The Twilight Saga

Okay guys, So this is our first fanfiction written together so be nice XD
The Authors: Abbie and Jenn!fer

What if a twi-fan was so obsessed that she risked the lives of others and her sanity, just to prove her fantasies were real? What if she broke into houses and tried to kill people because they looked like evil vampires? Read and see :)

Chapter 1- HE SPARKLED
Written By Abbie.

Alison's POV

I walked down the street towards school, kicking a pebble as I went. As always, the only thing that had filled my mind since 2005, when I had first read the lust worthy Twilight Saga, all I could imagine behind my eyelids, was the sparkling, smiling, irresistible face of Edward Cullen.
There wasn't a minute that went by that I wasn't wishing he was real, that the whole thing was real. How I would kill to be Bella.
I sometimes sat at home and shed a small tear- just to know I wouldn't live forever, I would never be held the loving way Bella always was, that I would never actually meet a vampire.
Not that I didn't go that extra length to make people believe I was one of them.
I had special makeup to pale up my soft skin, layer of eyeliner to effect on my eyes and I even had black contact lenses when the mood was right. I hid from the sunlight, just to raise suspicions and as a result of lack of vitamin D (Sunlight) my skin had grew slightly colder than normal.
I had no friends, but sat by myself, imagining I was surrounded by the Cullen’s.
Sometimes I glared at people as they passed by me, like they smelled irresistible. I had to admit, they looked terrified.
But this wasn't insane right? I wasn't the only one who went around indulging in the life of Twilight! I was not crazy!
I was nearly at school when a tall man with grey long hair passed by in front of me just as the sun came out from behind a large grey storm cloud for a few hideous seconds. I quickly jumped beneath the trees shade, hissing low.
I stood there calmly until the sun disappeared again. But something caught my eye- something that jolted my heart and turned my stomach.
CATCH HIM my brain screamed. That man, he just sparkled. I saw him, he tried to hide but didn’t succeed I honestly saw him sparkle! Like Edward! Like A VAMPIRE!
"Hey!" I screamed, ignoring my pretence and running out into the glare, racing after the man.
He looked back at me, seemingly frightened at my appearance. "Hey you!" I yelled again.
Eyes widening, he made the last few steps quickly into a house and locked the door behind himself. I reached the entrance, too late, and thumped roughly on the door.
"Take me with you!" I screamed, kicking at the wood.
I panicked at this thought, grabbing his mail box from the lawn, which eased out from the dirt surprisingly easy and flinging it through the side window.
Jumping through, I raced around the house looking for him.
"Um...Police. A young woman is breaking into my house!"
I heard his voice from the kitchen, obviously talking into a receiver. Racing around the corner, I fell to my knees. "Please, take me with you!"
He backed away from me, grimacing as if I was a diseased dog.
I spent the next ten minutes chasing him around the small house before the cops turned up, sirens blurring and tried to restrain me.
I refused to go, to give up my new life.
"Take me with you!" I repeated pleadingly, crying now.
He still just shook his head, confused and very scared. "Stop acting so innocent. You know exactly what I'm talking about, VAMPIRE!" I practically yelled at the very scared man now.
I flung myself at him, out of the police officers grip and clung onto his back. He yelled and ran, trying to release my hold.
I opened my mouth and bit him, right on the neck. He screamed with pain and threw me onto the floor, holding the blood dripping from his throat.
"Take her away boys!" The chief ordered, alarmed.
They put me in the back of the wagon and drove off towards the station.


Chapter 2- Page 1
Chapter 3- Page 2

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:P i wish
my parents wouldn't let mee :'(
She's absolutely mental xD
i love it ^^
keep writing =]
haha this alison is so obsessed
even more than me! and thats something!
i mean, what kind of crazy person would yell out BITE ME!! and EDWARD, SAVE ME!!! and SETH!!! when they THOUGHT it was a vampire/werewolf?
wat id do is go up to them quietly and say 'hey, you look like someone i know, is ur name ___?'
but anyway... great fanfic, cant wait 4 the next chapter!
WOW she is phsyco!( srry if i spelled wrong) post more!!!
nice one girls, you're awesome. couldn't have put it better myself. kewl. xxx
oh wow! haha keep writing!
awesome, i love it, keep going
I have another chapter ready, just waiting for Jenn's approval XD
Chapter 7- Phasing!!

I could feel it inside- in my stomach, in my mind; in my heart…I could feel my destiny! The destiny to one day be a wolf! To lead my kingdom to victory! But to do that… I had to be free. What was I doing locked in a kennel?

The sun was dimming, taking shifts with the moon. I sat down by the window and raised my head, howling to the silver orb hanging high above. I heard an accompanying note from somewhere beyond, one of my pack, waiting in the forest! I needed to get to them, to save them! I barked and screamed, banging my fists on the walls and throwing the wooden chairs lining the wall far across the room.
“What’s going on in there?”
A deep voice grumbled, keys clicking in the lock.
I turned on my heels, listening to my wolf senses.

“Escape! It’s time!”
I closed my eyes, and let the anger run through my veins, let my heart go the way of the wild one.

Oh. My. God! The walls are shaking! My head is spinning! The room is dimming! So this is how it feels… to phase!
I’m a wolf! Finally, the heavens have given me an opening… I’m a shape shifter! The Alfa of course! Now to find my pack! And we shall escape.
My muscles expanded, stretching out under the wool thick skin, impenetrable and full of life. I leaped through the air, feeling the space in my new open mind, listening to the anxious thoughts of my following wolves.

Standing up as tall as possible, I jumped to face the couple standing at my door, bravely facing their doom, and formed a pounce low to the ground. There knees started to tremble, backing slowly away from the powerful creature growing before them. “That’s right, be very scared!” I seethed, allowing myself a small growl towards the end.
I blinked, confused, as the two men started laughing, clutching at their sides.
“What? You’re not scared?” I smirked, flexing my long wolf form legs.

“Of what?” The smaller man smirked… i.e. - my first victim.

“Of a half vampire, half wolf, all dangerous girl!” I scream, flinging myself into the officer, flexing my super sharp claws and snapping my ferociously deadly jaw.

Next second I was on the ground, being beaten with metal sticks.
“They can’t hurt me! I have the skin of a boulder!” I laughed as he raised his baton, bringing it down on my side. I winced… maybe I didn’t have my full werewolf strength, since this was the first time I phased.
The police man grabbed me by the scruff, throwing me into the small isolation quarters, locking the door.
I lay on the floor for a minute, then muttered to myself “they must be part of the Volturi… no human could beat me!” and got to my feet.

Ta-da????????????? this is it? u can be serious..... u two need keep writing, awesome!!!!!
omg she has issues
post more soon
love it


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