The Twilight Saga

hello!! this story is about the band muse meeting the characters from twilight :) please leave a comment and enjoy! :D

"where are we?" matt asked

"dunno" dom answered

"wheres chris?" matt asked again

"dunno" dom answered...again

"do you know anything?" matt pushed him

"oh wow ok matt that was mean" dom was hurt


"this place reminds me of like some twilight movie" dom said while poking a tree

"lol yeah"

"like what even i was supposed to go shopping today in london." dom frowned

"its ok i'll just call tom he can come and get us" matt said while getting out his banana

all of the sudden there was a growl from behind them

"matt omg i think that was a leopard"

matt sighed "ok whatever just skin it and make some jeans out of it. and do it fast cause i have a pasta dinner tonight with kate and i dont want to miss doctor who"

"ok" dom said while getting out his leopard print knife 










"uh matt theres a really big wolf here"

"thats great"

"no matt theres like 10 of them what even"

"cant you make jeans out of a wolf?"

dom looked sad cause he wanted leopard print jeans

all of the sudden 

the cullens surrounded them

"who the heck are these guys?"

"omg they are whiter than us how is that possible?"

that was when edward cullen came foward

"who are you and what are you doing here?"

"well im matt bellamy and thats dom howard and you see we are in a band called muse, you know the greatest band of all time? you know? yeah well anyway we dont even know where we are like one minute i was counting how many glitter specs there were on my glitterati and next thing i know im stuck in the middle of the woods with this girl man"

edward looked confused

"um so who are you guys" matt asked

"well im edward cullen and thats my girlfriend bella and thats my demon child and then theres my family and then that is jacob black and his gang of hairy dogs"

"wait so we are in twilight?"

"whats twilight?" bella asked

"shut up bella no one asked for your opinion" edward said

"you know, twilight? like the horrible books about a stupid girl's emo life and theres some vampires and werewolves in there and idk but somehow we get paid a bunch of money from it" matt said

"omg edward he knows about my whOLE LIFE!" bella yelled


"so yeah" matt said

"ok well i guess you can stay with us for a while" the one with a doctor suit said

"um ok" dom said

"ew no its ok i can just call up my bff tom he can come and get us" 

"we have no service here" blonde doctor vampire said

"oh wow ok do you have service anywhere?"

"lol what is service" bella said


"fine whatever i guess we'll stay with you freaks until tom realizes that we are missing" dom said

"yeah how bad can it be living with vampires? its almost as bad living with dom"

"omg matt you are so mean"

"says the man who nearly killed a child over a pair of yellow skinny jeans"

"hey she knew i got it first and they were on SALE"

"haha you are so girly"

"ok well follow me to the cullen house" edward said

so dom and matt followed the pale vampires to the cullen house




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