The Twilight Saga

(hey first fan fic uh i hope you like has vampires, immortals, witches and other mithical creatures please comment ... i want to know if it's good and if i should keep going?!!)


this is what i imagin Alex and Jess to Look like







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luv it write more soon
keep me updated
beccy- thanks Brianna! -smiles- first one to comment
beccy- thank you max for the comment!
yey! i like it!
thanks everybody this is really helpfull! i'll have the next chap up tomorrow! -smiles-
i <3 it.pls keep going.. Keep me udated.
thanks and i will
Hey sorry everybody i'll been away for a while but another chapter will be up soon!
Change of plans i'm going to re names this (i don't know what yet) and i can't write for a while i'm going away and i won't be near a computer....sorry..


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