The Twilight Saga

What if when Edward left Bella was pregnant. She gives birth to Renesmee and they both figure out they can shift into animals. With Bella and Renesmee being wolves, what happens when she comes across a special somebody in the woods?



Chapter 1 Left Behind


I was miserable when Edward left. I was miserable for a few weeks. But then I noticed a small bump forming on my stomache. Though I knew it couldn't be, HE couldn't produce children, could he? I did have you know what with him, but then he left, leaving no traces of him or the Cullens behind. It was painful to think his name.


A few days later after I figured I was pregnant, I moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in a house isolated from all the other houses. It was a small two bedroom house, perfect for just me and the kid I would soon have.


A few more weeks later and the baby bit its way through me. I knew I wouldn't make it through, but she bit me and the transformation began. After those three days I woke to find her curled up by my side. I named her Renesmee Carlie Swan.


Renesmee as in Renee and Esme, and Carlie as in Charlie and Carlisle. A few months passed. Me and Renesmee figured out we could morph. Our main form was a black brown wolf and a bronze wolf. Ren was small like a wolf pup, and once we could go on our own, we left the little house.


We also figured out that I had a sheild in which I practiced, I could give other vampires the power to morph, and Renesmee could tell other people what she was thinking by touching them. We learned control over our gifts together, and continued on.


One month we were hunting, stalking out a family of deer.


Renesmee, on your left.


I smell it.


She takes off with me on her tail and we both bring down a doe. I use my razorsharp wolf canines to drain the deer, and then began to rip it apart and eat it. Renesmee does the same, her small wolf form eagerly eating away at the doe.


Just then we hear a twig snap, our sharp wolf senses picking up on the sound. I spun around, placing myself in front of Renesmee and glare at the intruder.


Oh No.. she whimpered.


Oh Yes. I replied back to Ren.


Because the one thing that was in all of our eyes was: recognition.



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I Love This!!!! Please Keep Me Updated!!
love it keeo me updated
Chapter 6 Run Away, Run Away, Vampire

The days passed, slowly, yet surely. Victoria kept showing up, then running off. Her new target? Renesmee. And each time me and Edward would go around in a red haze to get rid of her. We had began patrols, just like the La Push pack would. Today I marched determinated through the green haze of plants. My white paws (Yes, I changed to white) were now brown, the mud dried in clumps around my fur. Seeing as we were vampire, we didn't need to sleep. So patrols were long.

Today Edward was by my side and Alice was complaining about the dirt on her black fur. I had changed to white fur in a way to annoy her. It was all to fun getting back at her for all those shopping trips. She was getting it, and Edward was rolling around in laughter.

Ew, this is gonna take ages to wash off. She complained mildly.

Your an idiot Alice I commented. I was about to burst with laughter myself.

Huh? She questioned me.

The only place mud would be is in your hair, cause you don't have fur all over you. That was it. I burst into howls and snickers with Edward. Alice looked mildly disgusted.

I continued through, marking our territory and on the watch out for Victoria or the pack along the border.

This is getting annoying! When is Victoria gonna show her shiny little bottom up so we can rip it right off her? Alice complained as we continued.

Tell me about it. Edward assented as he padded alongside me. All of a sudden my senses went on high alert I crossed a vampire trail. I stopped in my trails, muzzle pointed in the air, as I sniffed and listened. Edward and Alice caught on and Edward growled the name of who we were suddenly tracking.

Victoria He growled lowly beside me.

I lifted my muzzle to the air and howled, Alice and Edward joining me, and then Resnesmee Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle. We all met up and allowed them to see the trail, and then we were following it. I desperately hoped that this wasn't a trick, or worse, a trap.

Edward's and Resnesmee's paws thrumming against the forest floor kept me going though, as I followed the trail. Through rivers and trees, and then abrubtly came to a stop. Me and Renesmee were in the middle of the others as we slowly came into a meadow. I could see the border, and the pack on the other side of the border between werewolf and vampire, and then on our side, Victoria, with alot of newborn vampires.

This did not look good. I walked steathily forward. I could taste the need to kill Victoria's army from the werewolves, and Carlisle gave them the signal to cross. The pack and us Cullens lunged forward. Snarls ripped from my throat as I shredded vampire after vampire, and the pack worked alongside us. Renesmee sat away from the fight. Victoria was getting ripped to shreds by Edward and I quickly joined him. Snarls and growls came from both of us. I bared my teeth and snapped inches from her throat, knocking her down in the process. I quickly got the uphand in the battle, and Edward ripped her head from her torso, while I pulled on legs and arms. Edward already had a fire started.

The rest of the Cullens began dragging body parts to the fire, and we sat in silence. The pack was long gone, having done their part. Renesmee was same from Victoria, but there was still the Volturi to worry about, and I had a feeling that would not go very well.

We soon headed back, this time in Vampire form. However, Edward was in wolf form and Renesmee was on his back, clutching onto his bronze fur and run alongside me. He was a wolfy grin on his face, and was clearly enjoying this. We were happy, for now, and we would enjoy it till the Volturi made their presence known.

I did still need to tell them, and decided I would do so soon, when I got a chance. No doubt Alice was seeing it right now and telling the others soon enough.
yayaya lolz its too fun to write fan fictions. Like roleplaying, but I have full control of the characters and can kill whoever when I want to. Not that I am going to kill the Cullens, that would be wrong. Horribly wrong.
plz plz write more
OH K LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE
love it
I haven't updated this story in so long. I'll give you all a new chapter. :)
Yea, I still have to type the chapter up, and I have another fan fic on another site that I am working on, but I'll get working on it. Its been nearly a year since I worked on this story. There is going to be less typos and all. And of course, the chapters will be a bit longer.
Heard about the possibility of this group being shut down, if it does I will post this story elsewhere. I copied it down, seeing as I haven't done that before, just typing it fresh.


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