The Twilight Saga

After the Burning of their home in Los Angeles Bella[Aqe:262] && Sookie[Aqe:262] move to Forks Washington Where they meet the Local Supernaturals.

PreFace: Love Or Life.There Isnt A Choice Because they are together.But How Can My Sister And I Bring The Ones We LOve to their Death.

Disclaimer:All My characters belong to the very talented Stephanie Meyer unless i add new was which will be noted however the idea and what they do is all mine unless otherwise noted.

Well I really hope you Enjoy It This Is My First Fanfic So Patience && Critcism Is accepted && Wanted.Im Open to ant suqqestion and Of Course Banners. That is if you wish for me to continue Backround Info : Bella and Sookie Are twin Sisters And their Mom was bitten during their birth.Both Our half breeds but bella is more vampire then sookie.Bella stooped growing when her body reached adulthood at that time her skin turned icecold like any normal vampire the only human thing really is she can sleep.Her power is to control the elments And her eyes change color depending on which element she is controlling.Sookie Also stopped growing when her body reached adulthood but she can survive off of human food and her skin isnt as pale as bella's.[I'll explain why later in the story]Sookie Can read && Alter minds.After the Burning of their home in Los Angeles Bella[Aqe:262] && Sookie[Aqe:262] move to Forks Washington Where they meet the Local Supernaturals.

PreFace: Love Or Life.There Isnt A Choice Because they are together.But How Can My Sister And I Bring The Ones We LOve to their Death.


Chapter 1 : Time To go [BPOV]
"Bella ! Bella ! Wake up Please your drenching me here !'" I heard my dear Sister Sookie In the backround of this abyss her voice fading as I drowned with the same red eyes straing back at me with so much evil and so much hate.Just as I was About to let go I felt a Tingling in my mind. -"Bella ?! Thank god I swear out of all of them I hate when your eyes go blue !" -"Sorry Sookie It was the..."I felt the tears attempting to push their way to my eyes which means people are starting to feel the rain outside. -"Awe Bella Come on we have to go I hate when you sleep Its Not Like we Need it anyway" Little does she know I do need it,I need it to escape the life our father condemned us to,But she was right it was time to go,Far away from here because they were getting close too close for comfort.
I got out of the the bed and picked out mine and Sookie's Clothes out for our travel .We take turns picking each other's clothes out we usually wear Laid back but cute stuff when I dress Us Butwhen she dresses us...Bring On the heels.I sped Past My sister and straight to the shower thank goodness for my water controlling skills or Id actually have to wait for the water to get hot.I let my eyes Change form their Usual Goldish Brown and glaze Over in blue.I stepped in and let the hot water attempt to warm my ice cold skin,sometimes I envy Sookie sense she was born less vampire then me but then I remember How annoying it is That she actually has to use the bathroom.
-"I heard that Bella !" Stupid Mind Reader I thought to myself ,Big mistake
-"heard That too Little Sis" Well there goes my shower I stepped out.dried and dressed in less then 15 seconds .Now for my hair hmmm.Wavy. I looked at my sister she looked nice shes the pretier one if you ask me but I wont let her hear me think that.
-"Little Sis ?"
-"Sookie Seriously by 36 seconds get a grip"
-"It would have been longer but I left an Opening when I clawed my way out"
I Shivered at her response at the reference she made to the way we killed a woman we never knew,and I Didnt answer her as she came over and looped her arm in mine when we walked out the door.
-"Its time belles Do It !"I Could tell she was sad but she knew it was what had to be done. I Let my eyes go from Gold to a fiery Red and heard my Sister's Almost Silent Tears As I burned Our house to the ground.

Ok so I Hope you Like it again this is my first Fanfic and I wrote it In Chemistry today so questions && comments and dont forqet to tell me if I should Continue or not.

Travel Outfits Bellas && Sookies Outfits[pink&yellow is bella -red&black is sookie] :

Ok well Since I didnt get Any Negative comments I fiqured what they heck At 6people liked my story riqht ! so heres chapter two.
Chapter 2 Travel [SPOV]
As I watched my sister burn our home of three years to the ground I felt the tears streaming and lost focus so much that I accidently slipped into Bella's mind and the Fire immediately Consumed me And I burned mentally for what seemed like hours it took all of me to pull out of my pyre but I did. I mean it wasnt physically painful but mentally it was excruciating but I wouldnt let Bella Know This She would be guilty for weeks even if I wasn't hurt you would swear she was the older one. -"Sook ? Sookie !"I quickly snapped out of it as her eyes turned back gold With a Brown Rim Surfacing around them' -"Im fine bells Just a Little sad But on the plus side a new place means SHOPPING !"
-"Im sure it will be great Sook but I really need to hunt My eyes are turning brown(A/n:When bella needs to feed her eyes turn to her human color;Brown) So On the way in the forrest do you want to hunt or would your prefer Taco bell"she laughed and the ashes form our previous home shook. -"yea REAL funny Bella but No Im down for bears bells Lets go"
I looped my arm in hers oncce again and we ran,It was so peaceful all that was needed was A nice fog so we could edge closer to the mainland. And as if she read my mind ,her eyes turned gray and a heavy fog that No human could even dream of seeing through draped over us.We Stopped abrubtly and let our senses take over we were near forks on the outskirts to be exact.I saw a Sleeping black Bear .Male,huge and all mine.I Briefly saw bella approach A Mountain Lion as I lunged for the bear's throat before it could wake I was Done.I Started to look my self up and down to make sure I was still Spotless bella would kill me.She might act like she doesn't like the whole clothes thing but I hear her thoughts and I hear how much fun she has when picking out our clothes almost as much fun as she has when she hunts down Her Animals for lunch.A giggle burst through my lips unexpectedly. I remember when we first found out I could Survive off human food and she couldnt Bella was Furious the thought of having to constantly kill people drove her mad her eyes were always doing that blazing red thing we went through 326 beds that year until on a very hot day in California(Thanks to bella who was starving herself again)we were walking in the forrest (well more like running but walking to us) and a very unfortunate jaguar crossed our paths and before I could even comphrehend what Happened she was back with a single drop of blood on her chin and a very satisfied smile playing on her face.Since then we just feed on animals and I say WE because Even though I can survive off of it, Human Food Has NOTHING On Blood. I was laughing to myself when I noticed the trees bending in bella's direction I began to run towards her as Fast As I could because I Know when the trees start bending thats Bella's way of Saying "Sookie Come Now !"as I was running to her I realized she had gone far In the opposite direction that I saw her go.Then I caught her scent So I knew I was close that and I could see her thoughts of the trees as she bent them but what I saw Next was unexpected it brought me to a hault .There were Pictures In my Head Like a Mini-Movie of Bella And A bronzed hair vampire..Kissing ! ,As soon as it started it changed to me Smiling then it went completely Black.I snapped out of it dazed but determined to find My sister as I entered A small Clearing The pictures hit me Again with Full Force,but not Before I saw My sister standing there with her eyes Glazed Over In Green And Across from her was another vampire with an Excited grin on her face and blank white eyes. And Not To Mention Really Cute Shoes. Ok so I think we know who that is ! sorry if it wasnt very exciting but it will get better I promise.well comment please Thanks [Jamie]

Ok so as you can see I Update regularly even though I have school On Weekends you might get lucky Thats if your intrested in the story Im not doing too hot with comments right now but honestly I have fun writing this so here goes Chapter 3...
Chapter 3 Welcome To Forks [BPOV]
I saw My sister lunge at a sleeping bear I knew she was going for and went in the direction for my lion as I was about to completely give in to my thirst and drain her for everything she has I watched her approach her cubs and begin to feed them.After seeing that I was suddenly No longer set on having lion for breakfast.Maybe A large buck will do.I began to run in the Opposite Direction when my meal was found I went for the Large Buck's Throat with no hesitation and plenty greed he was drained in seconds I finished off two more And found myself sitting on a rock and thinking about the near Future for my sister and I say near future because with us the near future is all we are really sure of.As I began to plan our registration for school and cover story in my head I heard a small gasp behind me and something told me It wasnt Sookie so Immediately I whipped around to find a small pixie like vampire staring at me with excitement in her eyes and as her eyes went white mine went green and the trees all over the forrest were telling my sister to come Now ! For a brief moment I allowed my eyes to return to normal as the other vampire just grinned at me and to be honest I felt no threat from her whatsoever Truthfully I was resisting the urge to call her "Tink" .Before she could speak I Willed my eyes to go green again it didnt feel right without Sookie here.And sure enough ,right on time my sister entered the clearing to find a green eyed me and a white eyed uhmm"Tinkerbell". -"Bella whats going on ?!" as if trying to get me back for cutting her off "Tinkerbell" answered for me, before I could speak She stated happily -"Hi Im Alice Cullen Welcome to forks" I Noticed my sister weas still standing there in a daze of some sort So it took upon myself to introduce us. -"Hi Im Bella and this is My sister Sookie sorry if we are on your territory please inform your coven leader we meant no harm" as Soon as I finished my sentence two things happened at once Sookie was suddenly by my side and tink..I mean Alice was bursting into fits of giggles.Now i was confused -"Wow I Bet Emmett And Jasper will get a kick out of you "she stated knowingly after she had calmed down. before I could speak Sookie jumped in quickly -"Emmett and jasper ? are one of them the Bronze haired vampire I saw my sister kissing in your head ?" Huh ? What bronze haired vampire ? Is he handsome ? wait a minute what am I thinking what the hell is my sister talking about ? -"You read minds ?...hmm like edward But No Jasper Nor Emmentt will be kissing your sister neither me or my sister Rosalie would be to happy about that"Alice stated slightly amused but with a tinge of anger at the end -"well who is he and sister ? do you not mean your coven member ?" Before Alice could answer my sisters question i Interjected
-"excuse me but could someone fill me in ?!"
-"Thats A great idea why dont you just come over and meet My family I bet esme and carlisle with just adore you two and rosalie will especially like Sookie Ive already seen it "she tapped her temple in a small gesture oh a phsyic I thought
"and well emmett and Jasper will be fun too and Edward well Bella I Think you will really like Edward"at that moment both her and my sister had knowing smiles playing on their lips.I ignored it and my sister and I followed her to her home. Now usually we werent so trusting but they had golden eyes and by the look of comfort On Sookie's Face I could tell she saw no harm In Alice's Mind from them.Aside From that, For some reason Im Overly Excited to meet this... Edward

Ok so hit or miss ? I was confused on who they should meet first but requardless comment and suggestions are much appreciated

Alices Outfit :

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Chapter 12 The Hard stuff


Tonight would be great .Tonight I’d show Bella just how incredible she was and how much she deserved granted I’d need a little help but there was something about Bella ,Something about the love I had for her that Even I didn’t understand I just responded to it and knowing she felt the same way had me in vampire overdrive. I plan on giving her this necklace its about a 5 kt diamond cut into a heart with a very small red rose in the middle. For a human it’d be a little awkward to carry around given it’s weight but my Bella my sweet and beautiful Bella was anything but fragile. So I’m heading to Carlisle’s office to pick it up I left it with him so I would resist the urge to give it to her earlier. As I approached the nurses station I smelled Bella’s scent already
-“Forks Hospital please hold, Thank you”
-“Excuse me Nurse Williams ”
-“Forks Hosp- Hello Edward he‘s in his office Knock first he‘s with two young ladies”
As I approached Carlisle’s office I decided to ease drop a little bit just to see whether or not I really should Knock
“Ahh it‘s worse than I thought but Bella makes him so happy and we love Sookie so much we have no choice in the matter of course we would never abandon them she seems to doubt that. hmm Edward‘s listening”
-“Thank you Carlisle However You must know that if The odds Don‘t look good I will leave. to put Edward or any of you in harms way would break me. And I‘d Rather leave him than lose him”

Hearing those words made my next actions and words involuntary I bust through the door with unnecessary force with so much sadness in my voice
-“Bella, You Would leave ?”
-“Edward you don‘t understand I won‘t let anything hurt you”
she reached for my arm but I dodged her hand swiftly the pain that flashed across her face was enough to not only make me regret that childish gesture but to also have Sookie and Carlisle excuse themselves.
-“So rather than let me help you, you would leave just like that Bella ?”
-“No ! Not just like that Edward I love you my whole being needs you however if it were the other way around could you watch me put my life at risk and Die.?”
I Searched her face for the right answer to that question but I couldn’t find one so I said what I felt
-“If it were the other way around would you be able to watch me go ?”
She didn’t answer me her eyes turned a light blue and I could her the rain start to fall I had hurt her caused her pain and that’s the last thing I wanted to do .It was silent for exactly 72.3 seconds before she said the word No in the softest whisper pushed past me and walked out the door ,I wanted to run after her but my feet were glued I heard Sookie place a “We‘ll talk later ” thought in Carlisle’s head and that was that I slumped down to the floor by Carlisle’s desk and buried my face in my hands.
-”Don‘t worry your date‘s still on”
Sookie’s voice in my head once again I was glad though That would give me a chance to let Bella Know she was Sadly mistaken if she thought I was going to stand my and let my only reason for living leave me out of fear it just wasn’t going to happen even if I had to make Jacob Vampire’s best friend to accomplish it maybe our common interest would solve a lot. So yes Bella is Sadly Mistaken.. As I thought that Lightening flashed across the Sky.


Sadness. Anger. Guilt. That’s what I’m feeling right now and that’s why Forks is experiencing this lovely thunderstorm
I’m Sad because causing Edward emotional pain killed me inside I’m angry because he was right and where did he get the audacity to be right when it cam to me sacrificing my heart’s desire to save his ass. And I feel guilt because I know why he has the audacity to be right it’s because not only am I sacrificing my heart I’m crushing his and to be completely honest I’m too selfish to do that.
-“You realized you just thought your self in a very big circle when you already knew the outcome right ?”
-“Butt Out Sookie !”
And That was the end of that. I have about an hour or two till I get ready for this date that Sook informed me I’m still going on so hopefully we will come to a compromise though I highly doubt that’s going to happen. Well I guess I Can cool it on the rain now, I let my eyes turn back to their normal color realizing there more brown then they are suppose to be I jumped out my bay window letting Sookie know my letting her in my head
-”I‘m going to hunt be back soon sis”
-”Alright bells but please be back 7 !”
I didn’t answer her I just mumbled yeah under my breath as I ran full speed into the forest I don’t know if she heard me and I’m not sure I care ,I’m not exactly sure where I’m going either ,That’s when I picked up the scent of what appeared to be a mountain lion I ran ready to pounce and that’s what I did ,it’s what I pounced on that I didn’t expect I screamed and prepared for the consequences letting my eyes go gray to assist myself with the fog
-“Please I’m begging you”
I pleaded to no avail.

Ok so I’m officially back to very sorry for my “leave of absence” but you know I love you quys ! Hope you enjoyed it I know it was very lonq but sorry more soon !

Read . Comment . Enjoy !

omg i love it =D awk its so sad that bella would leave even though i understand were she coming from like
please write more
this is really god plz keep going and plz keep me posted
please keep me updated!!!! I just read your whole story and fell in love with it!!!!!
who i love this story
PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 13 Making Up & Standing Strong



Please Don‘t”

I pleaded to no avail

Emmett rushed out the words

-“sorry Bells”

and sunk his teeth into the only mountain lion in a 300 yard range.

-”No big deal Emm” I spoke back though he was done listening.

So much for my calming meal .surprisingly I wasn’t mad watching Emmett wrestle and feed on the Lion was actually calming in an amusing way. I was suddenly able to think clearer now that my mood was lighter I had to be sure to thank him. On that note I ran toward a scent so repulsing it could only be Bear although Emmett had cheered me up I could only return the favor by taking his favorite meal as well. I spotted the animal And lunged straight for his jugular no time for panic or even shock just quick, painless and for me satisfying.

I licked the sides of my mouth savoring that single drop of spilt blood and gently lay the Fallen Animal on a nearby boulder. And ran home fully prepared to let Sookie pamper me.


As I neared my house surprisingly I heard nothing I jumped through the window assuming Sookie had ran off with Jake them two were just so adorable and so permanent; at least they were supposed to be. I jumped through my window not even bothering to use the front door and found myself in a candle lit room surrounded by rose pedals as I approached my bed picked up the piece of Parchment written on it in perfect pen was.


Bella my Love you will never know how sorry I am for my reaction earlier in t

he day and if you will do me the honor of allowing me to make it up to you

I promise you will not regret it. My deepest love and apologies .



The Sun Shining in Florida probably couldn’t even hold a candle to the sun I had shining in Forks right now. How could I even have the audacity to not forgive Edward and How could he even imagine me being mad at him now I really needed to see Edward and fast but not before the date its only a few hours away that’s what I’ll Told myself as Iran downstairs to unload the bags out of beautiful Car.




The rain was beginning to subside I noticed as I spread roses across Bella’s room. That could mean she’s calming down a little less mad or It could mean she no longer cares. No ! I would not allow myself to think that way ,I will not lose Bella because I don’t think I could withstand the pain of missing her for eternity. I WOULD fix this and make up for it for as many years to come as soon as she allows me to make her my wife as soon as she allows me to rid her of whatever is haunting her immortal soul. Granted I don’t much believe in souls but something as pure and as special Isabella has to have a soul. I used that as motivation as I left my note on Bella’s bed and jumped out her window speeding toward my home. As I was running through the forest I caught a scent slightly repulsing yet masked with a sweet smell the I entered a clearing unearthing an entangled Sookie And Jacob ! I was surprised I hadn’t heard their thoughts that would have forgave me this intrusion but Sookie must have been masking them I tried to exit quietly but at that moment the sun shined so bright all three of us looked up and said one word


Instead of facing Sookie I ran toward my secluded mansion listening to her irritated and embarrassing thoughts chase me until I was out of her range we’d be acting like siblings in no time. Now to get ready For my date as I entered my house I saw Alice picking through her newly acquired items singing a very adolescent song

-“I got a pocket ,got pocket full of sunshine I got a love and its all mine”

I closed the door a little loudly announcing my presence redundantly of course she knew I was there as I realized her thoughts I noticed she was hiding something by translating the song in every language known to man including the dead ones.

-“Alice what are you hiding ?”

-”Nothing Edward shouldn‘t you be getting ready ?”

Decided to listen further but nothing more mundane translations

-Alice that is irrelevant we both it will take me no more then 5 minutes to get dressed et in the Volvo and be at Bella’s door and that’s only because I have to drive. So Answer me ”

Thinking I had her with my explanation she stunned me like the pixie she is by dancing around me to my ear whispering

-“then where is the ring Edward ?”

Crap ! The ring is at the Jewelers getting engraved and I have exactly 42 minutes to get to Port Charles and Back then again I could run, but the sun is still out damn daylight savings time I could do it And I would THEN I’m going to find out what Alice is hiding from me.




Letting Edward find out about the real danger Bella and Sookie are in would ruin they’re night plus Bella and her Sister already know its just Edward doesn‘t know he will be pissed at me I know this But it‘s for the best however I‘m not sure If Bella Knows Just How Much Aro wants her Back and just How far he’ll go.




As slid into my Satin Blue Dress I took my time Let myself feel normal as the material caressed each curve of my body on it’s way up Tonight I would be just Bella Tonight I wasn’t 262 years old and I wasn’t being hunted tonight I wasn’t a powerful Vampire. Tonight I was just a Carefree young woman going on a date with the Man she Loved.

I twisted my hair in the Front and curled the back letting them fall on my shoulders and bounced on the openness of my back .I slid my very nice black manolos with there blue buckle that matched my dress to T; On my feet enjoying the balance of the heel .I had showered and Dressed and now if I may say so despite my modesty I looked good and more importantly I felt good . As I steeped down the steps the doorbell rang as I opened it I wasn’t prepared for the God before me with his perfectly imperfect tousled hair and his crooked smile nor the gentle kiss he placed on my lips. Then he whispered in my

-”I do hope I’m forgiven Love you look heavenly.”

-”you had nothing to be forgiven for all is forgotten” before I let that statement settle I remembered my impending fate and added

-”for now”

He frowned slightly but his smile returned just as quickly as he escorted me toward the Volvo.


we drove in silence just enjoying the static between us and holding hands .Then we Came to a halt at the beginning of a deserted biker trail and I was little confused. Then I saw his smile and realized with him I was in bliss where didn’t even matter so I let him lead immersing myself in the comfort of his closeness as we came across a sheet of willow branches that looked like an opening to something I could see some lights shining through, That’s when he pulled the branches back with his hand and I gasped in delight and awe.

He had hung light on each branch encasing the entire area, the flowers were a beautiful mixture adding a scent and color that was just enticing. In the Center was a small dining table with two chairs; one on each side. what appeared to be wine was in the middle but I knew it was blood mountain lion blood to be exact. I kissed him at that moment with so much passion and gratitude he was the most amazing creature and I didn’t deserve him but I new in some way that he was Mine. He escorted me to the table and sat me down.

-“Alice helped with the lights and Emmett helped with the Blood”

-“so that‘s why he was hunting mountain lion today. Interesting”. I smiled wistfully “so what did you do Edward ?”

He dazzled me momentarily with his smile before he answered

-“Well I picked out the meadow of course I knew you would feel at peace here, and the entire idea was mine as well and…”he trailed off

-”and ?” I questioned him he was hesitating

-”and this” he placed a small satin box in the center of the table and smiled as he opened it revealing a beautiful Diamond ring that shined with its wisdom and the stories it could tell from it’s years I knew it was his mother’s .He met my Eyes with his.


-“Isabella Marie Swanwell would you do me The honor Of Becoming my Wife ?


Again its been aqes I know this you know I apologize and whoever is still holding on well I love you lots !








OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE MISSED THIS STORY FROM BEYOND AND BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for more!!!!

repeat what she just said and add:


P.S. total awesomeness.

thanks for the update. It's been forever. update again soon


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