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This story is about Carlisle being chosen to go to Pandora to save dieing Avatars. Their minds and bodys are being posioned. Carlisle gets to choose, two people he would like to come with him. So he choose's Edward and Bella. As they are changed in to Avatars, they are no longer vampires, until they fall asleep and wake up. Bella and Edward learn the ways of the Avatars and creatures, but what they don't know what dangers there getting into.

I was relaxed, calm, ready for the new body. I was warned, that this planet was dangerous, more dangerous then our earth. My mind was ready, I was ready, and so was my body. Soon I would be a new being.


Chapter 1-Bella's point of view
Blank. That was it, all I thought of and now I was new. The bodie I was in was larger, very large. I stood up seeing I was in a hopsital bed, humans were surronding me, watching every move i made. They told me to lay down, and so I did. What did I look like? I knew my skin was different, would my face be too?
I waited, waited for them to tell me everything was alright. The adrenaline, inside me was wild, waiting to be set free. I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to get up. I would flex, my hands and feet every once often, feeling how different this new body was. Then voices started to float.
"Bella.." One said. I opened my eyes. A ladie, who was in a white suit rubbed my forehead. Imdeditally, I sat up. The young ladie back up. "Don't be afriad, Bella. We need to know if you feel alright?" She asked. My mouth was in to much shock, I just shook my head yes. "Take her outside and change her cloths." The ladie, looked at another women. This girl, carfully, grabbed my hands gently tugging me into another room.
She handed me a red t-shirt, with black pants. Then left me alone in the room. Walking over to the dresser was difficult, I slowly made my way there, while my legs wobbled back and fourth. I stopped. There was a mirror, a couple feet away. My mouth fell open. The hair of mine was much larger, the bodie of mine was huge. My hand only 4 fingers and my feet were long.
The body was in good shape, I was blue though. It didn't matter, becuase I thought i looked beautiful. My eyes smiled back at me, through the mirror. I laughed with happiness, knowing this mission was going to be fun. So instead of looking at myself forever, I changed into the cloths. Even before leaving I check myself out again. I couldn't get over this.
I raced to the door, seeing the women, who had left me here, she stepped back afriad I was going to hit her.
"Your husband is waiting for you Bella." She said in a motherly ton. Edward. My mind said. What did he look like, we were't vampires anymore, were we? I stepped in front of the women, making my way back the way we can. She hurried her pace, as we went outside.
There he was, my Edward. He raced his way over to me, pulling me to his chest. He felt different, and smelled different too. As we looked up to see he each, we laughed. His figures were sorta the same, the way he smiled made me feel wonderful. Slowly, my hands trickled to his face. Edward closed his eyes, he exhaled a big breath. My fingers traced over his mouth, the smooth soft feeling, went with my fingers. Gliding over then to his eyes. Edwards eye-lids were very gently, so I closed my eyes to feel, without looking.
Then I opened my hands, so I felt all of Edwards face. His nose was different, and his ears were a little pointy, as well. He was laughing, as I locked my lips to his.
"Bella." His said, trying to get my attention. It wasn't  working to well. Our lips still moved togther urgently. "Bella." He moaned to me, Edward bit my lip to stop us from kissing. He moved our faces away so we were able to look at each other.
When he pulled away, I hadn't noticed Edwards eyes were green, different then humans. "I can tell you like this new world, don't you?" He asked me, his voice was still the same. His hand slide down to mine, we started walking on a path.
"Yes. I love this!" I said a little to excited. "Were not vampires anymore are we?" I asked, stareing at his new face.
"No, no now." He told me. "But when these avatars fall asleep, we will wake up in our normal bodys. So when were in our regular bodys we will be vampires again, so will have to feed too." His answer was long, but it explained alot to me.
"Wheres, Carlisle?" The words spilled through my mouth. I had been wondering about him, sometimes. I know one thing for sure. Carlisle had been changed into a Avatar as well, only because he was to go save Avatars out in the forest who were dieing. Edward and I also had to help save them, but also learn the ways of these Aliens. I was excited to see what creatures we would see, and how they would resemble the once like ours.
"Carlisle is getting the medicines ready, and talking to the doctors that arn't going." He answered me kindly. "Were actualy heading to him right now." Edward gestured his hand over to a buildng. It was at least 20 ft away. 
The heart in this body pounded. I was very excited, now. I wanted to see the other Avatars right this instint, but I had to wait until everything was ready.
Stepping into into the small human hospital, (Almost knocking the door out.) no one was gazing at us. The height was big enough for us to walk through. Edward pulled me most of the way. I stumbled quite a few times, sometimes knocking over people. After saying sorry and helping them back up, Edward brought me into a room. Carlisle was here, sitting on the ground.
"Carlisle, we are very appricated that you and some of your family members were willing to do this." One female nurse said. She smiled as we passed her. I took a seat next to Carlise, while Edward sat next to me.
"Your Welcome." He answered.
"As you can tell we only have at least 1 remaining doctor and 21 nurses here. Alot of the others were shipped back to earth, since what happened last time-"
"What happened last time?!"  I blurted out interupting the female. My hand went over my mouth. Edward put his hand on my leg.
"Last time, Marians had Pandora under control. Destroying Avatars habitats. Then humans, and Avatars faught each other, which the Marians had lost. So all humans were forced to leave, but some chose to stay, promsing to leave them alone." The ladie stopped them started. "I choose to stay and help Dr. Flanlen. Same with my assitant Alex." The ladie moved her head in the direction of Alex, Alex waas writing something on the desk. She nodded her head in saying hello.
"You have all the medicines and equitment ready?" The ladie asked Carlisle. I moved a little so i was able to see Carlisle, now his figures were sorta the same, except ears, nose and skin, but his blonde hair wasn't there anymore either. Instead replaced a long ponied braid. Something was moving at the end. I stared trying to see what it was, In his ponytail was a squid like strings moving around. Did i have that? So I grabbed my long hair searching for the thickiest braid. Sure enough when i grabbed it, the tiny strings were there. Edwards hands were on mine trying to get it them off the braid. 
I gave Edward a confused look, he lip said-Tell you later- I nodded and let go of the braid.I focused back on the questions and conversation we had. Once I did Carlise was standing. Had I just missed everything they said? Probably.
"Well-" Carlisle said. "Should we leave now?" He said looked at Edward and I. If I wouldn't of bit the inside of my cheek, I would of shouted out 'Yes!' Edward came next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist.
"Were ready." Edward answer, I turned to smile at him. He kissed my lips. i stated at his face, loving these new bodies we were in.

Tell me If I should continue, I will start this story once I'm done with the story New Born Bella.

Also If you can make banners for this story, please do.


Here is a song for when Bella first wakes up.

Waking up


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Name: Twilight in Avatar
Author: Brianna
Quote: non
Picture: Could you have the avatar jake and the girl avatar in t he story and bella edward in it too please.
write more
please continue !!!
i love it <333
keep me updated!!
love shauny
keep me updated
heres ur banner:

Nice, it sounds really great :)
That sounds really good!!! :D
Yo, I can make you a banner if you tell me:

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I would love a banner.
Name: Twilight in Avatar
Author: Brianna
Quote: non
Picture: Could you have the avatar jake and the girl avatar in t he story and bella edward in it too please
Is Bella a vampire already in this, or not yet?
Yes, she is a vampire so when she goes into the other bodie her and edward are not vampires anymore until they wake up when they want too.


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