammaCullen: I’m getting offline, too.


[MammaCullen has left chat]

[EmmyEm has joined chat]


Eddie: EmmyEm?


PixiePrincess: I thought it was cool.


[EmmyEm has left chat]


BabyBell: Is there a point to this?


[SmallestCullen has joined chat]


Eddie: Is that…


SmallestCullen: Really! My name is smallest Cullen!


PixiePrincess: Relax. It’s not like it’s a lie.


[FamilyDog has joined chat]


FamilyDog: I hate you all.


JazzieJ: Hahahahahahahaha!!!!


BabyBell: I’m sorry Jake but that is funny! XD


Eddie: We all hate you too, Jacob.


SmallestCullen: I don’t hate him!


PixiePrincess: Where’s Rose?


Eddie: She can’t think of her user name.


PixiePrincess: Really? It’s not that hard…


FamilyDog: I know what I would have given her has a user name…


[Barbie has joined chat]


FamilyDog: YES! XD


Barbie: Shut up, dog!


FamilyDog: I may be a dog but at least I’m not a toy.


JazzieJ: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! He told you!


FamilyDog: Wanna hear a blonde joke?


Barbie: No


FamilyDog: There were three girls on a drive… a red head, a brunette, and a blonde. They each brought one thing with them on the drive…


Eddie: I have heard this one before.


JazzieJ: I haven’t.


BabyBell: I haven’t either.


PixiePrincess: WHAT DID THEY BRING!?!?


SmallestCullen: Oh gosh…


Barbie: Shut up…


FamilyDog: The red head brought a bottle of water so that if she’s thirsty, she can get a drink. The brunette brought a cell phone so that if something happens, she can call for help…


Barbie: If you finish this joke, I will end you.


FamilyDog: And the blonde brought a car door! So that if she’s hot she can roll the window down!


JazzieJ: ROFL!


BabyBell: Jazz… you are blonde, too.

JazzieJ: Oh yeah…


Barbie: I told you to shut up!


[Barbie has left chat]


PixiePrincess: Jake, might wanna run now.


FamilyDog: I don’t need to run. I’m not scared of some oversized Barbie doll who jdsoih8fdahthiy8fehu8adhueihjot49q08u29qijfojhro\


SmallestCullen: Jake!


[FamilyDog has left chat]

[SmallestCullen has left chat]

[BabyBell has left chat]

[Eddie has left chat]


PixiePrincess: I told him to run…


[PixiePrincess has left chat]


JazzieJ: ………everybody left me………


[JazzieJ has left chat]


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oh lol. Jake and his jokes.

ROTFL..... ahahahaha i can't stop laughing :DDDDD jake really got it this time.. and i like the user names :)) "family dog" and "eddie" ahahahahaha


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