The Twilight Saga

What if when Edward left Bella was pregnant. She gives birth to Renesmee and they both figure out they can shift into animals. With Bella and Renesmee being wolves, what happens when she comes across a special somebody in the woods?



Chapter 1 Left Behind


I was miserable when Edward left. I was miserable for a few weeks. But then I noticed a small bump forming on my stomache. Though I knew it couldn't be, HE couldn't produce children, could he? I did have you know what with him, but then he left, leaving no traces of him or the Cullens behind. It was painful to think his name.


A few days later after I figured I was pregnant, I moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in a house isolated from all the other houses. It was a small two bedroom house, perfect for just me and the kid I would soon have.


A few more weeks later and the baby bit its way through me. I knew I wouldn't make it through, but she bit me and the transformation began. After those three days I woke to find her curled up by my side. I named her Renesmee Carlie Swan.


Renesmee as in Renee and Esme, and Carlie as in Charlie and Carlisle. A few months passed. Me and Renesmee figured out we could morph. Our main form was a black brown wolf and a bronze wolf. Ren was small like a wolf pup, and once we could go on our own, we left the little house.


We also figured out that I had a sheild in which I practiced, I could give other vampires the power to morph, and Renesmee could tell other people what she was thinking by touching them. We learned control over our gifts together, and continued on.


One month we were hunting, stalking out a family of deer.


Renesmee, on your left.


I smell it.


She takes off with me on her tail and we both bring down a doe. I use my razorsharp wolf canines to drain the deer, and then began to rip it apart and eat it. Renesmee does the same, her small wolf form eagerly eating away at the doe.


Just then we hear a twig snap, our sharp wolf senses picking up on the sound. I spun around, placing myself in front of Renesmee and glare at the intruder.


Oh No.. she whimpered.


Oh Yes. I replied back to Ren.


Because the one thing that was in all of our eyes was: recognition.



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So, what do ya think?
Chapter 2 Like Father Like Daughter

I tilted my furry head at this stranger, my muzzle pointed high in the air. In my mum's head was recognition of this guy. I knew who he was. That much was simple.

I noted my mum taking down her sheild, bit by bit, until she finally said:


I rose my hackles at my fathers name. My mother took a step forward, I shadowed her. I rose my paw to say something to them, but thought against it.

Then all of a sudden mom was going through memories for him to see, and I ducked my muzzle, putting both paws on my muzzle in an attempt to get the pictures out of my head.

Then all of a sudden mum had him pinned down and was licking his face. I just watched him kiss her muzzle in return. Waiting patiently for their greetings to be over.

Then, when they were done, their attention was suddenly on me.


Renesmee My mom said to me.

I swished my tail nervously and took a hesitant step forward. My father followed suit. This continued on till we were a foot away from each other. He crouched down to my level and reached out a hesitant hand to touch my head.

I complied, tucking my head in his large hand. His hand ran soothing circles on my head, an attempt to calm me. I looked up at him, not breaking contact with his hand.

"Renesmee." My father's velvety voice said.

At that my tail swishing stopped. I was calmed and I licked his hand in greeting before pulling away from his hand.

I watched as he saw that I wasn't coming any closer and he stood up.

"Come with me?" he asked nervously, like he wasn't sure she would accept.

My mom nodded and morphed back into vampire form. I did the same, but not before they started kissing.


My mom and dad began running, I shadowed my mom. I sent nervous glances my fathers way, but otherwise continued running till we came across a huge white house.

My dad grinned a crooked smile at my mom, and then down at me. I smiled back at my dad before averting my gaze to the house in front of me.

Dad began leading the way again, my mom and I following him. He led the way up the steps and into the house, where I nervously stood by my moms side.

"Carlisle, Esme" he said in a normal tone. They would hear him just fine.

The two vampires appeared in front of us.

"Bella!" They exclaimed.
this is good plz post more soon
I'll be working on the third chapter soon. I need to brainstorm, imagine what would happen before I start writing
on it more. <(*.*)>
Oh, I wouldn't mind if you guys throw in ideas either, that helps alot with the plot. I have no clue what the whole point of the story is going to be, so ideas are most welcome. <(*.*)>
Chapter is halfway done. :D
Sounds good keep me update
Chapter 3 will be up tomorrow. Been playing Free Realms and its quite addictive.
Ugh sorry, got a bit addicted to free realms and I lost chapter three. I'm rewriting it, and the more people that reply, the harder it gets to not right it, so reply! lolz
Chapter 3 Reunited

I followed Edward into the house. It was large, similar to the one in Forks. Big, and light brown, like tan. I listened as he called out for Carlisle and Esme, and they exclaimed my name.

"Bella!" they exclaimed and Esme hugged me.

"We missed you sooo much!" Esme whimpered.

"So did I." I sighed. She took a step back and Carlisle smiled at me. Their attention was then drawn to Renesmee, and she shuffled her feet nervously in the ground.

"What is your name dear?" Esme asked.

Renesmee looked up. "Renesmee, but people call me Nessie."

I then go on to tell them that Renesmee is Edwards and my daughter, that she had bitten me, and all about the fact that me and her can shape-shift, that she can show them her thoughts by touching them, and that I am a sheild and give others the power to shape-shift into animals. Of course Carlisle has to ask for us to show him, and Renesmee gets all over it.

"Can you show us your shape-shifting power?" Carlisle asks curious. Yes, he is purely curious..

"Of course." Renesmee says and closes her eyes to concentrait. Her shape goes from half-vampire to a grey tabby cat with blue eyes.

"Your clothes don't shred in the process?" Edward asks, his head tilted to the side.

"No. Of course not. We are not those Quileute wolves that stink. When we change shape we morph, not phase, and it wouldn't be helpful if they shredded." I replied back to Edward.

I heard foot steps in the distance and turned to Renesmee. "Change back! Change back!" I hissed, but not before the rest of the Cullens came in and Emmett's curiousity got the best in him.

Renesmee hissed at him, her fur poofed up, and her animal instincts telling her to run.

"Emmett, back up, your scaring her." Edward said to Emmett and he scooped up Renesmee and set her away from Emmett's curious gaze. He began to talk soothingly to the scared Renesmee, and she eventually relaxed enough to morph back.

She morphed back on Edwards lap, adding a confused look to Emmetts face. I snickered at Emmett.

"She's a shape-shifter?" Emmett asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes, and I am too." I said and told the rest of the Cullens what happened the last couple of years.

"Bella, are you staying?" Alice, always so excited, asked. I froze. Did I want to stay? Of course I did! I had been running for too long. The Volturi had been after us, and I did not want to endanger the Cullens. But I knew Renesmee and I would be safer in a group, and not on the run, and so I replied with the only answer.

So, I just revealed that the Volturi are after Bella and Nessie! Comment please, ideas are welcome!
I'm happy you updated. Finally Bella is back with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. I love the chapter as always :))


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