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Twist in Volterra Read please tell me if you like itt :D
Im sorry if its not very good. Im only 13 so yeahh:$

Edwards POV:

Caius looked at me impatiently with a gleam of excitement in his eyes.
"We have explained, you are free to go however your 'friend' must stay with us. She knows too much of our kind and that will not be tollerated by us."
A ferocious snarl came up from within my chest, as I watched Caius with a guarded expression. He glanced up to Aro to seek his approval, I heard his thoughts instantly and took a position of a defensive crouch between him and Bella.
"Im afraid Caius is right, young friend, Bella does know too much about us, you have not been able to keep our secret from her and that means the rules are broken." Aro claimed. I could hear Bella's irregular jagged breathing from behind me, I wouldn't, no I couldn't let anyone harm her, not after last spring. Then me leaving would have protected her from nothing. It would have meant nothing.
"As you know, you are free to leave now, and I do wish you would as too avoid any violence." Aro declared.
"I won't let you touch her" I growled.
"Im afraid you don't have a choice in that matter" Jane told me, she now stepped towards me and turned her eyes from Aro to glare at me, she smiled sweetly and then I felt the pain. My head, it was on fire, the pain was excruciating. I pressed my lips together tightly, into a thin hard line, as i writhed in pain, down on the floor now, because I knew if I were to let my mouth open even the slightest, I would not be able to contain myself. I realised then that Jane was merely distracting me so that they could get to Bella, I looked around the room searching for her. I then saw Alice with Felix ferociously attacking her with no limits what so ever. It was then that I saw her, my love, being escorted, by Aro, Caius and Marcus, swiftly through a giant doorway on the other side of the room to where we entered, her chocolate brown eyes were fixed on my face in horror as she saw I was in agony. I couldn't let them do anything to her to harm her, I couldn't even think about it. There I lay on the floor in distress, feeling as helpless as i acutally was. Limited under Jane's power.

Bella’s POV [from entering the next room]

I felt the tight grips of two vampires as I was pulled into another room, this room as different, it was colder still and there was no furnishing, just one big room the walls were a dark grey concrete. The floor was slightly uneven, I heard the one I recognized as Marcus sigh as I stumbled yet again over the ground. They pushed me to the floor and I hit it hard my head collided with the ground and the wetness of my blood started to seep through my hair. I looked into the eyes of the two ravenous vampires staring at me with two pairs of disturbing burgundy eyes. This is when I realised why I was brought to this room with these two vampires, this is where they brought people, that they didn’t intend on surviving. I tried to get away but then there was a sharp pain in my wrist I looked at it, and there was Marcus’s head with his lips pressed harshly against my skin. I could feel my blood. Being drained. All of my blood rushing to the open wound and then into his mouth. Then Caius started, on my leg. The familiar burning sensation swept through me and I felt myself drifting, further away. This was the end. I would never see Edward again, I realised with an emotional pain much worse than the physical one I was feeling right now. After our very short reunion it seemed unbelievably unreal that he was to be taken away from me. It was so easy, so easy to pretend, that he loved me when he was protecting me earlier. Though I knew it was just guilt I couldn’t help hope that maybe he did love me, at least of some amount. I saw his face in my mind, I heard his luxurious velvet voice when he used to say he loved me. It was then that I took my final breath, and despite all things there was this feeling of happiness buried deep somewhere because I had died with my true loves face in my mind.

Edwards POV

As Jane tortured me, I kept my eyes on the door hoping that she would come back through to me, but in the back of my mind I knew she wasn’t coming back…ever. Jane stepped away from me then and looked away, up to those doors my love had been forced through.
“It is done.” Caius proclaimed, to Aro and Jane, his tone full with satisfaction.
“NO!!!” I roared, she couldn’t be dead, not because of me. I ran as fast as I could into the room and stopped at the doors, that’s when I saw her body. Covered in blood. I had to do something, I ran to her and then bit her, vampire venom could heal bad injuries, Carlisle had told me that, she could get better, no she would get better. I tried and tried with all my might, but her body remained unmoving. Her once mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes were empty. She was gone. Forever. I growled harshly and ran back to the other room, intending to get revenge on those beasts who killed her, but when I got there, there was none of the Volturi in the room. Alice stood in the middle of the room staring at me with tortured eyes, she loved Bella too, she had lost her best friend. But it wasn’t the same. I ran back to Bella and picked her limp body up in my arms then fled from the tower. I could hear Alice shouting after me, but I couldn’t face her, I couldn’t face the truth. I ran and kept on running. I went into a forest and lay there with my love, they wouldn’t be able to find us and that all I needed just a little while with her, she should wake up or something, she had too. This was my fault, I knew her knowing me would put her in danger, so I tried to leave to make it better for her so she could be human. But when we she was shoving against me by the clock tower, I felt like my heart was there again and know it had disappeared all together. I would never meet another person like Bella.

Alice’s POV

I knew there would be a big crowd waiting for me as I got off the plane, and just as expected, there they were. Carlisle and Esme watching me with hopeful eyes, Rosalie and Emmet were stood in a corner looking anxiously. Then I saw Jasper and he ran towards me. We met and I stared into his eyes, but then immediately he mumbled “What’s wrong?” anxiously awaiting my answer. The rest of them heard and all came to crowd around me.
“Bella…Bella won’t be coming back….and for that reason neither will Edward not for a little while at least.”
I watched their faces change from hopeful to devastated, I looked at Rosalie, and there was guilt all over her face because if she hadn’t told Edward he wouldn’t have even gone to Italy. I gave her a reassuring look it wasn’t her fault this had happened. Everyone stood where they were not sure what to say…so I continued “The Volturi, they said Bella knew too much, they got Jane and Felix distract us. Then Caius and Marcus took her in another room to complete the job. Edward ran out of the room with her body. He didn’t say a word to me. I didn’t think it would be wise to go after him, not yet anyway.” I explained.
There was silence. Carlisle was the one who broke it, “I guess, out of respect we should let him have some time to himself.”
Everyone else agreed, although some agreed rather unwillingly. We slowly made our way out of the airport in remorse, all we had to do was go home. Each one of us was feeling useless, there was nothing we could do to help Edward right now.

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Awww, *hugs*
Yes the funeral chapter is going to be condiderably longer.
I will be definatley doing Edwards POV and Alice's
Might do Rosalies and a bit of carlisles.
The when I have finished I might go back and do the rest of the cullens :)
I have started writing it but I didnt get very far along as I started crying, then had to eat tea:P
I think when I write the rest im gonna need a tissue box with me :P
This is just sooooo depressing.
I keep wanting Bella to somehow be revived, lol, but I don't see how that can happen.

Will it end sad?
I am so sad tear run down my face
Lol, I cried when I was writing this. I also cried when Jim died in ghost whisperer. I have a feeling the next chapter is going to kill me to write it. :P


Edward has to be happy again!
so sad
plz write more plz you need to write more
wouldnt it be cool if bella wasnt dead but actully turned into a vampire and woke up when she was in her tomb that was just to tell you how i think the story goes but it your story and i am just saying it cuz i would hate for edward to be so sad thats just being so messed up sorry my perspective but awsome story! :D


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