The Twilight Saga

Twilight sat down on the beach, staring at the millions of grains of sand. "They just stay here, never moving. Why? Don't they know that they will evaporate eventually?" She stood up to go home, but saw New Moon sitting farther back, his muscles gleaming in the sun. "Hey Twilight. I was wondering if you wanted to race some motorcycles." Twilight stared back at the ocean, and knew her answer. "Listen, New Moon. My heart belongs to Draco. He isn't just a vampire, he's MY vampire. I love him, nothing will ever change that." New Moon became enraged, and howled in agony as he transformed into a werewolf, revealing his secret to Twilight. She ran as fast as she could. "So she knows now. I knew she would someday" were the thoughts he pondered as he sat to think. END OF CHAPTER 1

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